"Mangler" Yes or No

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Parva, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

  2. Rolento23 Journeyman

    No from me and my friends who were coming back for the 2 new TLPs. Mangler would be the server we would play on, but after being on previous TLPs (Phinny, Agnarr). We dont have the time or interest enough to deal with Mangler exp rates.

    As many people have said in this thread and others. Increase the EXP to Agnarr rates or close to it. 4 or 5 of us would be playing day 1
  3. Lurid21 New Member

    No, citing the reasons previously mentioned (Tank DT nonsense, overly punishing exp rate).
  4. 6rout Lorekeeper

    With that exp rate??
  5. Barton The Mischievous

    No ! not with current rule set
  6. Nazzu New Member

    No way.

    Fix to Agnarr or better xp and then yes.
  7. pimenttoncheese Elder

  8. Toromir New Member

    If they increase the rate of experience gained I am there.
  9. Naroc New Member


    If the rule set changes to Agnarr xp rates, yes.

    Selo's is a no as well, unless they would consider making it a new live server without any special rule set just to get a fresh start 20th anniversary server that I could start in the Crescent Reach with other people to group with that haven't done the content from level 1.
  10. bkieft2019 New Member

    I'm not sure yet ....I wish they would tweak the rules a bit but I most likely will play on Mangler...Selos unlocks seem to fast ..really seems like the more hardcore server to me.
  11. Torezz Lorekeeper

  12. Charred New Member

  13. Crayon123 Augur

    Not only a NO, but a HELL NO!

    Who they are trying to cater to with that ridiculous experience rate and death penalty is beyond me. No one "wants" that or see's it as a perk to playing on that server, I refuse to believe it.
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  14. Harris77 New Member

    Unless they change the rule set (crap xp rate and death penalty specifically) it's gonna be a big fat F no from me.

    Leave the Classic start and longer expansion unlock timers though! Selo is too waaaaaay too fast for us employed folks with families.
  15. Typhus Journeyman

    Absolutely Not!! Unless they change the xp rate or add Fv loot rules or non truebox code to it.
  16. Grok Elder

    Yes, if change to Agnarr xp rate.
  17. Tymeless Augur

    as currently structured i am a FIRM NO!
  18. Crayon123 Augur

    So that's a NO with the current state of things...
  19. ShivanAngel Augur

    There is ZERO way mangler keeps its current ruleset.
  20. Grok Elder

    I am optimistic they will fix the xp issue.
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