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    Updated recruitment goals: now accepting warrior applications. 350+ AA required.
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    Winding down farm phase, 14 Tacvi clears in the books. Recruitment for Omens winding down as well, but if you can heal and cure we may have a spot for you. Reach out to Vule, Esperanzo, Deelish, Sprints, Rodd, or Rhatagar in-game for more information.
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    OMM down in under 36 hours, we had a great time on OOW launch. We currently have spots on our splits rosters and are thus accepting applications. Level 70 with Taromani's Protection completed is required for all classes to begin their trial period. Reach out if you'd like to know more!
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    Recruitment goals and application requirements updated. Level 70 with Taromani's Protection completed is required for all classes to begin their trial period in addition to class-specific requirements and generic non-class-specific requirements.
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    Recruitment goals updated 10/04. With reduced lockouts we're able to do more of what we love: farm endzones. Double Anguish loot means ancient runes are rotting, 2.0 orbs are going to alts, and despite 3+ months of Anguish ahead of us we're more than adequately prepared for Demiplane. We're always excited about adding passionate players who share our core values, but now is an especially great time to join. Raids are quick and fun. Gear is plentiful. The environment is overwhelmingly positive as we're not only enjoying our current success but also looking forward to the next challenge.

    Current farm schedule includes Anguish and Tacvi/Txevu, the raid drops from Tacvi/Txevu in large part go to recruits, alts, and rot. MPG trials and other targets are available to be pursued on offnights by those that wish to improve their characters outside of our DKP system. Whether you're excited about offnight opportunities, an abundance of endzone loot, or simply raiding efficiently with a group that places conscientiousness, manners, mastery of your class, and teamwork above all else, <Ad Victorem> is a great home for passionate players with big goals. Contact Rodd, Sprints, Esperanzo, Vule, Atheenaa, Melma, or Matsuko in game with any questions.
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    Recruitment goals updated and original post updated to reflect our new home on the web: https://avmangler.com/
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    DoN launches next week, time to kill some internet dragons! AV started strong in OOW downing OMM in under 36 hours and never missed a beat thereafter splitting Anguish on lockout for the rest of the expansion. While we're not done with Anguish due to DoN's lack of raid content, we currently have the raid makeup and gear to smoke Demiplane if DoDH launched tomorrow. Looking to pick up some new friends to join us on our journey to the home of Mayong Mistmoore and beyond, we've opened recruitment for all classes. Come join the fun and pick up a suit of raid gear while you're at it!

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    Vish down in under 4 hours, server 1st! Looking to build on it with another win in DoDH, come join the fun!
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    Still looking for more friends to join us on our grand adventures. Those that don't qualify for the raid roster due to being new to the server or taking a break and are currently working on getting caught up may qualify for our FNF program. Weekly optional raids are hosted to give those in our FNF program an opportunity to earn raid gear outside of our DKP system. Contact an officer in game for more information or swing by our weekly open raid (anyone lvl 65+ is eligible for loot!) on Thursdays at 8:30 CST.
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    Come be part of another server first! Month until DoDH!