[Mangler] Phoenix Ascended [EST 'Hybrid' Raiding]

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    <Phoenix Ascended> is an EST-based 'hybrid casual' raiding guild that strives for greatness while also being casual-friendly. Despite the difficulties of managing both crowds, the guild mantra since Velious has been "All we do is win." and it seems to be a continuing trend as we continue into the fun content of EQ.

    I have a personal belief that "casual does not mean bad." Even if you can only raid once a week and still want to participate, there's very little limiting you on these servers. So long as you are willing to listen, challenge yourself, and maybe get axed a few times by dragons, you can be one of us.

    Our raid schedule is Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday at 8:30-11:30p Eastern. The rules allow for extended hours on Sunday if content calls for it, but it is an uncommon occurrence. We also will run split raids when the content allows for it, but we try to limit splitting to once a week.

    Loot is closed bid DKP, with separate pools for both your main and your boxes/alts (if applicable). Recruits may bid immediately with the caveat that higher valued items may be out of their reach initially. Our DKP site and rules can be viewed at https://padkp.net

    Current Recruiting Class Needs/Goals:
    Bard - Medium (2)
    Beastlord - Medium (2)
    Berserker - Low (1)
    Cleric - High (2)
    Druid - Closed

    Enchanter - High (2)
    Magician - Medium (1-2)
    Monk - Closed
    Paladin - Closed
    Ranger - Medium (1-2)
    Rogue - Low (1)
    Shadowknight - Closed in perpetuity
    Shaman - Low (1)
    Warrior - Low (1)
    Wizard - Low (1-2)

    Recruiting needs are guidelines, as a good/helpful player is just as important as their class. We will look at all applications and respond to inquiries.

    If you are interested in speaking with us further, contact Garohad, Goodknight, Ssarlok, Lancegar, or Broja, or you can put in an application at https://phoenix-ascended.enjin.com.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
  2. uk6999 Augur

    Glad to see you guys still chugging along!
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    we're always chugging along Judeau. Hope you're doing well wherever you ended up.