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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Aristo, Mar 10, 2016.

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  1. ShadowMan Augur

    So the solution to having to having to use to many old spells and spell swapping is to make it so you need to use updated old spells in addition to updated new spells still requiring multiple spell sets to handle all the variance. That also will require a complete overhaul to some classes design for the past 15 years.

    All while taking away any options for mobs that are immune to spell types or prevent using specific spell lines.
  2. Scila Augur

    This sounds more of a reaction/test to "can we have more gem slots" w/o actually updating the ui and stacking on raids against npcs again w/o changing ui. My reaction playing multiple classes including bst and chanty who will be impacted more is see what happens. If I look at what I use vs don't and choose to leave spells on vendors ... so be it ... that's my message back. Give me something I can use or it stays at the "store" concept. Both classes above have other functions/options and DDs ... my druid also has plenty of DD options.
  3. Lanogas Journeyman

    Chill down. People will always try to tell you their way of playing a class is better. That's the way people are. Thing is - right now, you're just coming off as a bit of an a-hole.

    And regarding contributions; implying that it was your suggestions solely that made the dev's add certain features is... Vainglorious at best. ;)
  4. Draego Augur

    Look who else comes off looking like an a-hole, yes it's you. So don't come in here trying to get on a high-horse and act like you're any better.

    First, my posting was attacked for which I defended my comments only to be attacked again, so I refuse to apologize for defending my position. My issue isn't with a person who tried to tell me how to play my class better; instead it was about being told outright that my way of playing was wrong or dumb, just because I made a suggestion.

    Second, as to contributions, until something ever gets mentioned and made available for others to consider, ponder and possibly act upon, the idea is lost to the void. So, yes I will be a bit vainglorious in taking credit for being the person who brought the idea up.

    Lastly if you don't like what I have to say, don't agree with what I am saying, then your always free to use the ignore feature.

    Thank you for wasting everyone else's time.... /goodbye!
  5. Zheros Lorekeeper

    I normally do not post until I truly have something to say, as can be witnessed by how few times I actually have ever spoken up on any of the forums.
    Was this provocation honestly necessary??? (EDIT: Too late, another response, oh well...)

    First off, I agree with Draego's stance that if you do not agree with what is being said, or if for whatever reason you think/find/feel it offends you, then BY ALL MEANS - USE the IGNORE feature.

    Frankly, I am disappointed to see how fast people are to blow up over what they perceive as an offense. I am not directing my initial thoughts on this @Draego, but rather towards Greyvvolf for being outright derogatory in their initial response to Draego. By that, yes Greyvvolf, did instigate a argument by denoting his opinion in a way where it could be seen and perceived as an offense. I will not say that I do not understand Draego's response, however I do not fully condone their response. Nor do I enjoy the fact that said response was attacked by Greyvvolf who added further provocation, needlessly extending this tirade. I do appreciate the fact that Draego took time to apologize for the wall of text they responded with.

    What Draego originally suggested made sense to me and to several of my friends (who would like to see some positive changes made). Class balancing demands that if you take something away from a class then it should be replaced with something of near (maybe not same) value. So in regards to Rangers loosing the majority of their DoT's because they are basically one line, the suggestion of adding other lines makes sense. In this aspect I even agree with Draego's suggestion.

    Now since NO ONE else who has responded to Draego has even asked (though I have an idea), I will branch out on a limb here and ask:
    @Draego: Why or for what reason do you utilize the spell listing you do? Is there a purpose to the system you use?

    My friends choose not to ever speak in the forums because they openly admit to being hot-heads. Which brings me to my next point on the matter:
    DOES NOT help in resolving the issue..... if you just stop responding to a person who honestly feels that they have been attacked or offended, the majority of the time you will see they stop posting or the issue dies.

    Draego has as much right as anyone to express their opinion, make suggestions on how to possibly improve the game, or anything else. The fact that several members of the community now appear to be ganging up on the guy, just because you all don't agree with what has been said, you are the people who need to consider why you are posting in the first place.

    @Lanogas, actually I remember when the linked posting for the 15th Anniversary Vet reward was mentioned, and until then I do not recall ANYONE even the Dev's talking about it..... so if Draego wants to be vainglorious about it, I believe he earned that right just for suggesting the idea.

    Lastly, I have nothing but time on my hands to constantly report people who harass others and try to abuse the system. Who knows, maybe we can get this back to "The ADULTS are TALKING," and find ourselves once again with a peaceful discussion after a few people start getting banned from speaking in forums for intentionally disrupting the peace.
  6. Draego Augur

    Good grief and people have an issue with my lengthy responses? Whatev's.....(EDIT: though no disrespect is meant towards your comments)

    @Zheros, I don't appreciate the EDIT, but I can understand the reasoning. Thank you, for both understanding my original suggestion and for the support. However, I am capable of fighting my own battles (EDIT: again no disrespect meant towards you or your comments).

