Massive tell, channel, and zoning lag on AB server

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Adroxia, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Vaako_SK Lorekeeper

    Not having much luck logging in today, "unknown error trying to join the server" when finally it succeeds theres no chars at char select..
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  2. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    disconnected, again...
  3. Makta Lorekeeper we go again...another disconnect. DBG batting usual.
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  4. Makta Lorekeeper

    IMHO (for the FACT crowd) they have been purposefully vague these past several months, I don't expect them to be honest now. A lie of omission is STILL a lie, understand DBG?

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  5. eliandra Elder

    same as vaako .. impossible to log , when possible no characters at selection .... when try again (after lot of error) characters here .... 5 mins from character selection to enter norath ... then i want to zone ... and it s over ... go back at step one ...
  6. Makta Lorekeeper

    Me too, this last time it took nearly 30 minutes to get my box account back in (server not responding error, then needing to world kick and try again...took several attempts).

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  7. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Disconnected at 20:12CEST.
    Got back in at 20:58.
    The day is practically over.
    Before it had fully begun.

    Of course, we could foresee this.
    Not because we're the oracle of Delphi but because we know the signs by now.
  8. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    AB down?

    Edit: seems like FM-zone crashed, and rolled everyone in FM back, lost 60AA.
  9. NeverPayForLag Augur

    was down, made a 4h break, came in, AB again down, login, lag like horror - 5-10 times till login, fellowship kicked, 15h lockout due to sync problem with fellowship list (old/new created one)....

    oh man...
  10. eliandra Elder

    fix this , or merge or do something logic (not a move on an us server one by one without free possibility to move back on ab )
  11. Evildo New Member

    I was going to post something real dumb and just say TY DB for a mess (being polite)

    Instead i went another way I dumb'ed it down.

    As a Eq player for well umm since it started lets just say 18yrs so the maths - This is basic 10 quid per month x18 is £2.160 so u add what at a min 25 quid per yr for the expansion's that another £450 so in total u can see its not chump change and thats only 1 acct.

    We have all paid for what u offer and at the moment it don't work you offer double Exp but we cannot play. As for the Vox move are u kidding they live in the stone age (no dis intended)

    TY for your time and concern DB
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  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    This issue has gone on far too long as it is, they cannot, or will not give us a time frame to fix the server.

    If they can fix it in a month, yeah stick with fixing AB, if it is going to me much longer then merge or temporary transfer us else where.

    I'm sure Daybreak can see the number of accounts currently being cancelled by AB players, things have got serious. AB players have had enough.
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  13. Gwadar New Member

    Another fine day on AB

    5 mins strugling with unknown server error when trying to connect to AB
    5 mins waiting for characters to populate
    5 mins to enter game
    5 mins to zone out from where last disconnect left me

    What a fine way to treate paying customers

    When do you plan on having AB operational and playable again???
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  14. Mizar Lorekeeper

    Saturday I decided to stay away the game despite x2 xp as server looked in awful state, upon reading last posts I did right.

    Sunday I try a quick daily for my now-silver-status x3 alt accounts, 10 min to get all 3 boxes in, getting passed server select screen taking 4-5 attemps on average, a couple of char disconn upon zoning even on char select screen, mission updates happening in bursts: picking items taking upto 1 minute then all updates come at once, sometimes zoning takes 20 seconds some other (PoK/guild hall mostly) up to 3 minutes, chat channels sometimes show messages in 2-3 seconds (rarely) some other times well past 1 minute (most often), campfire taking more than half a minute to pop.

    If this evening we fail to be able to raid it will be like 7 out of 10 last days we had to call it a night.

    All we are getting is 'we are working on it', good, first maybe, just maybe, this could have been done when issues started, just look at the date AB issues started to become public and notorius. Secondly I would calm and friendly suggest to either give a a bold timeframe so we know what we can expect (if possible, or at least state why this is impossible to be provided).

    Being that timeframe impossible to be given or too long (as in further past 1-2 month) I would encourage you to work an alternative temproray or long term workaound, better than 'individually free move-on-your-own to another server'. Be it server merge, or whatever you can think about, multiple suggestions have been made if you mind to read previous posts. The service as it is is boundary to lawsuit if it was worth do be done (which obviously is not).

    Ultimately, the only thing I can ask for, and thats something you cant claim youre unable to give away, is at least to show a little RESPECT for a server made for the most of it from a community that has been loyal paying customers for more than 15 years
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  15. barky New Member

    lets stop this USA BS right now! this aint going no where!

    they just dont want to lose paying players, i was on AB years ago befor i came back last year, and its only getting worse, even it got to a point:

    they lose toons,
    GGHs striped each week,
    nothing works,
    nothing gets solved

    as long as you all spend krono,

    it is no longer SOE, it is DB games, they cash it out the max and then they will sell it to the next high bidder in a breath if it cost them to much to fix anyting,

    they have no clue about the script cause DB fired all the SOE developpers as they took it over,

    its like hoping aliens come to take out Trump, it wont happen, deal with the truth,
    not olny the sever is lost, the whole fancise is in the hands of stupid $ sucking leachers!
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  16. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I think a lot of AB players(me included) are expecting a noticeable improvement in the september-patch(or september-hotfixes). I don't expect a complete fix, but something to make it more bearable and to give us hope at least.

    I think DBG is aware that european expansion-sales might take a noticeable hit if they don't take this seriously...
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  17. Gwadar New Member

    I have been thinking that instead of us writing here on the forums, which is not really monitored by the management in DBG we should start creating tickets each time we encounter issues with lag - whether that be chat lag, zoning lag, login issues like unknown server issue, characters doesn't appear right away but first after minutes waiting for them and of disconnects.
    Tickets are handled and are measured in almost all compannies and as such are brought to the attention of management through incident managements and service managements.
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  18. NeverPayForLag Augur

    anybody seen that the Server Login Screen swaps between "down" and "up" from time to time?
  19. Blackjaw_SolRo Lorekeeper

    About 30 minutes ago, I had 10 "unknown error"s, then AB showed as "down", after 2 more tries it showed "up" again, and after 5 more errors i got to char select. No chars for ~30 seconds. Then all popped up, and loading into GH went smooth. Chat lag was low but went up after a few minutes. Waiting for raid start now (2 hours :p ).
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  20. Vaako_SK Lorekeeper

    What a surprise, it's raid time and theres insufferable lag IF you can log in :rolleyes:
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