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    See our old post here. But times have changed .....

    The winds once were calm, but a storm began to rage. We held fast, spotting a sinking ship in the distance. Our hands open, we greeted them. But they betrayed us, taking men and provisions. We cut the ropes that tied our ships together, pushing off to find calm waters once again, and new lands to explore.


    Mission Statement Overview

    Zek Expeditionary Korps is a PvE main & PvP Alt guild with an emphasis on exploring content and completing achievements. We do this through grouping, questing, raiding, and even tradeskilling. We strive to be a drama free, relaxing atmosphere guild. We will remain intact on the Mangler server until we reach Live.

    Core Tenets

    - Help each other; help the guild grow
    - Respect one another
    - Communication is key
    - Open-minded to each others' ambitions as we are a community of PvE, PvP, Crafters, and more that are working together to achieve a common goal.
    - Working to be drama free and have a relaxing atmosphere for all members.

    Guild Structure

    * The Commander (Guild Leader)
    * Captain (Senior Officers)
    * Navigator (Officers)
    * Pioneer (Junior Officers)
    * Discoverer (Senior Members)
    * Explorer (Member)
    * Deckhand (ALTs/Boxes)
    * Stowaway (New recruits)


    What can you tell me about ZEK?

    Created on March 16th, 2019, Zek Expeditionary Korps casually explores (PvE), discovers (Lore), and conquers (PvP) content on the Mangler server for the 20th anniversary of EQ in order to provide members with an unorthodox means of enjoying content. We do a little bit of everything in the game. All are welcome from casuals, new people, raiders, trade skillers, adventurers, fans of lore, and PvPers.

    We will explore away from the beaten path. Rediscover the zones that have been forgotten and maybe learn the lore associated with it.

    I read you do some PvP. Can you tell me more about it?


    Certainly! Our guild leader enjoys that aspect of the game, so he wished ZEK to have a place open for others who enjoy it. It is made up of those full members who have ALTs designated as a "red name" and formed a group within ZEK called Red Name Rampage (PvP group). They gather and play together every Wednesday at 7:30pm EST to 9:30pm EST.

    == Raiding in EverQuest ==

    Will ZEK raid?


    Yes. Since we are aiming for a relaxed atmosphere, we have raids each Thursday at 8pm EST which are designed to progress through content, equip our army, and claim much needed Epic drops. If enough demand for another raid day or time is given, we may add more.

    Convert to your time

    What are your rules for loot when raiding?

    We will be using Loot Council once Kunark comes live. Please see this post for any future changes.

    Do you use any kind of voice chat in raid?

    In order to facilitate ease of playing in raids, we will be using Discord voice chat in a specific channel. We ask that those who are there to turn off their mics and listen to the Raid Leader and Raid Assistant. This is to help cut down on talking over one another and unneeded chatter.

    == Grouping in EverQuest ==

    Is there set looting rules when grouping together?

    We encourage all ZEK members to group with each other first before seeking out other players. This helps us foster a stronger guild community, and can help make friends. With this in mind, we suggest choosing NEED on trash loot to help with coin. On any rare drops, it is strongly encouraged to NEED/GREED on the item, as well as communicate with each other. When boxes of guild members are included in a group, we encourage our members to not use them to roll on trash or rare drops.

    In regards to items that can be sold as Loot Rights (LR) or for Krono, we strongly encourage communcation in the group itself.

    What is the age limit of your guild?

    EverQuest itself requires those playing to be over the age of 13. Though there are ways the game can block certain things (through the use of a swear filter and ignoring a player), and our Discord (age restricted channels), as a whole we at ZEK cannot be responsible for what is shown. That is why we ask all players joining us be 18+ as topics discussed on our website (such as stories) or in our Discord may be of a sensitive topic to some people.

    How does ZEK handle drama?

    Sadly one cannot remove drama in one form or another from happening, but we at ZEK will do our best to stop it before it gets worse. If it is an internal issue, we ask all members to communicate with those who they are having issue with first in tells. If a solution cannot be reached, please contact a Senior Officer to assist you.

    When it comes to issues outside the guild, we ask all members to please use the appropriate channels. If the issue is with another player, contact them through tells first. If a solution cannot be reached, contact their Guild Leader (if they are in a guild), or use the /report and /ignore function if needed.

