Manglers "Seasons" and "alphabet Necros"

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Protius, May 21, 2019.

  1. Protius Lorekeeper

    I'm sure most of you are aware that there is a box/bot army set up in Rathe Mountains that occasionally logs in and locks down nearly every spawn of hill giants when they are logged in... I've seen a name like Lunar, Summer, Winter, and so on for the seasonal characters as well as the alphabet necros that are spread out all over the area like anecro, bnecro, cnecro, dnecro, enecro, and so on... I actually ventured over to the giants and witness each pet within the proximity to /pet attack rush to the giant and attack as well as whatever pet owner was within range to all cast the exact same spells to damage the giant. Very efficient, very fast and if I'm not mistaken it is against the rules to script toons.
    I know numerous people have reported this activity as well... some of us would like to y'know? Get some money, too... It's great and all that Daybreak gets lots of money from some of these bot players but, why even have the rules/policies if they're going to be enforced only after enough complaints come in? Naming policies are pretty much non-existent, no more PNP (play nice policy), scripts are being used for 6+ boxes, players are still using warps to zip through zones, showeq is still happily being used by people because no one wants to play Rangers, yet.
    I hope more of you on Mangler who see this type of play /report or petition this stuff. There is even a few box characters named with something that people call barcode (Ilililili, Illlliiililillli, Illilllililiiiil) that still show up once in a while on Mangler. What seems to be the most helpful, as the /report and petition just creates an auto response from the devs, is to record it while it's happening to have video footage beause DBG won't (refuses or doesn't care?) to log in a GM to stop it.
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  2. Oldeqplayer Journeyman

    Petition is mostly like airport security ... there to give you the appearance of some type of protection while realistically not able to provide it ... because the inconvenience of a total security check would cause an uproar as well.

    The occasional they helped me is what DBG wants you to know and spread ... the chance they may help you ...

    If someone always tells you yes or no ... you quickly know the answer and if its not the one you want ... you stop asking ... a maybe or sometimes answer will keep you hooked longer!
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  3. Freeti farmer New Member

    I'm thinking about dragging my 18 necros out there and pissing all in that botters Cheerios. I box mine legit and automation drives me nuts. They should be getting carpal tunnel as well and as a side not it bugs me that they farm while I am off line sleeping.

    I already ran them out of Efreeti, which is probably why they are doing Giants now.
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  4. Protius Lorekeeper

    I wish I could see that happen! I haven't even mentioned the "Boyz" team that has his toons locking down favored items in certain zones. He is small compared to the 12/18/24 teams of boxes but, he is very rude when he interacts with people and I know he has got to be running some scripts as his toons will constantly tab target their pet and back to the owner several times and begin casting the same buff over and over again to prevent AFK.
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  5. Christopher84 Journeyman

    I think over half my guild must have filled out a petition with video evidence, nothing is being done. I'm actually fairly new to the TLP scene but I've heard from many people that this guy has been doing this across multiple TLPs for many years. DBG want you to believe that they're simply unable to deal with this problem because they don't have the resources.

    At the end of the day, the guy is running 24 accounts presumably purely off Krono, which are being bought by players who are then trading him the Krono for all the platinum he's farming, or GEBs for example. This 1 player is worth £300+ a month for DBG. He is never going to get banned.
  6. besbin Journeyman

    Yeah that Boyz guy is a total , completely laughable. Careful or he will fetch his capital letters as well as his box team.
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  7. Evade Augur

    Good luck man... the bot armies script is very efficient. 24 of them spread out over each spawn. Giants are dead within seconds. You might be able to get a couple here and there, but it doesn't matter to him. He's out having a coffee somewhere while his bot necro/mage army does all the work.

    I didn't believe it myself. So I went to see what all the commotion was about and its all true. Only daybreak can stop it but why would they? That's 24 accounts x $18 dollars a month into their bank account.
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  8. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    Someone explain to me how a guy botting and driving people to quit playing the game in frustration is somehow more valuable to DBG than people buying Krono and trading it to legitimate players for those same items and plat?
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  9. Lindartwo Derescue New Member

    If people are quitting because they cant kill a HG or an IG then they have bigger issues in life. I went to Permafrost to hunt and encountered the "Paul". I watched for a bit because I wanted to see this in action then went on my merry way hunting other mobs.
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  10. Protius Lorekeeper

    Eventually, this company will run EQ into the ground and even the live servers will get reduced to no further content... (even though newer expansions are simply re-painted/re-vamped versions of previously released expansions). People are sick of this lack of action as it is and even interacting with players is becoming toxic on even the smallest levels. RMT'ers, krono farmers, gear farmers are ruining the experience that people wanted to have like TLP's are claiming you can have. I am quite sure the lawyers and upper management at DBG are predicting when to drop the ball for EQ and find some other game to ruin.
  11. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    This is kind of the point.

    Either they are quitting, in which case this botter is losing them at least one Krono every time someone quits, canceling the value of allowing the botter to continue.

    Or they are not quitting because this isn't actually a big deal, and while it is unfortunate it continues, and should be stopped, it is not worth their time to drop everything and police if it's not actually having a measurable effect on the game.

    Or it's all some half-cocked conspiracy earning a company almost $600!!! a month! Totally worth it you guys.
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  12. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    The funny thing is this is far more of a problem here on the forums than it is if you're actually playing the game on Mangler.
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  13. Captain Video Augur

    $600/mo would be enough to buy four devs, or perhaps four CS staff, lunch every weekday at McDonalds. Hopefully those double quarter pounders aren't half-cooked.
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  14. Lindartwo Derescue New Member

    How are the bot's hurting players? I ask because I'm trying to see the issue from other players perspective. They do not bother me. I can find plat on almost all of the other mobs I hunt. I have seen them "perma camp" Mobs for the drops to turn around and sell for plat/Krono but we as players do the same thing. Is it because they "hold" all the mobs with good drops? I have and will buy Krono to fund my gear but classic gear will be open soon enough with Kunark. Mind you now that this is just my experience and again, I want to understand other players perspective on this.
  15. Elemenopi Augur

    The issue is, this nostalgia they are marketing doesnt exist with bots sitting all the good camps. It would at least exist in part if it were all single-character-players grouping those camps, winning the item(s) then selling it or using it.

    Think the QQing is bad now? Kunark is going to be fun. WTS loot rights to the item you need for your epic / everything from seb, etc....
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  16. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    This has absolutely nothing to do with the question you quoted.
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  17. Christopher84 Journeyman

    You are assuming that the people who quit are all consistent traders or consumers of Krono, which is not necessarily the case.

    Yep that's the argument that's being made here, you nailed it. People are mad they can't kill giants. Good one.
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  18. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    Even if they are not, they are paying a subscription that is being directly affected by the presence of these botters.

    So, maybe not a 1:1 ratio to Krono sales, but a 0.83:1 ratio. Is it realistic to assume DBG considers a person botting to be more important than people quitting because of botting?

    Is it realistic to assume no one will ever sell items and plat for Krono again if botting is 100% policed and eliminated?

    The conspiracy theory makes no sense because it very obviously contradicts itself.
  19. Moranis Augur

    I think it's just that deep down feeling that people don't like to see others get away with cheating.
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  20. Captain Video Augur

    My spies in San Diego tell me they saw Mepps eating a double quarter pounder. With cheese.
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