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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Aristo, Mar 10, 2016.

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  1. Klaian-Xegony Lorekeeper

    Rangers have 2 current and 1 old dot lines. I think we are good for dot's. It would be nice for the fire line to be up to date. This change might get me to cast a dot when pulling again. I still not sure of use in the raid game depends on final damage and the cool down.
  2. Ashran Journeyman

    When grouping or soloing, Swarm of Glistenwings isn't bad for the bonus damage shield but it remains to be seen whether Blisterbeetle Swarm will see an uptick of use. If Poison Arrows gets a damage boost it might be worthwhile on raids but Scarlet Cheetah and Dichotomic Fusillade already drain our mana pretty quickly.
  3. Draego Augur

    Certainly sounded like you chose to harp on what I said initially.

    Regardless what has already been said can't be retracted; nor will I excuse or apologize the perception I took towards your first response. Had you actually tried to present constructive criticism (rather than blah, blah, blah.... this won't affect me...holier than thou attitude) to begin with, it may have been perceived in such a manner and we wouldn't find ourselves on the of opposite sides of an argument.

    Linking sights that disagree with my viewpoint in order to attempt to get me to accept your(s) or others point of view only serves to show how little you value your own play style, in favor of having the support of others. It truly sounds from the stance you have taken, that you were not expressing your sole opinion but chose to carry a rallying flag for those in your Ranger community. Where as I clearly said I wasn't speaking for all Rangers, though I admitted to knowing 50 or so others that use a similar lineup to mine, I still did not claim to be speaking for them.

    Again you attempt to correct me, by stating the known and accepted features of the AA abilities which I originally referenced. You claim that Rangers have only been given 1 poison ability in 17 years, yet ignore the fact that Rangers have had spells in which to Cure Poisons for all of those 17 years.

    Now, I admit that it might be a bit meta for someone like you to fully comprehend, but the ability to cure also implies the class would still have an understanding of poison. When SOE gave Rangers, Poison Arrows in the HoT expansion that was the beginning of an evolutionary process for the class. So it wouldn't be too hard to see the inclusion of some Poison, Ice, and a few more Fire based DoT's (both forward and retro) as a further evolution of the character class.

    By stating that "ranging" isn't done a lot (basically anymore) you are clearly implying that you have direct full knowledge of and/or trying to impose your own self important viewpoint as an absolute fact. This implies once again that you ARE NOT speaking only for yourself, but are trying to impose your play style on others.

    The following quote offers more hypocritical words where you completely contradict yourself about NOT telling others how to play.
    All you have done since I responded to this thread was to attack my posting about my play style and the suggestions that I have made as a concerned player, in a way where you express your viewpoint as the complete accepted fact for every EQ Ranger.

    So, I suggest you take your own constructive criticism
    and leave me alone. We disagree on viewpoints.

    However, this argument began because you tried to tell me how I should play.

    End of story and discussion.
  4. Draego Augur

    Then again maybe you should rethink, how you initially respond to someone before you post.

    Then you won't fall into the routine of:
    Opening your mouth, say something irrelevant while inserting your foot, being called to repentance and having to eat crow.
  5. Roshen Brand Manager

    You're correct. I've removed Dalnir's from Aristo's list of dungeons that will receive a boost.
  6. VorpalBunnie New Member

    Why do you insist on acting like the government and swinging the pendulum from 3 to 9 constantly instead of leveling things out. If you want to improve DoTs try doing it the easy way for a change....improve damage on ALL Dots by 10% ( 20% for BST ) and leave the Mana cost as is?? No muss, no fuss.
  7. VorpalBunnie New Member

    Seems like you keep concentrating on one problem and over thinking it to the point you fall into the "can't see the forest for the tree" group. When you continually make over corrections, you just increase the problems that follow your "correction" to the last correction. As much as I can use extra Dot damage when playing my DRU, double and triple damage is getting outrageous, especially since many of our main problems stem from not enough mana to carry the battle when soloing. Doesn't do someone who relies on Dots much good to increase damage if it uses all their mana so there is nothing left to fight the second or third Mob.
  8. Laronk Augur

    Because on raids you end up with the same issue, and improving dots by a flat 10% would give necros a flat 10% more dps. Instead they want to make it so necros don't have to cast different versions of the same fire dot.

    Even at 20% more powerfull beastlord dots couldn't be used on raids because you need to leave the buff slots for the mob. Also you still wouldn't use the dot at 20% more powerful as a beastlord be because the cooldown is still better used on a nuke at just a 20% increase.
  9. Kravitz Augur

    Seems it would have been a good time to start naming spells to just one line, so they don't have to spend time naming spells going forward every time they release an expansion, for example Fire Pyre 1 (level 70), Fire Pyre 2 (level 80 spell), Fire Pyre 3 (level 90 spell), etc, This would have significantly reduced resource time if they just named it like that instead of coming up with nifty names.

