Mangler Player Stepping Out (Cancellation)

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hateborne, May 12, 2019.

  1. Hateborne New Member

    Hail <a forum reader>,

    I am posting this not as a pity party, a guilt trip, or any passive-aggressive goblin dung nonsense. This is being posted simply to make sure that DBG is aware of the population issues and the negative effects of having geared/overgeared 50s perma-camping entire zones or all useful spawns (in terms of gear upgrade drops).

    Let me start by saying thank you to those that made the game enjoyable, both in and out of DBG. I tried to make others' experience enjoyable by taking time to drop at least Clarity on every mana user I passed. If I had to hit Origin (dark elf, Neriak, etc), I made a point to drop Augmentation on any remotely melee class, Feedback on everyone, and Clarity on all mana users outside the Neriak gates. If I passed through Upper Guk to get to Lower Guk, I made it a point to stop by any leveling lowbies (solo, duo, or full group) to drop Clarity on all magic users to help make their progress a little faster. I met others who would do the same, one rockin' halfling druid helped jumped my little SK and Druid a few levels in Befallen. When grouping with a person or two, I had no issue funneling Greater Concentration potions to them as it made all of our progress easier and faster. [Small clarification: I have never touched/bought/traded Krono, the plat earned and spent came 'naturally']. I also got the pleasure of seeing some amazing names (looking at you Comcast Nonserviceprovider the Useless....I love you for your name) and hilarious pull messages (looking at you Mr. Troll Warrior with "<%T> touched me inappropriately!" for your pull message).

    Following the good, is the bad and why I am stepping out. The biggest issue is hardly ever able to find a spot to level or grind unless it was open world chasing random creatures across the Karanas or farming city guards (which seems odd that using an enemy city's guards as it's the only way to find reliable XP). Every noteworthy camp or even decent XP spot has either a 50 duo/trio, a 50 charming and using a rare spawn or quest mob to murder the entire zone (looking at you L50 gnome enchanter using Eirod Haerod to literally murder through the entire Mistmoore castle unopposed). It really does feel like I need to give in to buying Krono to trade for gear or simply accept not gear until 50, then do exactly what these people are doing (locking down a zone). I completely get that Everquest was and is unique in how the gear works (at least for a few more expansions) in that one does NOT need to rush to the hardest content possible to get anything remotely relevant. Additionally, it's exceedingly hard to even try to farm a creature if one does manage to find a 'camp' as a 50 enchanter or magician will just run in, blast the mob (EVEN WHILE I AM FIGHTING IT), loot the body, then grin/wave/rude before gating out. This only addresses the rare/camp spawns, not even the 'accidental' training that occurs. If I am at/near a high value target, level 50s pulling NEAR me 'accidentally' pull to close (by too close, I mean down the hall, into the room, and stand while their train catches up), and then leave once they have dumped half of their mobs on to me as I was in combat with another of the same faction (spoiler: Yes, it's Lower Guk).

    That being said, I understand we're all working towards advancing our own 'standing' in the game and that's fine. Helping each other out or playing by one's self is also completely fine. However, when we are routinely screwing each other over, acting like pricks, or intentionally trying to grief each long does anyone expect this game to last if we're being a runnyeye and showing our backsides? Again, I cannot stress enough that I am not advocating, demanding, or even hoping for some "kumbaya" happy, magical buddy-buddy community. I would like to (vainly) hope that others consider that if they keep griefing each other for petty, short-lived gains...what happens when they're the only ones left playing/paying?

    Another incredibly noteworthy point that is specifically aimed at DBG: How are we supposed to deal with having a public zone, as well as the instanced versions, being packed to the max or having 1+ level 50 utterly destroying the whole zone? Can we look at a public instance based on more than hitting the 21 player mark? Some examples might include a kill rate above X hour (zone specific), X rares killed by a player/group with compounding counters for repeat kills of the same named spawn(s), or simply time in a zone not AFK (e.g. 4 level 50s in Mistmoore for 3 hours not AFK is likely knocking out a significant portion of the zone or the zone's named spawns).

    Finally, the majority of those that I interacted with were great and I wish you all the loots in the world. You did enough to keep the game engaging, fun, and keeping the feeling of that 'old Everquest community' alive.

    Cheat (enc) and Punish the Lunatic (clr) gating out.

