Maximising DPS for SKs

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by dreadlord, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. dreadlord Augur

    Any hints please?
    ie what stacks and doesn't - eg Visage of Death/Carmine Blade/Intensity of the resolute/spire etc?
  2. sojero One hit wonder

    As with many classes there is a ton of different scenarios that you need to look at to see what is the best for you. raid vs group, duration, support etc.

    I suggest visiting and if you cannot find what you need, come back with a more specific scenario and we can probably be of more assistance.
  3. dreadlord Augur

    i did a search or 10 before posting the question
    The only things I found were well out of date.
    My question was about sustained dps against one mob (rather than overall in, for eg, a group situation)
  4. sojero One hit wonder

    My 2 typical burns

    Lives < 60 seconds
    Kitchen sink -- visage of death > t"vyls >-- carmine > lacerating > first spire > harm touch > quick spear > unholy guardian (click it out of disc window) > unholy aura > chattering bones

    anything longer than 120 seconds done in 2 stages, melee, and spell
    melee -- visage of death > t"vyls >-- carmine > lacerating > chattering bones > epic

    spell -- Visage of decay (now that they removed melee hindrances test patch 10/15) > first spire > quick spear > unholy guardian (click it out of disc window) > unholy aura > harmtouch > leachtough > if you can dot use the dot extending AA (cant remember name atm) then do lifetap spear lifetap dot spear lifetap dot spear lifetap etc always ding a lifetap over dots if you can dot, if not do lifetap spear lifetap lifetap spear lifetap etc

    at work so might have missed something but that is the general gist.
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  5. Xanathol Augur

    I pretty much do what sojero listed:

    Epic, VoDeath, T'vyls, lacerating, carmine, reflexive, 1st spire, gift of quick spear, the dot extending one, spear, HT, LT, TL, 1st dot, click that lifetap clicky item, 2nd dot, spear, chattering, 3rd dot, 4th dot, spears, unholy aura, lifetap, clicky bp proc, lifetap, spear, etc.

    If no one is running a Circle of Power clicky, mix that in too and if the fight is expected to last well over a minute, I'll lead with Leechcurse and epic / unholy once it drops. Tip - plan your use of Carmine accordingly, as the strike is nice while T'vyls is going (the min dmg boost is meh) but its haste component on Carmine Rage adds nothing 99% of the time (why we don't get a Hundred Hands Effect like Pallys have on their similar ability I have no idea...) and thus the buff is most useful for the spell damage boost.
  6. Drakang Augur

    Step one. Accept that you built a tank class and DPS sucks.
    Step two. Stop believing that SK is the DPS tank class. We are not no matter what has been said by devs in the past.
    Step three. Do not hate yourself when Paladins or Warriors out DPS you.
    Step four. Follow what Sojero posted.

    Note if more than one SK try to ensure you spread out T'vyls. Dots are mostly instant cast so always toss in some even when doing melee burn. For Visage of Decay burn I try to get dots loaded up near the front to maximize time on them with decay, spire, and our dot extender running. Then go into the Quick Spear Lifetap Spear rotation and replace dots as they wear off.