Massive tell, channel, and zoning lag on AB server

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Adroxia, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Kyzvs Elder

    The reason for going to Twitter / FB is that it is a much more public arena that is visible to existing and potential customers. The EQ forums is just for the already-addicted :D

    A bit of polite, well-reasoned public airing of issues often gets things moving very quickly when a public repuation / image is questioned. I'm not saying bombard the official Twitter account every time a server has a brain-fart, but htis has been what, a year now? The need to engage DBG with a dialogue at least would be greatly beneficial to the EQ community. Put it another way - say I do the server move, say I am lucky enough to keep my toon names. What about DBG's actions thus far give me confidence that problems on Vox or wherever I'm going would be addressed in a timely manner with sufficient communication? This is the reason I'm not moving - if there's no reason whatsoever to assume DBG will fix something, why bother moving at all?
  2. JolineSZ Augur

    Logged in today and the server is stable as it was Sunday two weeks ago. CHECK WHAT IS DIFFERENT TODAY..... because this hardly has something to do with AB itself.....some cache problems?? whatever, check it now.
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  3. Vaako_SK Lorekeeper

    Aye was complete opposite of yesterday..
  4. NeverPayForLag Augur

    Server was stable on this Monday - for hours no disconnect but the usual lag and longer responses to fellowship/group invite.

    Edit: I take it back. 12 Chars.. zoning... 5 kicked after 5min zoning time.

    Canceled 9 active accounts now. DGB, you don't deserve my money!
  5. JolineSZ Augur

    Tuesday morning 5:20 am No one online, lag back, char select waiting 5 minutes etc. etc. So it has nothing to do with the amount of people playing.
  6. Kyzvs Elder

    Nothing to do with AB population. But as there is a suspicion the problem is comms back to stateside servers handling periphery systems (log in, chat, grouping etc), a high population of people taking advantage of double XP on USA servers may well be influencing the problem.
  7. Jumbur Augur

    Imo they should offer AB some bonus xp, when the server is playable again.
    Especially sine the bonus xp so far has been at the expense of AB stability.

    Im probably not the only one who wanted to take advantage of the bonus xp, but couldn't because of server-stability issues.
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  8. Kyzvs Elder

    Have to agree - bonus XP for toons created before 1st September say on AB to stop an influx of hangers-on. The lost hours server-wide to this problem over the past year must have earned something as an apology!
  9. Uxtalzon Augur

    New "Community team lead" from Just Survive reddit (emphasizing certain text):
    Should include the EQ franchise the way it's worded. There may be hope in the future, even if its false hope.
  10. Imrahil Augur

    Can't log into AB now. F**k this
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  11. Diani Elder

    That is nothing new. As I remember it has always been the strategy with the AB server to
    1. deny and ignore it as long as possible
    2. say you are working on it
    3. give some half- sorry and do nothing
    4. get a new communications guy to do nothing
    5. and when finally solved close all threads and pretend it never happened
    6. make the communications guy disappear
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  12. Mizar Lorekeeper

    And again raids cancelled this evening, thats 2 out of 3 days of our raiding week, can we have 2/3 of our money back ? I play a rogue, but I think thieves are elsewhere
  13. Vaako_SK Lorekeeper

    Server status switching between up and down...
    Again useless service from DBG
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  14. tanith Elder

    exactly this.
    That's twice this week I've arranged my work/social life to be able to raid and the server has been unplayable.
    If I belonged to a gym and they'd only let me in 1/3 evenings, when I'd paid for 24/7 access (or any other business) someone would be getting sacked/sued/something

    At the very least we need to know what's going on - surely we at least deserve that?

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  15. Sonal New Member

    Another great raid night ... server crush and zoning take 10 minutes ... chat lag is unbelievable
    you guys simply suck
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  16. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    [Thu Sep 07 20:23:46 2017] The Universal Chat service is temporarily unavailable. You will automatically reconnect to it when it becomes available.
    The last message logged by my trader before it got disconnected.
    Could not get past server-select (last try 5minutes ago).
    Now at least character select loaded; let's see if the character's finally loading...
  17. eliandra Elder

    any useless gm to explain why more and more bugs and server is more instable each days ?
    no comment from the staff ?
    you will continu to ignore customers ?
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  18. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Well, yes. Character loaded.
    An /uptime shows this:
    [Thu Sep 07 21:03:01 2017] This world has been running for 16:20:35:10.
    [Thu Sep 07 21:03:01 2017] This zone has been running for 16:20:32:16.

    So i guess the above was NOT a coincidence after all.
    Could you please finally FIX that connection between chat-server and AB?
    Or remove some "keep alive" calls or whatever you do?
    Seems that whenever that's "lagging out", connections are dropped because something thinks we're going LD en masse.
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  19. Vaako_SK Lorekeeper

    Aaand here we go again, all chars disconnected while server shows down :(
  20. Mesil Journeyman

    Same as yesterday, nearly same time also. Took 30 min. to get back, and another 30 min. to not crash everytime when zoning. Feels like the movie "Groundhog Day". WRU happy ending :(

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