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  1. ptah Augur

    OK OK many thanks to Peta for the nice thread on Pally tbl focus of gear etc. I didn't want hijack that post so I using yet one more love song.. warriors gearing love song.

    So 110 warrior, nearly full TS t3.. lobby buff without ps, tribute 285k, 6800 ac. This is will a basic Hstat spec to Hsta. Now I understand most primary group content builds suggest Hdex or Hagi.. I chose the different path due to Hsta.. builds melee shielding and stun. Currently im at 1604 self. I like the Hsta build due Hsta gains and secondary Hagi 26.. as a secondary passive build If you will. 39/45 on mod2 at 1604.. Hagi is 37/45 1243.. avoid 141/300.

    Now the long term plan is get a second sec of augs in that slot 5. Unknown if its Hdex or Hagi and plan will to data farm some info and build a flow chart. That is still several weeks if not couple of months away.

    I would love to see other peoples imput or maybe someone is hiding in the shadows and has already done the math. I not looking for pull out of my arss numbers. Maybe this is how I play. this what I do, is what I see. etc.. that is fine.

    So.. 110 warrior alt, atm 15k aa.. Note I been slacking on warrior synergy for too long.. I really need to do it.. get it over with.. one mega hard ST weekend with a potion or 2.. and its done.. maybe.
    ---95% plan to just group and play the role of tank for friends, very so much for them.
    ---05% maybe an open raid here or there.. just to learn that side of game. Maybe find a shield I like.
    ---While dps is key to winning. Its not my focus. Agro and controlling the fight. That is 100% my focus. Normally im will non box/or well boxed dps.. guys that above the cut dps wise if chose that path..

    Back to my post, Hsta or H??.. with a few clicks and PS, possible tribute.. and clr or shaman add.. the number display range 320k, 7500 ac. Feels ok... still need print and redo run eok, ros slot 7s that I skipped around 1 year ago. Short HP buffs with Wdicho, Ten, and I suppose 40AA glyph is things get nasty are all options.. I feel im ok til around 5.5m maybe 7mins.. then I get lost from 7mins to 10min refreshers. This model is based on rushing 1 mini to the next, maybe a third or forth if dps shows up. Example would be doomfire, Snails, plus 1 when needed.. if the group needs wait for me.. that means the dps discs are on hold as well.. plus funfactor of rushing without waiting appears to make all happy.. I will get a tell.. dude that was so fun. add me next time. I get 15 mins waste of time on fail too..

    O I do stress equally about agro and disc layout.. prob 90% in my head.. but I want zero worries on agro front.. and let the dps go nuttz.. as that their role..

    Anyways adding anyones imput, advice, even dude im laughing at you.. your so mega wrong.. Hcha is way to go.. never wrong being sexya.
  2. Axel2 Journeyman

    Generally speaking, I do like hSTA just for the simple fact that it gives a larger hitpoint pool, which helps with spell damage while hDEX and hAGI don't help at all with spell damage. hSTA is also very useful in the raid game.

    Having a disc rotation like Dicho->Culminating->Guardian's Bravery+TBL BP click+Third->Dicho->Dragon Glyph (or switch culminating and glyph, either way works) should keep you around 100% good disc up time until you run out of AAs to buy glyphs. Unfortunately, at 15k AAs, being able to burn through a lot of glyphs isn't ideal... Maybe 20-22.5k range then you can start burning through glyphs like mad. That being said, depending on the situation, you might not need to run very strong discs during certain times, so using a weaker but faster cooldown while holding your good disc for 2 minutes later would be more ideal. This comes down to feel and the more you play the warrior the better you will feel about it.

    Having a solid multibind for aggro is also very important, and smartly using aggro modifiers is key when trying to keep aggro in a group and raid situation.

    And yes, if there were TBL hCHA type 5 augs, there wouldn't be a debate, everybody would choose that option.
  3. p2aa Augur

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  4. Tucoh Augur

    Are there any advantages of hagi over hdex? I cant think of any, but hdex gives better crit chance and riposte chance, so i stack hdex.
  5. Brohg Augur

    hAgi is stronger as regards pure defense, as the boost to dodge equal's hDex's boost to parries, and hAgi secondarily adds a bit to AC. Nearly everyone has a strong preference for hDex's secondary boost, to damage, instead.
  6. Rubiota Journeyman

    I read your other post. What's the breakpoint of either hdex or hagi you mentioned will completely override mob hstrikethrough? Seems to the novice if hsta is best for raiding it would be best for grouping too unless possibly if you hit that breakpoint.
    Do you have any data explanation for how much hdex outperforms hsta for grouping? I don't have a full set of sta augs yet and am definitely short of a full set of dex ones, other than tbm type 5s of course.
  7. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    The only reason hSTA is better for raiding is because most raid mobs in current tier content have such a high strikethrough value that they negate all tank defensive skills (outside of discs) which makes the defensive portions of hDEX useless. If that was not true, the same ranking of heroics would apply to raid as they do to grouping (hDEX>hSTA>hAGI).
  8. p2aa Augur

    Hagi improves miss (avoidance AC part ) and dodge %. Hdex improves parry and riposte %. So 2-2 in term of avoidance skills. Hdex adds DPS, while Hagi adds a bit to mitigation AC. Also, hstrikethrough can be overcome with high lvl of Hdex which will impact parry and riposte or Hagi with dodge, while i'm not sure miss chance which counterpart mob strikethrough can be overcome as much.
    Also, been a while AC has had the impact it could have 10 + years ago. I mean + 500 AC nowadays does nearly no difference in dmg output. AC lost some ground to HP, which became useful with hard AE. So in group content, Hdex is better.
    In raid content, as mitigation is main role of a tank, and DPS is secondary, and miss are still working a bit (even if raid boss nearly hit all the time), Hagi is probably better.

    I don't have any data. There was the number of Hstrikethrough for a trash mob in TDS given, but I don't remember what it was.

    It would depend if your miss % would be also improved much.
    If you can parry, riposte and dodge, but your miss % didn't change, then could be debatable to have Hdex > Hagi > Hsta (as might be better to dodge a hit than taking the hit and soak up with your HP)
    If not, aka you miss more too, the Hagi could have its advantage as 2-2 on avoidance skills working, and there would be the tiny bit advantage of Hagi on Mitigation AC, so it could go Hagi > Hdex > Hsta (as all avoidance skill working).
    Would need some parsing I guess to check this.

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