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    Will be a CST semi-casual raiding/leveling guild. Recruitment will be open for the time being. Friends and Family will be welcome at anytime and will have an associated rank. We are looking to raid two nights a week, most likely Wednesday/Sunday, starting at 7:30 CST with attendance taken around 8. Raiding will not be mandatory but is strongly encouraged. We will be using a DKP system to determine loot. More information can be found on our Discord.

    Guild Portal/Website

    We will primarily be using Discord for all out of game guild information. It will also be our primary guild portal with links to our DKP charts, Roster, and more. If you have any questions feel free to PM me on Discord

    Discord/Guild Portal Link : https://discord.gg/wSgY39B

    DKP System

    Our loot system will feature a Net Zero DKP system combined with a blind auction. Raid attendance will be used to give priority to members who raid more often.
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    All of our guild systems are completely up and running. We are just looking for more bodies! Recruitment will be completely open till we have enough members to sufficiently field a good raid squad.

    If you have any questions please send me a private message through discord, I keep discord up 24/7.

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    Sounds good. Any classes you guys are needing?