Mark of Brell suddenly not /Claim-able after purchasing new expansion

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    I just purchased the Friends/Family version of the newest expansion since it was on sale and I was excited to use the transport key ring - so I opened up the /claim window to claim and wanted to claim my Mark of Brell but it is now marked as *Unavailable with the text in red and the 'Claim' button greyed out

    I tried hitting Refresh and that didn't change anything.

    I submitted a ticket to customer support and they advised me to create a bug post here

    Any help would be appreciated

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  2. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Mark of Brell is showing up in red under your /claims because you already have one. It is lore and heirloom so it could be on any of your characters on that account

    There were 2 ways to get it: (there may be others I did not research)

    The Mark of Brell was originally a /claim reward for pre-ordering the Underfoot expansion. 2014

    It then appeared again as part of the Past Expansion Collector's Edition Bundle in June 2021 (Items in the Past Expansion Collector's Edition Bundle include:Mark of Brell – Mystically transports you to Brell's Rest in the Plane of Underfoot. Was originally packaged with the Underfoot expansion.)

    However it is not listed as part of the claims for Friend and Family or any edition of the latest expansion. So it has nothing to do with buying that.
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    No it was in my claims list prior to purchasing the newest expansion and I hadn't claimed it yet - no character on my account has this item

    I wasn't saying this item was part of the friends and family purchase I just made, I'm saying it is now unclaimable AFTER purchasing the expansion when previously I could
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  5. Soulbanshee Augur

    You are conflating your purchase with the patch.
    - Updated the Claim window to better indicate if a feature is unavailable to claim.
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  7. Raccoo Augur

    What server?
  8. Kylso_VZ New Member

    Firiona Vie
  9. CokaRZ "Oh! they baited us"

    Just incase anyone is wondering, the item is only available to characters 80+ so if you're trying to claim it on a lower level character you won't be able to and it will show as unavailable.
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    What level is your character?