Massive tell, channel, and zoning lag on AB server

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Adroxia, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. eliandra Elder

    stop this joke now !!!fix it or merge !!
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  2. handsofice New Member

    This is complete BS! Daybreak should be ashamed for not providing what we paid for, we want a working EU server. Merge us with The Rathe or Fix the damn server!
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  3. Aurelio Lorekeeper

    Now people are also missing characters. Also a way to "fix" things. No chars, no reason to login or move servers.
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  4. Gwadar New Member

    How about taking the server down and fix it now because its unplayable
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  5. Gaol Journeyman

    Totally unplayable again. Much worse than before the patch. And now people reporting that their toons have been stripped from their accounts following the multiple crashes.

    Add to that the only thread where we were getting communication from Daybreak has been closed.

    The Vox offer will only break up our guilds and kill the community - what we need is some engagement from the company and a working server.

    I wonder if AB players are considering a boycott of purchasing the new expansion when it's announced?
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  6. Speathdell Journeyman

    I stopped playing EQ , so DB wont get any monthly charges from me and ofcourse I reject to buy further expansions. Maybe this is the only way to show DB that only player's money will run their business. Enough player need to cancel the subscription.
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  7. Imrahil Augur

    Canceled my account now (held back on this because I had a pretty good deal for yearly sub even though I intended not to pay until this issue is fixed).
    I refuse to pay another cent to a company that treats paying customers this way.
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  8. Thancra Augur

    There was no perfect server performance last monday, there was still chat delay and raid tools delay.
  9. NeverPayForLag Augur

    Did they reconsider to simply change the HARDWARE and PROVIDER they are using? It cannot be that they didn't changed much but everything goes haywire since this year. If it is a kind of communication problem these issues happened in the past also because of DDoS-Attacks - the same effect. What if the provider is too stupid to grant bandwidth/ping. This could be tested on the fly. A provider change shouldn't be so difficult - setup a copy of AB at another provider, make a open test run (as test server) with all present data, let the people test it for raid and then change completely.

    If some problems are present and the devs are unable to fix it, how about descibing the problem in a thread and some are surely playing who have enough clue to give some fresh ideas for the problem...

    It is meanwhile clear that the devs are completely incapable to fix that properly in reasonable time...
  10. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Yes, money talks.
    At least it talks loudest.
    However, most of us are NOT on monthly subs but longer-term ones.
    And those ARE being cancelled.
    But they won't notice much before they're due for renewal.

    For example:
    I have 80days left on my main's subscription, which carries me into November.
    I have recently allowed one account's subscription to be renewed to sync it with my main account's.
    So, speaking only for myself, if things aren't in a playable state by then my accounts will be silver again.
    What they do not see or "feel" either is that i planned to sub at least one other account (for campfire purposes), which i am of course not doing in the present state.
    So instead of 3subs and 3expansions in November they won't get ANY money from me, if things don't noticeably improve.
    And even if they improve, it might only be 2subs and 2expansions because i've grown wary...
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  11. Furking New Member

    Yeah, this is too much!

    Cancelled my two alt accounts now.

  12. douxreve Journeyman

    Monday 21 august, AB is still not playable.
    What about merge with the Rathe? There are euro players on this server. The solution of movelog individualy on Vox isnt a solution for raiding guilds. How will we manage to recruit on an empty server? And i dont count the 5 or more people who will refuse to move...
    DB should understand the only solution is a merge with a euro fit server. And all people will thanks DB for doing that, really.
  13. Roxxlyy Augur

    We don't currently have a time frame to share on how long the repairs will take, but are aware that this has been an issue for some time and are actively working to fix it.
  14. Roxxlyy Augur

    The team is currently investigating this issue and is working to get it resolved!
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  15. Sashnia Elder

    Just want to add I now have 1/10 characters on my character select screen instead of 8/10.

    Have made a petition, no response yet, hope you get it sorted soon.
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  16. eliandra Elder

    so we can have money back and play full access for free until the team finish to investigate in 6 or 8 months ?
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  17. Arraden Augur

    Same as TAnkpaw - missing 2 of 2 characters - petition filed!!
  18. Asmadeus Journeyman

    Hi Roxxlyy, thank you for replying in this thread as well. We appreciate all form of communication, as has been said previously, we're all old players, please be blunt with us :)

    The lag (both zoning but mainly chat) has really gotten downhil since the last patch, at this point I can only urge you to consider taking the whole server down for a few days and speed the changes up. I do not know if these are changes that can be expedited, but I can certify that most of AD would prefer to take a few days off than have another raid like the previous ones -- and today does not look any better.

    To give a few concrete examples:
    - zoning time (time zone is CET, so PST+9) -- half the raid crashed at this point. I assume 5 minutes is some hard limit, anyone taking longer than that will be kicked out - this has been the case for chat in the past.
    [Sun Aug 20 20:48:33 2017] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
    [Sun Aug 20 20:53:18 2017] * Caerynn has left channel ad:2

    - talking. I could try to get some logs out, but we had a -lot- of one or multiple minutes delays, both Friday and Sunday -- for a few minutes messages would get through, then we'd get another few minutes of hole.
    Trust me, this is not fun when you are trying to lead a new event, and that despite the impossibility to communicate our raid makes it to a new step that we have never seen... And now I had given instructions for the new wave ages before the previous one was over, but it only got through after we wiped. We could have done much better!

    I'm honestly impressed with our raiders for sticking around with these conditions.
  19. tanith Elder

    So people get their toons back and all is well?
    We had to abandon raid *again*
    Guild and other chat channels too lagged out to be useful for anything
    LD rate of about 50% on zoning
    All zoning taking forever - so everyone not LD thought they were

    Working with this is simply not fun
    This is supposed to be fun
    But right now it just feels like hard work/a test of endurance to push on through all this mess

    That's a week's raiding we've lost - as have others

    I know that you know there's a problem. But we need many more updates and information and signs of progress if paying customer are going to continue to hang around through this

    EDIT: Having abandoned raid, I go to log in traders. Now on 'your attempt to become a trader has failed' x 5 - the thing just lags out. Ridiculous!
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  20. Imrahil Augur

    Canceled raids too today, people going LD left and right, zoning takes ages, raid tool is pretty much not functioning.

    This is as much fun as putting ones gentleman's parts between two wooden planks and smacking them together with force (the planks, not the parts :p)

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