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  1. Kolaisa Elder

    So I have both Good's most recent set and Brewall's (in different folders). Everything works except when I look at zones Crystal Caverns, Dragon Necropolis, Western Wastes, Cobalt Scar, Skyshrine, and Sleeper's Tomb. All other maps work. I have deleted and re-installed multiple times. It doesn't matter what zone I'm in, including said zones, the maps never show up. The lower level ones all work, it's only high level ones that don't work. Any ideas?
  2. Qbert Gallifreyan

    • Check the actual map files to see if they have data. Maybe you got early versions that were incomplete.
    • Check that you have height filter unchecked (or, if checked, that the parameters are set appropriately).
    • Check that you are centered/zoomed properly on the map.
    • Check that you have the proper map layers active (1/2/3).
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  3. GNOME_POWER Augur

  4. Kolaisa Elder

    I've done multiple times what you both have suggested. Some of the zones work, some don't. Nothing seems to work. I've redownloaded numerous times and its always the same thing, same zones that dont work.
  5. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Does this same thing happen for all characters on your account?

    If yes
    Possibly your file for maps is corrupted at some level.
    To remedy that possibility do the following:

    Delete your maps folder, yes the whole thing.

    Start the launcher & let it download the default maps, if you don't see it doing that use the file checker

    Then go download fresh maps from Brewall & Goodurden.

    Follow the install map guide already posted earlier.

    If no
    What you describe could be a corrupted player UI file. (if you have followed the prior advice).

    To fix that do a windows search for yourcharactername.yourservername files & rename them with a prefix of OLD_

    This will force EQ to recreate your character's UI fresh but allow you to restore your UI layout & settings from those renamed files.

    Check whether you can see the maps on your fresh new default UI prior to copying the layout from your old files.
  6. Soulbanshee Augur

    Are you sure it's going into the right installation folder, where you have multiple installs?
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  7. Kolaisa Elder

    Done this a few times, including deleting the entire folder. It happens on every toon, same zones.

    One install for each type. 1 for Brewall's and a different folder for Good's.
  8. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I am totally stumped then, I not only have never heard of this happening to anyone else before but also do not see any way that this could be replicated.

    Do you have a secondary machine or a friend who could lend you theirs temporarily to install EQ & the maps to to see if the same problem happens on a completely different machine to these characters?

    Also, are you using a default UI or a custom one?
    Also, do you have more than 1 installation of EQ on your PC?
  9. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Look in the folder
    everquest/maps/Good's Maps
    Do you have the file westwastestwo.txt
    If so, then open it up and see if there is text in it.
    Like this but alot more:
    L -1914.0304, -3704.0564, -270.6069, -1902.6382, -3686.5435, -274.8907, 127, 64, 0
    L -1750.0254, -3813.4817, -253.6042, -1734.6504, -3788.5281, -255.9712, 127, 64, 0
    L -1750.0254, -3813.4817, -255.6490, -1800.8313, -3795.3567, -270.7640, 127, 64, 0
    L -1800.8313, -3795.3567, -270.7640, -1842.9065, -3769.2771, -272.2126, 127, 64, 0
    L -1842.9065, -3769.2771, -272.2126, -1886.5967, -3740.5093, -276.0416, 127, 64, 0
  10. Kolaisa Elder

    Single machine, 1 install of EQ. I've had a friend dl the maps and use them on his machine (different state), email them and the same thing. I use custom parts elements of a UI.

    Yes, it does have text in it.
  11. Soulbanshee Augur

    I'm not talking about maps, EverQuest, you may have more than one install and putting them into the wrong one.
  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I think Soulbanshee is talking about multiple installs of EQ.

    Try renaming your current Goods/Brenwall maps and download and copy new ones again to the Maps folder again as Goods and Brenwall. See if the new maps are there in the new folder and if they work.
  13. Kolaisa Elder

    I just completely reinstalled yesterday after deleting the folder and contents. I have 1 install of the maps/EQ/everything else.
  14. Angahran Augur

    Just a random idea, try creating a new map subfolder, with no spaces or apostrophes or anything, e.g. BOB
    Now, copy all the files into BOB and see if you can see any of the broken maps.
  15. Febb Augur

    If you are extracting the maps into the main map folder, they will get overwritten by the patcher. You will need to make a folder within the maps folder and then extract the maps into that sub folder. Plus like Angahran pointed out, you can't have space in the folder name that you create.

    Also when you do a fresh install of EQ make sure to create a folder in the root of your drive for it and make sure that eq installs into that folder. Or else it will install EQ partly into your users folder.
  16. Kolaisa Elder

    Ive done that, those maps, and those maps alone dont work. All other brewalls and goods maps work for other zones, incl the same exac
  17. Whoops Augur

    I'm not sure if you're grabbing a complete map pack or just the new zone maps. You're sure the maps for the newer zones aren't in a subfolder inside the Good's or Brewall folders? I don't think it'll look for maps any further than one subdirectory. (ie: it will use maps\Brewall\blahblahzone.txt but not maps\Brewall\CoV\blahblahzone.txt) Just want to be sure that when you say you're seeing text inside westwastestwo.txt, for example, that where you're opening it from isn't maps\Brewall\

    Other than that, this is really a shot in the dark, but depending on where you've installed EQ, it might be possible the file name is too long. I don't know if there's some point at which it calls the file using the whole thing, but maybe? I think the default install directory is (or at least was for a while, if it isn't anymore) C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\Everquest which isn't exactly enormously long, but if you have it nested inside a number of other lengthily named folders, it might hit that point. That said, if that's what's causing this issue, I'd also expect you to be unable to see the map for oceangreenvillage for example, since that's even longer.
  18. Kolaisa Elder

    What do you people NOT understand about?? I have said countless times I download the complete map pack, only certain zones work. Ive said I downloaded the newest packs and re-installed countless times but people still say "reinstall them". Well that obviously doesnt work when Ive tried that and told the people on here Ive done that. Stop with the basic stuff and try and fix the problem. Btw this only started with ToV expac
  19. Febb Augur

    Are you the admin of the PC that EQ is installed on and logged into the admin account?

    If so, check the permissions of the directory the maps are in and the map files you are having trouble with. Right click the folder the map files are in or files themselves and choose properties. Then click on the Security tab. Is the user group your account is a part of have both read and read execute permissions?
  20. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    I don't think this would affect just a few zones in each map pack/download etc.

    I feel for ya, Kolaisa. Same problem here on like 3 zones in one area but the rest of the map pack is fine.

    The only reason I did not come here for help is that it only is on Good's maps.....I just switch to Brewell's for those areas and can get by. Also mine are not in COV but a few expansions back. And only like 3 zones but also like yours, they are the higher zones (in EOK)

    Its almost impossible to make people understand what it is. Install/folder switching/renaming/permissions etc nothing works. It would be like going to WOS and not having the map for MPG or Anguish but you do have them for Dranick's Scar, the Waterhole etc.