    Good luck!
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  2. Trevalon Augur

    Well, your not wrong.

    It's sad. DBG didnt do MUCH on past TLPs, but I have never seen them so apathetic toward a server as they are Mangler and Selo. I suspect its because they just don't have more than 2-3 GMs for all their games and those GM's are just stretched too thin that they physically can't police these servers.

    Frankly, they should put a few long time guides on the server and give them back some old school abilities. Also guides could easily investigate if someone is using 3rd party and record it and report it to the GM's. This would mean that the GM wouldnt have to investigate themselves as they have evidence from a trusted source and could just suspend/ban the accounts as needed without ever getting involved.

    Of course it would have to be some very long term old guides that have proven themselves, but still, it would help.
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  3. Aneuren Tempered Steel

    The other night I logged into general(21) on Mangler, making over 8,000 active characters logged in at that given moment. I don't think Daybreak has ever seen such a populated server.

    It is a staggering number of characters in an open world without any group instancing.
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  4. Evade Augur

    You’re definitely the problem, not Daybreak and not the lvl 50s. Every day in Enchanter chat there is a constant stream of chanters requesting to be replaced in their unrest, MM, guk, or hole group. You’re an enchanter for crying out loud. One of the most desirable and needed classes in game.

    lvl 50s taking all the good camps? I would argue that the camps 50s want are generally not the same camps exp groups want. For example most /sup camps in guk are camped by 50s, but CAV/SAV/EXE is usually available and is much better for EXP. With that said, if ithe camp is taken, try another pick. If it’s taken in all picks, you have 3 options; find a new camp, wait for the other group to be done, or wait for a new pick to open and switch over before anyone else.

    Really, most of your problems can be solved with good communication, patience and politeness
  5. YourNameHere Lorekeeper

    I would agree that the most popular areas and sectons are camped 24/7 nearly. But there are a ton of other places to exp at. Not as lucrative but there.

    You might want to sit back and think of the reasoning you wanted to play in the first place. If you wanted to get all the cool loot like other people, then get ready for that DPS racing and under handed actions from others.

    If you wanted to chill and meet people, I agree with Evade above. Pay attention to those who need replacements, and don't be afraid to make groups in out of the way areas.
  6. Rcbauer Augur

    kushiel wants to be a guide again.
  7. Captain Video Augur

    Any time an Enc quits, I always ask if he has any charm gated stuff he doesn't want anymore.
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  8. Conspiracy New Member

    Yes this is the right idea. You are now one of us who have had just enough of this crap from people who are trolls of the worst kind in game an on forums and of DBG lack of interest to keep the great game they bought great and fair.

    DBG can look at my ip and find out they personally lost a cash cow from my dropping of accounts and station cash purchases I was making weekly. Good for you for finally having enough of there crap.

    Now if others who want the same step up lay down there accounts and boycot we will all get what we want soon enough.
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  9. code-zero Augur

    AFAIK there are experiences senior guides doing what you want on all the TLP servers. They’re probably pretty busy
  10. Machentoo Augur

    Everquest being dropped as a title and the servers shut down?
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  11. Conspiracy New Member

    No DBG finally realizing who actually pays for them to stay a float. By the way this was a troll post you made. You know what people are talking about don't act dumb by posting dumb things like this.

    People don't want dbg to go under and servers to shut down but if it takes people standing up to the crap we are having to endure then we hit them where it hurts.
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  12. Machentoo Augur

    My post wasn't a troll, but this ^^ certainly is.

    Daybreak is on the ropes financially. Repeated layoffs in the last year, and none of their neweer titles are doing well. Everquest itself is a pretty small piece of the Daybreak pie, so it isn't helping the company all that much overall that the TLP's have brought a few thousand subs back to the game. People unsubbing from Everquest in protest is not likely to get them to throw more resources at the game at this point. Just the opposite, the reasonable assumption is that if players are unhappy and take their money elsewhere, Daybreak will further cut Everquest funding rather than pour more money into the title in an attempt to chase you all down.

    That said, I personally am currently not subbed and doing other things with my money, and at this point fine with the potential result.

    It is worth noting that at no point in the history of the last few years, since SoE was sold, has Daybreak ever increased the level of customer service / GM support. No, we've seen a steady decline in support, steady decline in policies/things the support staff would cover, steady decline in GM presence in game. And this, despite apparently an increase in subscribers and overall income from Everquest over the past couple years with the modern TLP's.

