Marl Kastane

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  1. Helgate New Member

    Marl's "respawn times" needs revisited again. The fact that you need to talk to him 4 times and he despawns after turning in the wraps is a problem. There's a pile of SK's sitting here fighting getting hails and turn it before someone pops him. WTH is a quest mob that is just a hail and turn in despawning at all?

    So basically what's happening it. Is you get to hail him once to move to Guarate, someone turns in the wraps despawns him, You wait 13 hours for him to respawn, Give Marl the note, Wait 13 hours, Give him the blood, wait 13 hours. Real enjoyable. Honestly the only thing "epic" about these quests are the wait times.
  2. Herf Augur

    I thought he was changed to persist for a while?
  3. Helgate New Member

    He's supposed to. However, whenever someone turns in the wraps on the final step, it despawns. And there's a lot of people waiting to turn in the wraps. So you can't get through the entire dialog before he's gets vanished again for another 13 hours. There's been 6 that's popped in and out over the last 6 hours.
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  4. Herf Augur

    Sounds like they just missed one spot of code when they 'fixed' him before.