Massive tell, channel, and zoning lag on AB server

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Adroxia, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Makta Lorekeeper

    Was able to log in on one account, tried to get the second one up and getting unknown server error. Still waiting on my housing which poofed again (been 8 days since I put in the petition). Since coming back in March of this year, I have experienced issues requiring several petitions along the way (housing poofing more than ones, our GGH poofing more times than I can count, anchors poofing more than that, my kronos went missing along the way at one point for several days, twice had character transfer down while needing one, couldn't recover my main account as I didn't have the (non)pertinent info from 2001 FFS and several issues that I didn't bother to petition about).

    The level of sheer ineptitude, from Customer Service on up, being displayed by DBG is downright frightening. I haven't played the game in several weeks now, as it's damned near impossible to even put together a full group from my circle of friends with all the play issues atm (characters missing, unknown server errors @ server select, servers being brought down, lag, missions being borked etc etc etc).

    To keep paying for 3 EQ accounts that I basically cant play on my main server AB is akin to paying for sadomasochism, but apparently without the happy ending. But hey, look on the bright side...we can always take a free toon-by-toon one way transfer to Vox...heh.
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  2. Oakarm New Member

    Yep Makta thats our lot with AB paying for 2 accounts that I cant play zone lag, have to heal 5 mins before a fight, and dont even talk about raiding.
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  3. SirWrecksAlot New Member

    Exactly that!

  4. LicePaper New Member

    Yep Makta and Oakarm we need to be compensated for this been getting worse for months.
  5. Santrigan Journeyman

    And AB is down again.
  6. Yirrara Journeyman

    This is ridiculous. It's getting worse and worse. Took ages to get in today, and after a short while we get kicked out again?
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  7. Siny Augur

    AB isnt down but most toons just disconnected. Im still in on 1 toon and two other ppl in guild survived
  8. Makta Lorekeeper

    Two accounts crashed. Server showing UP, not down, but keep getting unknown error when trying to get back in.
  9. Buffinum New Member

    Truly this is a pile of steaming excreta - this will be the end of EQ for me soon , i play to raid - this is killing the raids .
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  10. Sashnia Elder

    Cannot login, getting unknown error when I attempt to login from server select, only happens to AB, other servers login fine.

    Server was definitely "Down" for a period, then came back up ( like 2min max) quite quickly.
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  11. fortuneteller Augur

    Why is it that, during tuesday-wednesday its bit of fair, but then when thursday draws to an end, then lag starts rising.

    There lesser band width there ?

    I am starting to doubt that it has anything to with the location of the server, but that AB shares something, thats getting overloaded
  12. Gaol Journeyman

    Another raid cancelled before it started, this time we weren't even able to get into the zone.

    Someone remind me why I'm paying for this?
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  13. Makta Lorekeeper

    We the paying customer are Pete Puma to Daybreak's Bugs Bunny...

    DBG: How many lumps do you want?
    US: Oh 'bout 3 or 4....
  14. Dastan New Member

    Would realy love Daybreak to do something about this. We don't want to as to move every toon 1 at a time if your can not provide AB server then merge us with an other I play good money to be able to pay I would like the service I play for please.
  15. Jumbur Augur

    AB has been terrible since last patch! :oops:
    I hope you guys do a hotfix very soon, and don't plan to wait till september patch before rolling out the next fix.

    Honest question: how many raid-guilds have raided since last patch? Is AD the only active raid-guild left now?
  16. tanith Elder

    Log in to play with regular group.
    Rest of regular group can't get in (1900 hrs UK time)
    Then we're all disconnected.
    A few get back in (who haven't given up)
    Bazaar uptime shows 2+ days
    But that's not actually true as there is currently 4 traders in there - including mine that I just put back in (was usual number 30 mins ago)
    Before and after disconnect is massive channel & tell lag
    Get in and take 5 mins to zone into GGH (no it wasn't loading - someone was already in there)
    So that's another evening lost - after messing about for an hour trying to play, everyone's given up and gone to do something more amusing - like household chores or nipping out for a root canal
  17. heruthemonk Lorekeeper

    Jum were not exactly active, a couple of events In between mass zone ld's, huge delays getting prepared waiting for chat waves to come through 5 minutes after sent.

    Absolutely terrible service.
  18. Makta Lorekeeper

    This exactly! Since coming back in March of this year, I had spent several hundred dollars to re-activate 3 of my accounts (2 on 3 month recurring membership, the third with Krono, to buy expansions and DBC for them, server transfer tokens etc etc). With all the issues I have encountered since being back (several petitions made for missing and broken this and that) as well as the virtual unplayable nature of AB many times) I have NOT gotten anywhere CLOSE to my money's worth. I haven't raided or even ground exp in weeks now, as my core group of friends (about 10 of us with access to around 30 accounts) have all become apathetic about even logging in, much less playing.We all WANT to play, but cant bring ourselves to it when missions fail, mass disconnects, login server issues, chat and play lag etc etc.

  19. Jumbur Augur

    True, If the server ran flawlessly we would probably be in tier 3 by now. Moving an entire raid(+ crashes and re-invites) between zones do take an awful lot of time...not to mention learning new events, without relying on communication at all... it really is slowing us down a lot! :oops:

    Also true! :mad:
  20. heruthemonk Lorekeeper

    Yup a semi decent server and we would have broken T3, so many decent chances called off due to awful server performance.

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