    So, when income is increasing from Everquest, they cut support. What in the world makes you think that if income decreases, they are going to start shelling out more for support?
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  13. Conspiracy New Member

    Do I really need to bring you up to speed? DBG is a investment co. No where are they a game co. They bought the franchise to make money and out of all there titles EQ is one of the oldest and still unchained an untouchable by any other mmo to this date. There cut backs are not because of lack of money but on the account they don't intend to progress the titles any further but rather drain them for all there worth.

    There fore they don't need a bunch of developers anymore so forth lies the layoffs. Only time you need developers is when you have something in development if not then you let them go this is common in the gaming industry.

    So if DBG wants to continue to make money they really need to listen to the player base. All we have asked for is 1 just 1 server that is fully policed to stop all this crap that is going on just 1 TLP server that is policed. If they would open 1 TLP server that is fully policed where they stop all this krono crap and cheats and farming all of us who are complaining would move to it and that would be the end of this every growing threads of pissed off customers.

    The issue all the farmers and cheaters resent the fact we want a server that would disallow them to cheat and farm. I mean heck they have how many servers to do it on? Oh yes all of them and we just want 1 for us.

    Here we go why is boxing cheating. It eliminates down time. example warrior soloing takes dmg has to rest to take next mob boxer has healer side box he has little down time there for he progresses faster than the solo warrior. Boxer has grp he is now rolling twice on loot getting twice money split. Some boxers are not like this. So this is not against those who drop there box for live players or those that take the money there box gets and splits it. I'm being clear here cause there is some cheater going to try and turn this around unless i'm very specific.

    Camp boxers holding camp selling loot for pure income.

    Like I said we want a non box server or a non true box server where loot drops are tied to the grp that killed the mob no one out side can loot eliminating selling loot rights. We want a non 12+ box server of farmers holding camps. We want a krono less server. We want nodrop notrade drops.

    All of this is so easy to implement in rules and why this server don't exist is beyond me and all others who want that old feeling we had in 1999. That feeling wasn't from old content. It was from the socializing of everyone and respect you earned as a person and your attitude you used in game of who you really are.

    If they want to continue to make money they need to give the consumers that actually pay them to keep it going what they want. If they don't so be it let it die.
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  14. Machentoo Augur

    You should maybe inform Daybreak of this, since they keep releasing new games.
  15. Conspiracy New Member

    Interesting. Can you tell all of us idots what games DBG has released? Other than all of SOE's titles they made. Buying a company out don't entitle you as the game maker.
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  16. Lodestar Journeyman

    There are picks now. Use them.
  17. Machentoo Augur

    Battle Royale and Planetside Arena are both clearly post-SoE.
  18. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    H1z1 king of the hill popularized that genre and was quickly swept aside by similar games with a bit more polish. Sound familiar?
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  19. Conspiracy New Member

    That all you got they took a already made game and a few devs did some side changes and you think that is a game? Thats like me taking my eq server doing some changes and calling it a new game. I'll take a zone and call it arena and turn it pvp and call it royal EQ arena and it will be a new game release. ROFLMAO!!!
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  20. Febb Augur

    Daybreak Games is not an investment firm. They were thought to be owned by the investment firm Columbus Nova at one point but we found out that wasn't true oddly enough.

    Daybreak Games is actually owned by Jason Epstein.

    And this same argument against bots has been going on for a very long time. It's not anything new. It's the reason why they decided to make instanced content for PoP and on out so people could enjoy content without having to compete with people in the open world. The classic expansions are terribly designed for this and do not take into account the many ways players can abuse the system.

    Going back and instancing old content from PoP on back would require a whole new development team to be hired on to work on that while the original team works on the new live expansion which is where the bulk of where their money comes in from according to quotes from their executive producer. I doubt the cost of completing that instancing project would ever see a full return of that money.

    If you want 24/7 GM support for one server then it would have to be a premium server that costs quite a bit to pay for the salaries of several people doing shift work. So what do you think the base annual salary is for one GM? A starting GM is probably making the average call center salary. Will enough people play on such a server that costs maybe double the subscription cost to cover the costs of the GM support? We've seen such a server before and it failed.

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