    In regards to your question, while I have no reason to answer let alone explain why I utilize the specific Ranger abilities that I do, I will be glad to expand on this. To begin my Ranger(s) are not my main toon on either account, my mains are a Pally and a Shaman (who I occasionally get tired of mowing things over with), but that's not the point.

    In regards to my Rangers they both are very well built at levels 100 and 98, both having close to 9.5k AC and about 100k HP. As far as dealing damage with my Ranger(s) that isn't the problem, nor is tanking, which is why I took further offense towards Greyvvolf's insinuation about being an /autofire /afk style player.

    Where I have trouble is when grouping with my wife's rogue or with friends who play heavy nuker's. I absolutely HATE loosing agro and seeing one of them bite the farm. So I use the massively long line of DoT's in order to maintain agro. I still haven't found anything in EQ (for a Ranger that is) near the agro generating ability (including the recent Enraging line of Ranger discs) as what DoT's generate.
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  7. Zheros Lorekeeper

    First, no offense taken.

    Secondly, thank you for answering my question, and yes you are right, you did not have to answer. Though I am grateful that you did, and further you confirmed my thinking about the reasons why you use the spell line you do. I wasn't 100% certain on the details but at least I was in the ball park.

    Finally, and please just take this as a suggestion of friendly advice, take a break from the thread for a bit. Allow yourself time to calm down, though we both know that eventually someone else is going to be asinine enough to poke the bear again.
  8. Poonghie New Member

    I tank as a Ranger. I use the enraging line (as you mentioned), ferocious kick (make sure ferocious kick subtlety is disabled), and the main always-available aggro nuke is the Summer's Dew line. It's a bit of a mana hog but you don't have to spam it, just watch the aggro numbers and it should put you in the lead when you need it. I also have Angering Shot in the rotation but it's got a refresh timer, so it's not always available on demand. Taunt is also a valuable button for a ranger tank when all else fails.

    But if DoT-stacking works for you to keep aggro, that's pretty cool, I never knew about that.
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  9. Draego Augur

    Hey, thanks for the suggestions.

    As for Ferocious Kick, I'm not certain how the subtlety AA got enabled on my 100, but I fixed that, and will keep that in mind for my 98 ranger when he hits 100.

    Never really liked the Summers' Dew line of spells, so never had a reason to keep them loaded. Sounds like I can afford to drop 1 of my many DoT's for a while and give that a shot in my line up as well. Also thanks for the mana hog warning on it, part of the reason why I employ DoT's as they don't use a ton of mana in comparison to nukes.

    ***As a side suggestion in regards to the mana usage aspect. Maybe Daybreak will consider allowing Hybrid classes to have the Specialization abilities as well. (Just a suggestion and a thought)

    Personally (and this is just a me thing), I never really saw a decent ratio with Enraging Shot to even consider using Angering Shot; partly due to the long reuse timer and partly because of the spell consumption requirements in order to cast. Doubt I am likely to give the line a second chance for those exact reasons, but thanks for mentioning it.

    Unfortunately with how many hot keys I have set up (ones I focus on), unfortunately Taunt went to the wayside a very long time ago.
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  10. Jaybizzer Journeyman

    If this goes live for necro's, they will be the new top dawgs in PVP. They can already kill someone with one-round of dots. Imagine doubling that damage lol. At least it's about time somebody de-throned rogues.
  11. Zheros Lorekeeper

    Actually based on the initial message, the overall output appears to be something closer to 3 - 3.5 times more damage.

    I think this is a wonderful suggestion, especially as my main is a SK.

    Now aside from keeping an eye on the thread, I think that I am done speaking here for now, hopefully again for a long time.........
  12. TheBearBelow New Member

    For those of us on TLP, will the dot revamp be applied to things like my druid epic? Im anxiously hoping to see a buff to druid dmg.
  13. menown Augur

    What classes will received the DoT changes in the April patch?
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  14. Draego Augur

    Great question menown.

    Just to point this out, this change to the DoT system of not allowing DoT's of the same line to be cast by the same person is also a very bad solution for Chanters as well. Like the majority of a Ranger's DoT's are magic based, ALL of a Chanter's DoT's are in the same line of spells, many of which have very useful secondary effects.

    But hey, at least Magicians can finally say that their two DoT's will be worth something (LOL, yeah right).

    The question is how will DB make this work for classes that are getting boned, due to the fact that they have a single family of DoT spells?
  15. Forcallen Augur

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