March 2016 Patch Preview

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Aristo, Mar 10, 2016.

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  1. Kinadorm Augur

    I think the DoT updates sound good but when making the changes please be mindful of the aggro produced and try to keep that under control.
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  2. Kinadorm Augur

    It doesn't sound like they are consolidating any lines they are just making it so spells within the same line will no longer stack and then increasing the damage and mana costs of each spell to compensate.
  3. Scornfire Elder

    Hope they pump the brakes on extending these kind of changes to the Necro class, I don't want a dumbed down gaming experience, I enjoy all the work that it takes to perform well as a Necro
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  4. menown Augur

    Reread this:

    So, for beastlords, it looks like the first DoT of a new line was doubled (or more), as noted in point 1. Then, each new DoT within the same line will perform as better with the formula of current base + current base of previous 2 lines, as noted in point 2. I don't know how this formula translates to the second DoT within a line.
  5. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    No, Hotzones still exist. Zones like BW which either did not get their ZEM changed back at all or did not get it changed back properly early in the existence of hotzones will now have their proper base ZEM once more. In some cases this will mean that the base ZEM might actually be better than what it currently is. In other cases, such as with BW, it will be worse than what it was. The zones which are hotzones currently will still have their separate ZEM bonus, since they have not manually changed the ZEM of the hotzones for several years now.

    Dungeons always should have had better xp than their non-hotzone outdoor counterparts. It is part of the risk versus reward.
    I think that you misunderstood what they were saying. Let's say that Beastlords have 3 DoT lines: A, B, and C. The new level 105 DoT for line A will exceed the cumulative damage of the old level 95, 100, and 105 DoTs for Line A. Similarly, Line B's new 103 DoT will exceed the cumulative damage of the old level 95, 100, and 105 Dots for Line B. The same will be true for Line C. So now you cast 3 spells instead of 9 spells.
  6. Draego Augur

    Now, I apologize to the rest of the community, for the following wall of text. However, I was clearly explicit in offering just a suggestion and expressing a potential concern, while at the same time clearly noted that I was NOT speaking for ALL Ranger players; I refuse to allow someone to harp on my posting in such a negative way.
    Please don't take offense and get all aggressive in presenting your opinion just because it is how you choose to play. More likely than not, not every other Ranger out there agrees with your limited view point. Like I said, I wasn't speaking for all Rangers and to each their own unique play style.

    So for you this may not be an issue at all, but for others it very well could be, and that was my sole purpose for addressing the issue.
    Did you even read, let alone understand what I was suggesting; because to me it appears you're way off your Ranger tracking here, so let me elaborate.

    Yes, I realize that the Frost Arrows are a DD and not a DoT ability, same for the Fire and Poison versions (I played EQ from the Original Beta and only took a short break before returning). However what I think you did not understand is that I was suggesting that in order to provide balance to the Ranger since their magic DoT's that would no longer be able to be stacked that Daybreak create (and retro for lower levels) both an Ice and Poison series of DoT's for Rangers because of the Ice and Poison AA abilities make Rangers no strangers to utilizing those lines of power.

    So next time please make sure you understand the extent of what you're responding to (which means you actually need to read it fully), before you start slamming down your personal opinion as a absolute.

    In respect to menown:
    It is possible that there may be some benefit, that remains to be seen however. Only time will tell but in order for time to tell, the change to Rangers has to be implemented in order to gauge the outcome. So that is a moot point until it does happen.

    The concern I was making was two fold in reasoning. Like I expressed about play style, I am accustomed to having a certain setup loaded, this change will effectively disrupt that setup - and not just for myself - like I said I do know a select few (around 50 or so) that utilize a similar line up to what I do.
  7. menown Augur


    Isn't what you just said exactly what I said? I guess I could have changed my vocabulary to make it more clear. When I say current, I mean DoTs prior to patch. Similarily, you chose the word old. It is all semantics but confusion can still persist.


    I honestly can sympathize with you. Maybe more so than you know. People are allowed to play the way that they want. I tell necros who are learning that there is no perfect spell weave. Necros are still experimenting and weaves just keep getting better and better. Every new expansion with new DoTs or even changes to the way burns work (I'm looking at you February 2016 patch).
  8. Malbro Augur

    I've tried this on test and think I'll stay with my DDs for now.
  9. SomeEQGuy Elder

    For mobs that are almost dead it seems you have to make the choice to waste a lot of mana or do no damage. We can no longer cast just one dot to finish off a mob. Will we be able to cast a low level dot and it will apply that dot and the next 2 lower ones? If so, it seems like it will be tough to manage which level(s) of each line you have memorized.
  10. YellowBelly Augur

    Why not just leave things alone.
  11. strongbus Augur

    its more of they are going bump the base damage of each dot up so that each new version of a dot dose the more then the combined damage of the next 2 lower ones added together. So once these changes go live instead casting the top 3 dots in a line for x damage you are going just cast the top 1 dot for the same x damage.
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  12. Savaikun New Member

    Incoming cry babies cause their outdoor XP was nerfed and can't farm and sell PP anymore. QQQQQQQQQQ
  13. Dolamight New Member

    Here comes the crybaby crying about the cry babies!
  14. SomeEQGuy Elder

    Yes. I understand that. They are also increasing the mana to correspond with the damage. Would you cast your top three dots on a mob that is almost dead?

