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    Website link:

    To submit kills fill out this form. If that isn't agreeable you can also pm me here or message/mail me in game on coirnav.Marcone to get your guild/kills listed. May be interested in a few individuals who are playing on mangler regularly to fact check some of the kill submissions feel free to contact me if interested.

    Also as far as getting your guild listed killing only Phinigel will not be enough. Please have at least killed one of the dragons at minimum before submitting your guild & kill submissions.

    Another note if you want your guild's raid times listed on the site you'll need to provide times/time zones to me via pm or tell.

    Planned targets tracked for Classic:

    Kill the following
    Kill the following
    Kill the following
    Kill the following
    Kill the following
    Eye of Veeshan (Final Target)
    Kill the following
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