Mangler - Vex Thal Plat Raid

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Byun, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. Byun Lorekeeper

    Hi all,

    I’ll be hosting a Vex Thal (DZ) Plat raid on the Mangler server. You must have your VT key done to come to these raids.

    Open Plat Raid Schedule:
    Vex Thal – Friday March 6th @ 9EST. Invites start 15 minutes early.

    Who am I: I'm an officer of Mess and our primary raid leader.

    How will this work: Mob dies. Item drops. I will ask for bids in raid, and the highest bid wins. Provide me the plat (or krono equivalent @ a slight discount due to market fluctuation), and then the loot will be assigned to your character. Loot will be be last called for and closed soon after. Bid like you mean it, I hate slow loot.

    Who can join: Anyone who is lvl 60+ and VT keyd. I’ll of course prioritize the classes we need to succeed. I’ll preference tanks for instance if we need tanks.

    The MESS discord will be available during this. PTT is enabled. I don’t care if you don’t talk, but you will be required to listen to raid instructions via discord. The link is - Please PM Byun when you get in with your class/level and any boxes and I’ll assign you a role for the raid.

    Box policy: Boxes are fine, depending on room in the raid. I’ll preference mains over boxes. However is we do not have enough mains, boxes will be invited on a FCFS basis and boxes will also be booted as needed for mains. I’ll do this to maintain class balance, its nothing personal.

    What happens to the platinum after: Every 30 minutes a raid tick will be done. At the end of the raid, I’ll let you know what each tick was worth and hand it out then or parcel if you want. I do have a fancy spreadsheet that I use to keep track of everything. Feel free to keep track yourself if you want.

    More specific rules:
    - The min bid for an item is 1000 plat.

    - Boxes do not earn a part of the split. The split is calculated via person, not number of toons. If you try and sneak in the raid and are found out, you will lose all of your split.

    - Mess is known for being quick and efficient. I’ll make sure to allow extra time for loot etc and to ensure everyone knows what is going on. It may be slower, different, quicker, more chaotic then you are used to, but that’s how it is. Just be aware.

    - Bids ideally are in platinum. I’ll take KR at market value -5%

    - Please come prepared. That includes any standard items you’d need to raid (Heal pots for instance).

    - If are found to be not contributing, I’ll warn you. A second warning will simply be a removal. People are not here to carry you (unless you want to pay stupid amounts of plat).

    Final note:
    Everyone’s guild does this slightly different. Some corpse summon, some aoe, some single pull clear. I’ll be doing this most likely different then you want/are used to and that is simply based on our composition. Remember we are here to have fun and earn plat. I’d expect this to take 3 hours or so.
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  2. Jayjayjay Lorekeeper

    Plat Raids, open for even casuals, are best solution for next TLPs. I hope there be a lot of people trying to lead plat raids.
  3. TheldranusAgnarr Lorekeeper

    Good idea Byun.

    In order to make your target market potential larger however, you may want to consider doing Emp kills for plat as well. Casual players are not going to have killed Emperor in era, and so would not have the rift to make the VT key.
  4. Botlhan New Member

    9EST is that 9am or 9 pm?
  5. Foaming Augur

    As the creator of the Agnarr plat raids that started these I love that the experience is being carried onto new servers. Its a great addition to a server community!

    I also have a few suggestions to avoid some issues I had early on:

    Parcel the split. You'll have a logged receipt and it avoids a lot of confusion as 50+ people open trade windows with you.

    Do a Krono to Plat trade at the end of the run. This first off lets you get to mailing the split sooner as you have fewer Kronos to sell, but it also provides the participants a chance at a sudden large supply of Kronos. You'll end up with a few well geared mains who will carry your run instead of trying to gear alts.

    Petition Darkpaw Games that you'll be doing this. Don't need to get your account flagged when you suddenly start moving 100+ Krono in one night!

    I eventually took a 2% cut for administration fees. I actually think this ended up being a little high, but it did cover any mistakes I made during the process.

    I always announced the Krono to Plat value at the start of a raid. As with all things I set rules and for that run I did not change anything. People agreed to come with the rules they saw.
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  6. Risiko Augur

    This and the pickup raids I see going on all the time on the Mangler server makes me happy. It's great to see people helping one another.
  7. Mirix New Member

    Do you guys need to borrow a main tank like you guys did for Nagafen raid in classic !?
  8. Fizon Elder

    Imagine starting your time raid 2 hours early to beat a guild and still finishing like 5 hours after them and continue to come to the forums to perpetuate some made up bs from a year ago.

    I love the salt
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  9. feigntrain Elder

    Is that literally the ONLY thing you have to say about mess so you still bring it up a year, 4 expansions, 15 levels, thousands of AAs, later? Even if I assume that's true, and they didn't have a tank for naggy, so what? How is that relevant today?
  10. Byun Lorekeeper

    Good idea on the Emp raid. Maybe next week.

    I'll also be parcelling out plat. That's a good idea.
  11. Accipiter Augur

    What is wrong with you people?
  12. Taaki New Member

  13. Clonkers Lorekeeper

    That's the weakest burn I've ever seen.
  14. Byun Lorekeeper

    Bump, this is tonight
  15. Byun Lorekeeper

    Raid went well. 1.4 mil plat spent. 2.5 hours or so to finish.

    Next week same time. We will change to Closed bid
  16. Fanelien New Member

    Thanks for the raid fellas. Catch you all next week for another one.
  17. Foaming Augur

    Oh yeah, closed bid is best. Generates much higher bids. Need a massive split to keep the mains coming to carry the raid.

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