    Edit: You will in the new world - you don't have a choice.
  15. mackal Augur

    Is there any chance we could get a list of all the ZEMs?
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  16. Bewts Augur

    Will this include TLP servers?

    As I understand it a Necro will spend:
    800 Mana at level 58 on Pyrocuor
    400 Mana at level 49 on Ignite Blood
    300 Mana at level 29 on Blood Boil

    Based on average manapools on TLP, Pyrocuro may never even get cast consistently in Velious in unless raiding (if then). I'd be surprised to see it used at all in AA grinds in Luclin. You'd effectively run yourself OOM after 7 mobs if you have a 5.5k manapool.

    As an aside, 300 mana at level 29 is horrendous, irrelevant of the damage done. That is approximately 1/3 of an average geared player's manapool on TLP for that level - to cast a single new spell.

    Yes, they can cast the lower level versions but it really ruins the idea of leveling to acquire new spells because the spell may not even be viable for another 10+ levels.
  17. Greyvvolf Lorekeeper

    I wasn't harping on your post in a negative way, you provided your opinion, and as I stated and you directly quoted:
    ... I provided mine.

    Likewise, I was speaking from what I've read and researched, been shown and taught, used myself and passed on to others in mass quantity, over the past 16 years. As for my "limited view point", might I suggest and seeing what other view points you deem limited and actually functional. I don't tell other Rangers what's right or wrong, just relay for I know works and share. Unless of course, they are completely wrong, which I didn't say you were, yet. For me, dots don't work and are worthless, but I'll continue to be incorrect and outparse 95% of the raid with my limited view points.

    So you're saying that because of this dot consolidation, and because we get one ability in 17 years that gives a poison proc, your suggestion is that we should get a new line of dots that are poison based? "To provide balance." Lol, ok. You think we should and I think we shouldn't, again my opinion.

    For the record:
    Incorrect: Frost is a DD/stun, while Fire and Poison Arrows do indeed have DoTs components following their initial DD. Again, you would have to be ranging, which doesn't get done a lot anymore by most Rangers that I know.

    I wasn't slamming anything down, try not to be so objective to constructive criticism. I've had dots before in my spell line up for DPS and I found the lack of dots to be much more beneficial. Untwist your panties.
  18. Greyvvolf Lorekeeper

    Then again, this is why I don't post on these forums much, :D
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  19. Xelera New Member

    To boost dungeon experience and nerf outdoor experience, with some of the justification being, that it makes grouping in harder dungeons more rewarding, is pie-in-the-sky, when you consider the difficulty in even finding a group these days. Level 105 sure, you can sometimes find a group that isn't a 4-box... but face it, most of these zones in question, like BW, were a great way to MOLO past the lower level content where you almost exclusively have to take a merc and grind alone.

    Have the devs been to Corrathus Creep? When it becomes a recommended hotzone for a given level, and tried to play there alone with a Merc? A person can be the ONLY PERSON in the zone for a day. When the mobs become light blue is about the time a class can MOLO there without wiping to every mob that walks and brings adds/assists. The question of the day when playing a lower toon in any zone is "who is your main"? That is because the new player base just doesn't exist. BW was a good 10 level zone to grind an alt through if you didn't want to pay for power level, or have a guildee do it for you.

    Then to nerf necro swarm pets in February, essentially changing game play for many necros, forcing us back outdoors, then nerfing outdoor experience the next month, followed by telling us you are boosting dots later on, somehow, maybe, if it works, but for other classes first? And remaining ambiguous on how agro, crits, multipliers, stacking will continue to work? You are breaking a class then re-"fixing" us (promised, not delivered yet) when we were mostly ok as we were. Swarm pets is the only way we can solo in early progress TBM dungeons, and that made us overpowered, but watching a pally, warrior, SK, etc... with a J5 merc walk in and destroy mobs in half the time my swarm pets did, is fine...

    WoW lost millions of players because they dumbed the game down too much, and kept revamping every class, completely, every couple of years. Maybe Devs need to get community input as to what is needed and listen to the paying customer, before making wholesale changes?

    That is why WoW took so much of the EQ playerbase when it came out, because they incorporated many of the things EQ players had been asking for for years, right off the bat. They listened to what people wanted. EQ simply said "you're in OUR world now" (c) Verant and acted like we should be grateful they let us pay for the privilege to play THEIR game. Now WoW is falling apart and NOW devs are trying emulate what they are doing that is failing.
  20. segap Augur

    You missed the entire point of the change. The broken ZEMs were a problem on TLP where there are not hotzones. They were probably perfectly fine on standard servers where people that knew which zones were boosted could use them to catch up. They don't care about the .1% of the population on standard servers trying to level up without a purchased heroic character. They do care about balance on TLP where a good chunk of the population is in the appropriate levels to be using those zones.

    In old era content, dungeons should be the better exp. Risk vs. reward is much greater. For outdoor zones, the lower ZEM still provides great exp for the kiting and pet classes that solo.
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