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  1. Darkerknight Lorekeeper

    I wont lie, this is a rant and nothing short of it.

    I'm just gonna cut straight to the chase: The selection of armor and weapon ornaments in the DB Game store is sad and borderline embarrassing. Less than 10 of each type of armor ornament, less than 20 of each type of weapon ornament and basically every ornament that was available from Legends of Norrath is nowhere to be found.
    If you want to attract people to customizing their character you need to keep ADDING items to the store, instead of rotating and providing an abysmal selection. Holiday/Seasonal items (like the Halloween ornaments) I get, but items that are not seasonal or holiday related, they should be there permanently.
    Heritage Crates are a good example: There were items available in 2018 for a limited time that year (which is fine) that are not available at all today.
    Weapon and Armor Ornaments: They are the same selection from 8 years ago, nothing new (and if there is, the selections are still so few that you'd be hard pressed to notice any new items).
    Classic Items: Where are they? Where are all the ornaments for beloved classic items (like PoP, GoD, OOW, etc.)? These should be easy wins - low cost to the company to make, easy to pop into the store to sell.

    This should be an easy cash grab for DBG - you have all the ornaments and items from LoN loot cards - start by adding those and letting people select what they want. At this point in time, the store should have well over a hundred ornaments for EACH category (1HB, 1HS, 2HB, Plate, Chain, Cloth, etc...).

    Some of the Ornaments are in-game drops, crafted, etc. Which is fine, BUT, if you're going to have a store for appearance customization, you need more options than currently available and you need to add new items that are available indefinitely, not just on a "limited time" basis.
  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Go check out the Overseer vendor, that is mainly ornaments and heros forge.
  3. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    Not everyone has access to that expansion particularly tlp servers which make up a huge majority of their player base...

    OP is correct IMO
  4. Celephane Augur

    LOL whatever
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  5. Nadisia Augur

    A nice proportion of the population, maybe, yes, but «the huge majority of their player base» ... uh ?!?!
    No, I don't think so :p
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  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    If they are on TLP servers won't they be using those weapons anyway?

    From what I've seen the guide events have some nice ornaments from orignal EQ, might be worth supporting the guides and getting some from them. I'm sure Ngreth posted that they had no plans on making ornaments available from guide events available by other means.

    I'm also pretty sure it was also said there is a limit on how many items they can have in the market place, which is why we keep getting threads asking for illusions and pet illusions which haven't been seen in years.
  7. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    The majority of the Armor Ornaments come from in game either dropped, quested or made with TS's.

    The LoN prize packs rotate on a consistent basis, I doubt they will sell the ornaments individually so you're stuck buying them in Baz or buying the prize packs and hoping for the best. There's usually a bunch of them for sale in the Baz pretty cheap.

    New Weapon Ornaments are on the list to be implemented when time permits, they're low priority though. I wouldn't expect anything new until after the expansion has been released at the earliest.
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