May 2016 Producer’s Letter

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, May 24, 2016.

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  1. markkk Lorekeeper

    Its so sad right now when will there be a fully instanced tlp server were you can box on the one pc,be it single player a group or raid.also make items for all epics non tradable and non .
    also it would be a good idea to make a true box server at the same time so people can choose what they want to play.
  2. markkk Lorekeeper

    dident realise there would be a filter for M Q
  3. Leifen Augur

    Not much but they did say the new expansion is still being worked on that's not much but at least it confirms another expansion to this amazing game.
  4. Progress Augur

    This is the best thing I have ever heard. Now all the "hardcore" guilds will have their own server for a few months at a time. Then they can gloat, p00ps0ck, and train 24/7 without fear of reprisal from your average "casual" player.
  5. Tinytinker Augur

    It's disappointing to see you come up with new servers when there are so many things you could fix on the other servers. Whatever happened to properly tuning DOTS, so DOT classes don't get the shaft, fixing items and bugged quests? How about creating an expansion with immersive quests and content? Oh well. At least, you're using OMM for Quarm, and not recycling Mayong Mistmoore as the big boss everyone needs to defeat.
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  6. Jhenna_BB Augur

    You haven't been paying attention. They have done a ton of work lately to fix stuff on "live servers" (btw progression servers are Live as well, you must sub to play there). Rangers had their Dots done the last patch and the change in Heroic gains in said patch are really nice. They've also been cleaning up the cluttered AA window and adding timer column - you know things that might make being a new player in EQ a bit easier? All of this is probably to go along with the work they are doing for the next expansion.

    Everything about this letter is good for the health of the game. They make a ton of revenue on these special servers and they bring back a lot of people that left EQ long ago. Those progression servers people hate so much are are keeping EQ from sun-setting a little while longer.

    I've been as critical as anybody in recent months and even I am cautiously optimistic about where EQ is heading into the next year.
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  7. EnchFWO Augur

    Don't forget about all the 'back end' stuff they've been working on for stability and other internal changes (supposedly - I'm inclined to believe them because why would you lie about something like that).

    I'm an anti-TLP person myself but lately the other 'live' servers have had plenty of things going on and so I'm in the same boat as Jhenna now.

    I won't lie - I was disappointed at the lack of discussion on Live servers and future plans but there have been enough individual dev posts or things by Roshen that it's been satisfying so I can deal with one post just for a 'seasonal server'.

    If anything, kudos team for coming up with something new.

    ps. Naming server "Quarm" and the objective is beating OMM = logic fail. That's the only negative I have :D
  8. Abazzagorath Augur

    I think more interesting would be a server like this that limits you to say, 4 hours a day maximum online time between any characters on that account.

    I'd say even less, like 2, except hard to raid on that few.

    It would accomplish a couple things:

    1) Would prevent people from staying online for 48 hours straight and blowing every normal play time person out of the water.

    2) Would make the focus more on quality of your time playing than quantity, put in some strategy that isn't currently there.

    I am not sure I'd play any more than I did on the other servers (please announce the potential rewards please, been burned before on "special rewards" like the stupid bag on ragefire beta), but I think it could make things a LOT more interesting.
  9. Varisath Elder

    The future of Everquest IS "stupid progression server crap." Deal with it.
  10. Iila Augur

    Don't worry, guys. I'm sure Quarm taking up a ton of dev and coder time won't effect the quality of the next expansion. Just like Ragefire and Lockjaw weren't the reasons that TBM was an awful, broken, piece of crap expansion.

    Maybe we can get a whole 5 weeks of beta, and a message from Holly about how much they value our feedback, before pushing a bunch of unfinished, unfun crap to live.
  11. snailish Augur

    I think this could be interesting (Quarm server). Worth a try from Daybreak's side and possibly worth a try for some players too.

    Curious for more specifics though:

    FV lootcode makes perfect sense to merge into FV when the season is done. I know my premium account would roll some characters if that was a known aspect of this.*

    *but then, I am a person that believes 51/50 should be a character creation screen option for paid accounts anyways.
  12. yerm Augur

    Someone at daybreak really loves Omens. Worried that TLP players will quit during the GOD era? Bundle it with Omens of War! Want to have a race with a clear target? Ooh ooh ooh can it be Overlord Meta Muram?!?
  13. MrMajestykx Augur

    although we never met, I love you.FOR THIS POST!!....../sniff ....this post got me all emo.....go go TLP nonsense to ruin the value of the game
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  14. Sskefka New Member

    Easy Peasy
  15. code-zero Augur

    This reply here sort of sums up one of the arguments against this server. Unfortunately it's a very stupid argument.

    OoW was not an easy expansion, guilds that had geared up in Time and GoD had a lot of difficulty getting through it. Once you've keyed and flagged and whatever then there's going to be the process of gearing up and that's going to take a while. OMM is not the same thing as pet walling Naggy FTW
  16. Sskefka New Member

    Its a competition, A game to say, I would imagine with this right here being said. "
    • Goal: Race to defeat Mata Muram.
    • Based on your accomplishments on Quarm, you’ll be able to earn special rewards that can be claimed by characters on another server (live OR progression)."
    This is a challenge to all the hardcore players, The Veteran's and The guilds to step up and prove themselves. Simple as that.
  17. Sskefka New Member

    I agree with you code-zero, every member will require the 2.0 and Oom Quest armor which requires faction farming and they will require to be "On Point" for Mata, Considering some of the things required to kill him, it would be very difficult to Bot.
  18. Ootax Augur

    They wont require any of these. Just to give you an idea on Fippy two guilds leveled from 65 to 70, got all their signets and did the trials and cleared Anguish including OMM in like 5 days. I think one guild was 3 and the other was 5 or something. Now they will have to do more levels and gear up but they wont require 2.0 or anything like that a couple of passes through Time and some GoD raid zones and they'll be ready. The issue is player dps and mitigation has changed so much over the years it makes this stuff a speed bump, now if DBG increases the boss damage and hp like they've been doing on the TLPs this may be different. But if they don't then this will be beat in a month, maybe even less.
  19. Nolrog Augur

    You are over stating the amount of Devon time needed for this server. Everything they are doing already exists (true box, 51/50, subscription only, FV rules, locking at OOW.). There is nothing new that would take a ton of time, except the reward system,
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  20. ~Mills~ Augur

    You are understating tying it all together. Just because stuff already exists doesn't always mean its easy to use. At times its even worse trying to fit something existing in rather than starting fresh. Neither of us know but based on their past track record and stuff as current as this week there will be lots of lost time and resources spent on getting it all working right. Rather than spending those resources on getting stuff for live in the amount it should as well as getting it right. It took 6 months to get TBM to where it should have been at launch never mind the possibility of there having been more content for live, not just talking about zones either.

    Just this week, it took a few days time and investigating to show an issue the devs didn't even know about and initially dismissed. Or here, post #69 by Prath saying a major selling point of TBM has not actually worked for 6 months yet the devs only just seemingly becoming aware of it and fixing the issue by removing the feature entirely and making super twink 105 focus effects for level 75-100 toons.

    They have finite time, resources and staff yet we are on our 3rd? TLP in a year verse it taking 6 months of paid live time to finally get their single live content release working properly to the degree most expected at launch. Yeah that bodes well for the quantity and quality of what live can expect later this year when a years worth of stuff is now crammed into mini camp.
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