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  1. Emmylou New Member

    Is there a way to change the map background color? I can hardly see it. Or, if I could change the map line color to something darker, that would work.
  2. Winnowyl Augur

    On EQInterface, there's a few maps with toggle-able backgrounds. One is the standard lighter color, the other is a darker color, kind of a deep grey shade.

    Also, for maps that are uniformly done in a hard-to-see color, you can open the text file, do a search-and-replace for the color that's hard to see, and replace it with another color.

    Myself, I use AYA, which comes with the toggle map. However, the Mearatas map is done in a horribly hard to see grey color. So I loaded it up, did a search for 54, 54, 54 (the grey color) and a replace with 0, 0, 0 (black). Saved, loaded into the zone, and voila, I can see.
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  3. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    You can change the map color in the default UI but the hitbox for actually getting the map background (changes what you're trying to change) and not the window background (changes nothing you can actually see) when you right-click is infuriatingly small.
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  4. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    I guess to be more specific, I seem to have the best luck right-clicking where I intend to if I try the very small border between the tab and the map a few dozen times. Clicking on the map itself actually selects the window background and not the map because >.<

    It will make you want to tear your hair out, but it is in there somewhere.
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  5. Emmylou New Member

    Thanks very much :) I will try both those things.
  6. IblisTheMage Augur

    Is there a way to increase the label font size? I havent been able to read them for years :)
  7. Winnowyl Augur

    Open the map tools. Hover over the label until it's highlighted in yellow. (I think that's the standard color for highlighting; til it changes color at least) then select it. Next, hit Edit Label. You should be able to adjust it to Large. If it's already large, I can't help you. You MIGHT be able to edit the file itself, but if so, I don't know how.
  8. Orbital101 Augur

    You can change the in game fonts in options and pick one that use bigger letter. Only problem is that it will also change the fonts of everything else.
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  9. Orbital101 Augur

    Also start using the search tool... it will put a big red X on map which can also be used to start a path to it.
  10. CatsPaws Augur

    Do you have it set to opaque? That could be a reason you cannot see it. If you right click on the window and select "Window Settings". I think, not in the game right now so hard to remember. But from the r/click you'll be able to set or change the background which if you cant see it might be set to be see thru.

    In addition to the find key (or zone connection ) making a path or the big red X when there is no path you can also right click on the map where you want to go and it makes a path
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