Massive tell, channel, and zoning lag on AB server

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Adroxia, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    This is what seems to pass for an announcement for a "scheduled" maintenance these days:
    [Mon Oct 02 08:30:53 2017] MESSAGE OF THE DAY: Shutdown Imminent: Server coming down for maintenance at Sun Oct 01 23:45:32 2017
    [Mon Oct 02 08:43:54 2017] <SYSTEMWIDE_MESSAGE>:Server coming down NOW! Log out immediately!
    15minutes warning - at least.

    But really, like it was said above:
    Bring the server down as often as needed (some warning would be nice though, not just in-game).
    We want this issues sorted, once and for all!
  2. Sashnia Elder

    Don't seem to be able to login at all now.

    AB is rejecting gnomish awesomeness :(
  3. Sonal New Member

    Server now is worse then it been in last 2 weeks .. although yesterday is was pretty horrible.
    Amazing job as always.
    If you cant figure it out - hire 2 guys give them cell phones and make them use messages to pass chat information between the US and Europe - because it still would be less laggy. 1+ min to send a TELL in server or channel .. is so 1999 ... Actually it wasnt that bad even than.
  4. JolineSZ Augur

    The whole day it was ok and then in the evening back to tlel laf, mass LDs and 5 minutes zoning.:eek:
  5. Kyzvs Elder

    For my game (box group, low level re-living the 'glory days' and thoroughly enjoying the 1-85ish journey) I was pretty happy with the improvements. Nothing like perfect, but enough of an improvment to make logging in and playing a viable activity.

    aaaaaand then we got to last night which was awful. Took a few attempts to login with server errors, waiting for toons to load - not too bad, maybe 10 minutes added to startup time. But actually in-game it was a chaotic mess and a real step back to pre-patch.

    I was really happy with the weekend and was going to pull the trigger and re-sub 3 accounts for 6 months, but guess not as I really need to see a game Ican reliably actually log into and play to restart paying. Such a frustrating shame there is so little communication & expectation management about what is / isn't happening!
  6. Imrahil Augur

    Was OK to raid yesterday, tell lag still there, but bearable (we have become quite tolerant).
    Mind you, nothing that inspires confidence in a final solution, but I also want to give feedback when it's not craptastic.
  7. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    "ok to raid" - well... yes, mostly.
    During one event though, the lag was quite impacting because LoS checks were out of sync with any message we got...
    I haven't died that often when we learned the event.
    Was ok before and mostly after, so perhaps just our "luck" with the time of day.
  8. Makta Lorekeeper

  9. Ghostinthemachine Elder

    so can we ever expect a fix for this 5 minute zoning garbage or are we just doomed to a broken game from now on?
  10. Jumbur Augur

    I haven't really experienced any AB-server issues since last patch, except for some rare lagspikes.

    Zoning times seems normal to me?
  11. Ghostinthemachine Elder

    Yeah its all been moved to FV for the last week
  12. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Scratch "FV", set "different servers".
    This is the observation that leads me to the conclusion that the issue is with whatever system they've implemented for their "chat" affairs.
    My guess is that it is queuing software that isn't up to the task (not able to handle the needed number of transactions per interval), but it could be many a different yet associated thing.

    It certainly seems to be the case that they CAN re-rout some resources to minimize the impact for one server or a number of servers, but that the whole infrastructure isn't enough to support ALL of them as it should be.

    So unless they're correcting that bottleneck, i think that sadly yes - we will be struck with a "broken game".
  13. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Guess what?
    Chat-lag is back, bigtime!!!
    Just now, mid-raid, truly without exaggeration at LEAST 5minutes for tells and possibly channels too.

    And yes, not a local thing - reports of chat-lag from all over europe
  14. eliandra Elder

    lag back during raid .... stop pub with new add on and work really on server probleme !!! stop and change you r hamster !!
  15. Sashnia Elder

    5-10minutes of tell lag on AB, cmon I thought this was sorted :(
  16. Asmadeus Journeyman

    Chat lag was worse on saturday.. But tonight kicked half the raid out while we moved to Lcea (just about when Zhaunil posted, so related to chat lag) ; and wouldn't let folks back in.
    That wasn't fun, kudos to everyone who kept trying for over 10 mins and got back! We really are a bunch of addicts.
  17. NeverPayForLag Augur

    Since patch the usual problems are back.At Hero/Missions is since then even so bad that these lagspikes seem to kick the scripts. Somehow the spawns are set out or the chest simply does not show up to finish the quests. Besides having strange error messages if camping out and try to get the trader active. Lag spikes in between where the system has a kind of hickup while the NPCs keep working and after that the surprise if commands for healing didn't reach the server like 1-2 seconds gone lost. Acquiring missions/heroes needs 3s up to sometimes half a minute and it looks like the system does not react.

    So I avoid camping out and simply afk chars at safe locations somewhere even avoid hazzeling with the login servers......

    And I stupidly bought the expansion in believe that these problems are gone...
    oh happy day...
  18. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Started as a freeze, seems to turn into a full-fledged zone/server-crash (client still "active" but waiting on spellgem refresh, i.e. some server-notification):
    [Mon Nov 27 22:42:17 2017] You sacrifice some of your health for the benefit of your party.
    [Mon Nov 27 22:42:17 2017] You can't use that command right now...
    [Mon Nov 27 22:42:21 2017] You haven't recovered yet.

    Booted to char select after only 7minutes.
    Not fun!
  19. Sheev Lorekeeper

    What a waste of an evening. Fix our damn server for crying out loud. What with the lack of necro dot revamp and the server stability, its hilariously fun to play right now... Might have to crack open that paint and watch it dry.
  20. Siny Augur

    Large lag spike of about a min ending up with the ping bar going yellow and disconnecting whole Queen raid ends up in Chardok live zone. Raid over !

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