    Hate to be the guy in charge of naming spells, discs, aa's, items etc...
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  10. VorpalBunnie New Member

    I did not intend those numbers as absolutes, Laronk, but simply as a base idea. To many maxed out changes is one of the problems I have seen and the idea is simply to follow the KISS rule. Fewer numbers to juggle, and fewer lines of code to be input means less chance for mistakes and things that were not supposed to happen to, in fact, happen. Since I have not, in fact, done any raiding, I have no idea precisely how the differences apply to that particular aspect of the game. What I DO know, is that to much of a change USUALLY leads to more problems. In other words, what appears to be happening is, once again, a major change in damage and MANA use, that is going to require MORE changes in another month or two. As for the BST situation, since out of my 20+ toons it is one I have not so far played, I am not knowldgeable enough to know just how much it may need adjusting, only that it DOES need to be more than the other clases, except maybe ranger, which should probably get a bit more also.
  11. mackal Augur

    The main issue with your solution is that it solves nothing.
  12. VorpalBunnie New Member

    Wrong Mackal, it solves the issue of to much change at one time, and the PROBABILITY, due to the new mana usage, of characters being OOM at the most inopportune time. It also would result in ALL toons getting the new DMG/MANA system at the same time. And, again, the the main objective is the idea of KISS ( Keep It Simple Stupid ) to help lower the amount of correction to the correction to the correction that we have been subject to.
  13. mackal Augur

    It solves issues that you believe exists in their solution. It does nothing towards solving the issue they are trying to solve. Hence, it solves nothing.
  14. VorpalBunnie New Member

    You STILL don't get the basic concept. KISS, let me say that again...KISS. My so called solution, which, again, was not to be used as absolutes, is to SIMPLIFY their solution and not make such a drastic change at one time. Again, my worry is the fact that I ( as my DRU/MAG/WIZ/ al ) has a problem with running out of mana, and now they want to increase the mana drain. Yes, the increase in damage is great, but how is it going to affect lower level toons when they cast a "second" level spell, that drains 50% of their mana. If it is ONLY being applied to higher levels, fine, no affect to the lower levs, but still your looking at using a whole lot more mana for the amount of damage, and you can't modify it. With individual spells, you can cast 2 or 3 spells and save the mana for the 4th spell if it isn't needed. With the new system, you cast 2 spells and use as much mana as 6 of the base spells. Basically, I feel they are not taking time to truly SEE the effect of that much mana usage on individual spells, even if they DO cause the damage of 3 spells.
  15. menown Augur

    Are you against future spell upgrades? This is basically doing the same thing.
  16. segap Augur

    Nothing is stopping you from using lower level/lower mana spells. If you find that the typical target really needs 3.5 of your dots, then use 3 current level and one from 5 or 10 levels prior. They're not stopping you from using lower level spells. Just from using them in conjunction with the same line of different levels. Likewise, you could have a lower level one memmed for finishing off targets. You still get flexibility, you just have to figure out the optimum set to use.
  17. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    In regards to the 17th anniversary, and not to the DOTs...

    So, uh... to be the greedy loot mongerer casual... In the past anniversaries there have been chase augs and clickies and such for the group player... are we likely to see anything like that? Commemorative coins/rewards are a bit underwhelming...
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  18. Riou Augur

    Seems like no, and most groupers / all casuals probably wont even see the hates fury event (it is not even close to worth the time as a grouper for its R v R, with so far nothing of interest coming from anything inside).

    The only thing you will get is a chance at the Hero's Forge. IF you come in top so many of each Race. IF you even catch the Race. IF more hardcore people don't cheese all the win spots over you. You can just buy the original version from the Marketplace though.

    Unless something is hidden, this will probably be the most disappointing set of Anniversary events they ever released for anyone not a raider (and even that is unknown atm) :p
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  19. Schadenfreude Augur

    If you do not wish to educate yourself to play better that's completely fine but that also means you don't get to make terrible suggestions for an entire class based upon your flawed play style.
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  20. Draego Augur

    Why do you think you get to say my play style is flawed?

    You have no idea why and how I play my character. So before you go making an absolutely ostentatious absurd remark like the one you just made, why don't you go educate yourself as well and realize that no one has to conform to a "norm" in this game.

    I would be more than glad to elucidate you on exactly how well I handle my ranger. You find what works for YOU and you use that.....period.

    Since you probably don't understand the word elucidate, I will make it very clear for you, oh wait there you go that's the meaning.

    As far as suggestions that have been added to EQ over the years, I have made several significant contributions which have been put into game play. Just to name two such suggestions off the top of my head.

    1. The 15th Anniversary Vet AA Tribute master (sadly they only made it work for personal, but still)
    2. The suggestion to recode the transmogrification token to allow you to choose any Drakkin color and not be defaulted to RED, where I provided the pseudo code on how to make it happen.

    So before you start harping on what I consider to be a sound suggestion, why don't you go figure out what you have contributed that has made the game better. If you can't name any detail in the smallest, that can be proven that you have helped make the game better, then keep your terrible opinion to yourself.
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