    Be advised we at ZEK cannot control nor will we intervene in any outside drama created through chat channels in game or on Daybreak Games main EQ forums. If a member is reported as causing issues, and evidence is shown to us, we will remove the member from ZEK.

    Does ZEK have any "Play Nice" rules?

    Since Daybreak Games no longer polices the actions of those in game in regards to camping, as EverQuest is now a DPS race, feel free to grab some friends and kill the mobs you need!

    One thing we do ask our members of ZEK not to do is TRAIN other players (dragging mobs from the zone over other players with the intention of killing them to get their camp) as this can get your account suspended or banned if reported to DBG. ZEK will not intervene in any course of action from DBG. If a member of ZEK is caught TRAINing other players, they will be removed from the guild.

    == ZEK Stuff ==

    Do you have a website, Discord and application?

    Yes! Our website can be found at https://zek.enjin.com and our Discord at https://discord.gg/DUzQMbz

    New members must Register with the site, or if you already have an Enjin account, you can Join the site. Once that is done, head to the Apply tab found at the top of the page and fill out the short Application.

    We at ZEK do not force our members to use our website and Discord, but we encourage everyone to do so, as important information is put there each day. It also helps create friendships and fun conversations.

    Do you accept ALTs and Boxes?

    As a new member of the guild, we do not tag any ALTs or boxes. This allows us to see how you work with other members of our guild during your Trial Period. Once you are a full member of the guild, please contact a Senior Officer in game or on Discord with the name(s) of your ALTs/Boxes.

    What is your policy when leaving ZEK?

    Things happen. Maybe a friend made a guild, or you find we aren't the best fit for you. All we ask is that you let an officer know before you leave. If it's something we can help with, we will try to do so, or at least make sure it doesn't happen again.

    If you wish an ALT of yours to stay in the guild please let a Senior Officer know. Otherwise, all ALTs/Boxes you have will be removed as well. In turn, your access will be removed from our website and you will be placed at the Civilian rank in our Discord.

    Please note this is not to punish anyone for leaving. It is to protect our current members from drama being created after someone leaves.
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  3. YourNameHere Lorekeeper

    We have had a change in guild structure, as our previous GM stepped down for RL reasons. Please stay tuned for any guild changes to this post!
  4. YourNameHere Lorekeeper

    This will be my last post as an officer of ZEK. But right now here are some updates!

    1. Raids are put on HIATUS for an unknown amount of time until ZEK gets the raid force back up.

    2. PvP Rampage Nights are on HOLD until further notice.

    3. Maneuvre stepped down as GM of ZEK, and Aanvorn has taken his place.

    We are still looking for more to fill our ranks! With Kunark out we see a lot of new and returning people. So if you want a laid back atmosphere, check ZEK out!

    We are an EST based guild with people all around the globe. We have a simple application to fill out on our website. Check ZEK out!
  5. Maneuvre Elder

    Bump. If you are looking for a long-term guild, a place to invest your time, somewhere to level a toon, enjoy PST events, interact with decent people then this may be the guild for you.

    Although some of us have taken some time away from the game (myself included), I know this is the guild I will always come back to. We don’t quit EQ, we just take a break until we are ready again. Looking forward to that day.

    Until then, this is the place to level up an Iksar (or Vah Shir come Luclin, or different class, etc), explore content, try something different, and enjoy the game. Don’t worry about raiding content in era or farming your life away for a temporary achievement. This is a 20 year old game and its probably been done before... so don’t burn yourself out!

    Sooner or later guilds will fold, implode, and/or merge when more expansions release and the crowd finds the next new shiny TLP. For the rest of you that stick this server out, know that ZEK has been designed to endure the test of time. Invest your time with a brand that will still be there even after the krono farmers leave. What once was a battleship has now transitioned into a cruise liner navigating its way to Live by ZEK’s 2nd and current GM, Aanvorn. They have Iksar static group nights, PvP nights, old world nights, etc. with a lot more planned. Check them out.

    Good luck. I’ll see you again at one of your future port calls.

    -Maneuvre (retired)
    Bard of Rallos Zek
    1st GM of ZEK

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