Mass Character Loss on AB

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Deillusional, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Arraden Elder

    My characters have vanished :(:mad:o_O
  2. Jarasil New Member

    This is by far the worst bug the AB server faced the last 6 month.
    I hope DB understand the urge that the server problems get fixed as the patience of the people is used up.

    For all lost their characters I hope for a fast restore.
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  3. Adroxia Elder

    So from the people I know who have had responses to petitions, they have all been asked the following question:

    - please can you tell us which characters you are missing and we will restore them

    Are you really trying to demonstrate that you do NOT know which characters are on our accounts, and need us to tell you which are missing so you can restore?

    Is that really honestly truthfully true? I mean really?

  4. Imrahil Augur

    Well, at first I got the reply to provide dxdiag.txt and msinfo.txt, which is an autoresponse and laughable, but yes, now they ask for my chars.

    Seriously, what is wrong with you guys? Don't you have backups of your database?

    I work in the IT of a relatively small company (500ish people), but if I was to lose crucial business data and would tell my "customers" (i.e. our users) or my boss that data is lost and they should send me what data they miss because I have no backup whatsoever then I would be out of job (and I wouldn't complain about it)
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  5. Khat_Nip Augur

    Yesterday I tried logging into a character I made on AB a couple days prior because I was curious what my ping would be from Arizona. (~167. (It's typically ~46 on Luclin for me)).
    When I got to Character Select for AB the toon wasn't there and the option to create one wasn't available. /weird.
    About an hour or so later I tried again and the toon was there and I was able to enter world.
    Tried again about 30 mins ago and toon was still there and was again able to enter world.
    /Strange bug.
  6. Sindael New Member

    Same here, same question....unbelieveable.....
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  7. Ketzerei84 Journeyman

    Doesn't it seem rather suspicious that this 'randomly' occured immediately after free xfers to Vox became available...
  8. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Antonius Bayle is going to be brought down at 3:25 PM PT so that we can restore the characters that have disappeared.

    Character names were being asked for previously as CS was pursuing manual fixes for the individual characters, but taking down the server should resolve the issues for ALL afflicted characters.
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  9. Vividor Apprentice

    After the reset I recovered 6/7 chars, so I still miss one.
  10. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    The downtime brought mine back, so thumbs up from me.
    Even though it was about 6hours too late for the raid :)
  11. Blackjaw_SolRo Lorekeeper

    My chars are back as well :). Too bad we lost an entire EoK T3 raid week to this... (Sun + Mon are our strongest days, the rest of the week some key players are off).
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  12. Dione New Member

    My 8/8 chars are back as well. Thanks for sorting this so quick.
  13. Aaragonn New Member


    characters are back. Thanks for the quick help.

  14. GrekAB New Member

    Yeah you all got your chars back but now mine are gone so nothing fixed for me.
    As long as AB is unplayable i will cancel my subscription renewal.
  15. NeverPayForLag Elder

    Interesting... now logging in and checked two accounts - all characters gone. Logged out to the server select screen and in again immediately and the toons are there again.

    If there was a problem after a "fix" from a GM I merely assume they did worse and therefore lost a char. So simply try this: log in, log out to server select and login again - perhaps that works for everybody too.

    Also problems with Achievements and Missions/Quests not recognized or wrong Lockout timers:

    After accepting quests or getting achievements - wait till the achievement is really acknowledged by the system. It can be that it will active later but we had the problem that one Quest was finished and the reward window activated too fast for the EQ-server and he simply "forgot" the achievement. Another one: if you acativate the quest reward (AA/Exp) before you get the "finished achievement for a complete partisan/mercenary quest line then the 10AA/Exp-Part simply vanishes. Wait till it pops completely up and then only activate the reward for the quest.

    All has to do with that extreme lag. The handling between the servers have some real bad handling issues.
  16. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I am sure you have tried to stay at the empty character select window for a while to see if it populates?

    Because many people were and are seeing empty character-selects that are populated with a delay.
    While the issue they fixed was characters in limbo with character-select's showing just the one character (trader in my case, main in some other cases) they happened to be on with when whatever caused the loss happened.
    It might be distinct issues?
  17. smash Augur

    Basically there can 2 situations. 1 where you have NOT lost your chars but have to wait a bit for them to appear and anothere where you HAVE lost 1 or more chars.

    Situation 1: When you in char select see 0 chars out 0, there you wait til they show up. It might take a bit of time.

    Situation 2: When you see X out of Max number, there you likely lost some, but still wait a bit to see if they reappear. In that case if they still are gone, then petition.

    Situation 1 appears when the server is hard at work (peak hours) on AB that appears to be close to 24/7.

    Advice, write down the names of your characters on the account, in case you do need to do a petition, just in case.
  18. NeverPayForLag Elder

    oh and the login server condition is so bad that 6 tries are needed so that the login server acknowledges the account...
  19. smash Augur

    Can you reveal a bit what happened ?
  20. Imrahil Augur

    Got my char back, so THAT issues is solved. Now if you could have a solution for the other issue preventing us from playing, that would rock...

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