Marketplace stat mounts on Aradune/Rizlona?

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  1. Nork New Member

    Did a brief and unsuccessful search on this subject.

    Currently the only marketplace purchasable mounts are the consigned basic ones that are available with Luclin.

    Should there not be more at this stage of progression in Gates?

    Certainly many of the stat mounts people may have are /claim-able.
    I imagine that lots of people (myself included) will have purchased the HoT bundle specifically for a fast claimable stat giving mount.

    Anyone from mangler and other TLP's recall when your stat mounts came into the marketplace?
  2. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    I'd also like to know when we get these mounts.
  3. Captain Video Augur

    HoT stat mounts will be available in... HoT. Other stat mounts unlock when the expansion in which they were originally released unlocks. The intention has been to have mounts appear in the Marketplace on the same schedule, although there have been a few bugs along the way.

    GoD is still much too early for stat mounts of any kind.
  4. Machen New Member

    Turns out the devs disagree with you. There are stat mounts available in GoD, by design. Just not marketplace ones.

    The devs tied the stat buff to specific expansions a year or so ago. You can have Mount blessing Azia in Gates, but nothing past that. Earlier, during Luclin, the same mount would give no stat buff at all.

    Unlocking marketplace mounts with ridiculous stat buffs wouldn't hurt the TLP's at all, since the stat buffs won't land until the appropriate era.
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  5. Captain Video Augur

    My understanding was/is that Mount Blessing Azia isn't supposed to unlock until TSS. It was seen working on Aradune in Luclin and was reported as a bug, which should have been fixed. If a dev has changed that recently to unlock at GoD, well what can I say... Prathun would never have done that.

    Most if not all of the people asking for the use of these mounts earlier than original era are expecting to get the out-of-era stats as well. That hurts TLPs a lot. The problem with putting these things in the TLP marketplace is that it misleads players into expecting the stats at time of purchase, and who cares if it's OP.
  6. Koggar.Bertoxxulous Elder

    Mount blessing Azia mounts were available as of GoD on Mangler, was able to buy one the second I made my zerker on GoD launch. SoF that just unlocked introduced Beza so there's a big gap
  7. Machen New Member

    Your understanding is wrong. It's in the patch notes. May 20, 2020.

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  8. Captain Video Augur

  9. Siah Elder

    Mount Blessing Azia was available upon the release of LDoN
  10. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    You can scroll thru this chart for which benefit each mount has and look for just Azia - there are a few - and where to get them
  11. Tweakfour17 Augur

  12. Captain Video Augur

    At a glance I see literally dozens of discrepancies between that list and what is currently published on both Zam and EQResource. For example, none of those class-named severed hands are supposed to have Mount Blessing Azia. There is a "Bracelet of the Severed Hand" that has Azia stats, but that item doesn't unlock until RoF. It doesn't do much good to claim there are all these items which provide Azia stats as soon as LDoN if the items themselves are all locked out.
  13. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Proven wrong/made up

    Proven wrong/made up

    Speaking for myself, I just want a cheap Very Fast mount for my boxes. I don't feel like the OP is looking for a game-breaking out of era advantage.

    No one said as soon as LDoN for every one of the Azia mounts (except you?)
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  14. Captain Video Augur

    Patch notes were cited earlier in this thread. The reference cited by CatsPaw also says it ("no sooner than LDoN", for each and every applicable mount).

    There is a personal obsession, on the part of several regular forum posters, with attacking the accuracy of any information I supply, just because it's me saying it, which I suggest is unhelpful in the quest to obtain correct and up-to-date information, and ensuring that public EQ sites can be made aware of discrepancies.
  15. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Not sure what you mean about others with personal obsession about attacking your posts. Ha, I seldom look to see who posted, just the body of the posts.

    I was trying to be helpful with my link to Bonzz Stable, He does many sites that I find helpful and I like the pictures, just like his Hero's forge page. It was not an attack against you, it was meant to help the mount questions. Its up to the user to research further.

    You will never find one site that has up to date information on everything. BUT YOU can update any of these sites. Fanra? Just register and put in the updates, same for Allah. For Bonzz just communicate with him. So since you mentioned discrepancies in that site perhaps you could contact him and clear it up?
  16. Machen New Member

    When 90% of the "information" you post on the TLP forums is wrong, and you consistently refuse to back down or admit you're wrong, I'm going to continue to correct you, for the sake of getting accurate information out to the player base. It's not an obsession. I'm doing exactly what you suggest we should do, helping people obtain correct and up-to-date information.

    Incidentally, Verdant Hedgerow Leaf is a great example. It is available for claim during PoP, but doesn't give any stat buff during PoP. As soon as LDON unlocks, it gives Azia. This is working as intended.
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  17. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I'm sorry you feel attacked Cap, alot of the stuff you post sounds plausible but has either changed or is misremembered and you are frequently adamant about it even after being proven wrong. Regardless of who posts something, if its incorrect and I know that its incorrect I'll post the correct info.
  18. Captain Video Augur

    Devs changed this in the last TLP cycle, and I missed the patch note. It happens. If my info matches major EQ reference sites like Zam and others, your claims that I am habitually wrong are disingenuous. Why don't you ever criticize them?

    Also, after Azia there won't be anything else stat-wise until SoF, as has been confirmed by others. I think this is the answer the OP was looking for.
  19. Nork New Member

    Exactly correct for me, yes.
    Azia buff, handy? yes. In gates we have very limited buff slots still so its hardly a priority, and is certainly something to live without happily.

    It is indeed the speed of the mounts available that I was meaning, I can see how the wording leads to believe otherwise though.
  20. Nessirfiti Augur

    Funny, because thornblade launched luclin with stat mounts in their marketplace, and yet Rizlona and Aradune still only have the consigned bridles in GoD.