Fixed Maximized EQ window won't restore to default location if lowered

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Pikollo, Jun 19, 2024.

  1. Pikollo Augur

    On one PC playing windowed with matching desktop reso when I lower EQ then raise it the screen comes back half off the monitor. I then have to maximize EQ to get it back to normal. Thankfully the UI does not move around.

    On another PC its windows maximized so the taskbar shows. When lowered then raised it comes back full screen windowed basically.

    Normally EQ would restore at its normal place/size.
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  2. Gafgarion Elder

    Having a similar issue that's causing my window to get resized when i do clicks. It lowers it down and makes it smaller randomly after mouse clicks. Very annoying bug. Devs plz fix this asap.
    Note: Fullscreen seems to fix this but isn't really a good solution
  3. Razzy Lorekeeper

    Similiar issue here. Maximized window mode appears to be broken. If I maximized EQ, then click to minimize or X to camp out, it revert to previous non maximized window state right away. Guessing this is result from borderless window fix.
  4. Fanra

    I'm (still) unable to have borderless windowed mode. Hoping it arrives sometime this year. So I'm not sure what you mean by "borderless window fix" since it seems impossible to have borderless windowed mode in EQ at this time.
  5. Klucifer Master

    Upon minimizing EQ and then bringing it back up, the EQ window is offset and the bottom is hidden below the taskbar.
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  6. Kelandi Elder

    I can confirm this started happening today on both of my PCs, both are using EQ windowed mode (covering the entire monitor).

    When minimizing EQ to taskbar then restoring it, the entire EQ window gets shifted off the screen. Have to click the square maximize button to bring it back to normal.
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  7. Knifen Augur

    Same, but at least it doesnt mess up the ui. Gotta find the silver lininig =p
  8. Cairbrae Developer

    Please check your eqclient.ini and the values for these variables. These values are the top left corner position of your restored window.

  9. Knifen Augur

  10. mr. pain New Member

    Having the same issue after patch. Literally every single time I minimize my EverQuest window it unmaximizes itself, which leaves UI elements on the edge of my screen hanging off the edge of the screen. I foresee a world where this is going to get to be extremely annoying having to remaximize the screen a half dozen or more times every day.

    Also, in response to Cairbrae, mine is showing WindowedModeXOffset=0 and WindowedModeYOffset=0. Not that I understand what any of that means lol.
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  11. Cairbrae Developer

    That's very far to the right. Is that where you want it?

    Do you have a virtual desktop across multiple display monitors?
    Is that position on the primary display monitor?
  12. Knifen Augur

    Ill have to check the one at home, this is on a dual screen pc with the game on the non primary monitor.
  13. Dewd Master

    Everything was working fine for years.
    Today if you press the X at the top right of the screen it shrinks ur window. If you minimize ur window and maximize it, it shifts the entire window far top.
    Has nothing to do with our eqclient.ini, we are not changing our eqclient.ini.

    This is patch related. Can we get things reverted before it becomes a bug report that takes 4 months to resolve?
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  14. Pikollo Augur

    I tried on a 3rd PC. X was 0, Y was 23. I logged full out and reset the Y to 0. The game still came in slightly right. I snapped it to the top so it would full screen, lowered EQ, raise EQ and now the window is down and right.

    Checked the INI and values are still 0.
  15. Pikollo Augur

    Even though I am logged fully out and change the values to 0 when I log in to the server screen EQ is slight right and Y changes to 23.
  16. Razzy Lorekeeper

    I can duplicate it by clicking on maximize button to make EQ into a non maximize window - then resize EQ window smaller then click maximize button to maximize the EQ client. Then click either minimize or close buttons and you'll see the issue.
  17. Cairbrae Developer

    My test case for a restored window that is full screen covers the screen:

    Windows 11 Pro
    Snap Windows Off (in Settings)
    1920x1080 display monitor

    eqclient.ini variables:


    • WindowedModeXOffset and WindowedModeYOffset are the window position in screen coordinates.
    • WindowedWidth and WindowedHeight are the dimensions of the window client area (not the entire window).
    I used Spy++ to derive the window position so that the client (rect) area is at position [0, 0].
  18. Dewd Master

    Are we now expected to go into our eqclient.ini and change these settings after a patch? Something universally is different after todays patch.
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  19. Gafgarion Elder

    Would the window offsets under [Defaults] you have here also work well with 2560x1440? Or should they be something different?
  20. Razzy Lorekeeper

    Try this (it works for my 1440p):


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