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  1. Byun Elder

    Hi all,
    I’ll be hosting a Plane of Time Plat raid on the Mangler server.

    For all the folks that ran with us in VT, we will try and make spots. We are really looking for buyers and a few SOLID carries.

    Open Plat Raid Schedule:
    plane of time – Friday July 10th @ 9EST. Invites start 15 minutes early.

    Who am I: I'm an officer of Mess and our primary raid leader.

    How will this work: Mob dies. Item drops. Looter will ask for bids. Send them a /tell with your bid. Highest bid wins and pays what they bid.

    Who can join: Anyone who wants to spend some money!. I’ll of course prioritize the classes we need to succeed. I’ll preference tanks for instance if we need tanks.
    The MESS discord will be available during this. PTT is enabled. I don’t care if you don’t talk, but you will be required to listen to raid instructions via discord. The link is - Please PM Byun when you get in with your class/level and any boxes and I’ll assign you a role for the raid.

    Box policy: Boxes are fine, depending on room in the raid. I’ll preference mains over boxes. However is we do not have enough mains, boxes will be invited on a FCFS basis and boxes will also be booted as needed for mains. I’ll do this to maintain class balance, its nothing personal.Boxes can win loot, just have them at the AoC ready to come in and loot.

    What happens to the platinum after: We have a fancy spreadsheet to calculate splits etc. We will be front loading earned to the first 3 phases and slowly reduce it for late comers. At the end of the raid, we will offer a krono buy back as well as a difference + plat for krono. Otherwise it is parcelled. Feel free to keep track yourself if you want.
    More specific rules:
    - The min bid for an item is 20000 plat.
    - Will take a 1% admin fee for running this.
    - Boxes do not earn a part of the split. The split is calculated via person, not number of toons. If you try and sneak in the raid and are found out, you will lose all of your split.
    - Mess is known for being quick and efficient. I’ll make sure to allow extra time for loot etc and to ensure everyone knows what is going on. It may be slower, different, quicker, more chaotic then you are used to, but that’s how it is. Just be aware.
    - Bids ideally are in platinum. I’ll take KR at the announced value before raid.
    - Please come prepared. That includes any standard items you’d need to raid (Heal pots for instance).

    Final note:
    Everyone’s guild does this slightly different, I’ll be doing this most likely different then you want/are used to and that is simply based on our composition. Remember we are here to have fun and earn plat. I’d expect this to take 3 hours or so.
  2. Majecka New Member

    Is this still happening?
  3. Byun Elder

    Bump ttt, its happening yay.
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  4. Byun Elder

  5. Fanelien New Member

    Catch you there Byun!
  6. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    Could you include some information about how/when to attempt to join the raid?
  7. luddace New Member

    You could just read the post.
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  8. PeterPansicle Journeyman

    Am I hallucinating or did this post not have a bunch of replies about the OP being banned or something?
  9. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    Which doesn't include the specific information I requested. I've tried joining the vt raids by messaging in game in the past between an hour and fifteen minutes before the listed time and never gotten a response so it would be nice to know if that's the right method or I should be using the discord instead. There's nothing in the post that actually says the way to sign up.
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    You are not. Byun took a short vacation until crying to GMs, some Bloodthirst memebers also.
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  11. Byun Elder

    Bump, invites are 15 minutes prior to raid start time. Raid will be filled with "Carry" first and then open to buyers next. It's a fcfs basis for both pools. As of right now, i believe we have some room for buyers.

    As usual, you never know who shows up until the raid starts.
  12. Byun Elder

    Bump. running again next Friday as well July 17th. Looking for more buyers. Last raid raised 5 mil plat or so and took 2 hours 20 mins for a full clear!
  13. Byun Elder

  14. Fanelien New Member

    Another excellent raid. Catch you all next week again