(Mangler) <PALS> plat raid on NToV

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by ProgressionFreak, May 6, 2020.

  1. ProgressionFreak Augur


    In spirit of Rippy Day on Saturday May 9th, 2020 at 7:00PM PACIFIC Time , <P A L S> is inviting YOU to loot NToV gear on your alts! We're going to have open comms so you can listen to our crazy banter while you laugh and wait for items to drop. All items will be up for bid! Some snag a Palladius Axe of Slaughter for your new Shadowknight! Bring your beer and vodka, we're gonna be drinking!

    Our website is under construction, but http://www.gaming-pals.com for our Discord info!
  2. ProgressionFreak Augur

    All plat earned will be distributed among members of the guild that are present on the raid
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  3. c313 Elder

    and what a way to just crap on it all.
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  4. ProgressionFreak Augur

    Que? Yo no entiendo
  5. MarttinPH Augur

    From what I have seen so far with these "plat raids", the coins are divided evenly by everyone that attends to the raid, however it seems that you are only dividing the coins to those in your guild. Meaning people that would want to attend to earn some coins cannot participate, as there is no incentive for them to do so if they are not interested in bidding on any items.
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  6. Creedmonk Augur

    Count Tosk in!
  7. Barder-mangler Elder

    I think the distinction here is that you can bring a severely undergeared alt and get it geared, without being expected to contribute at a normal “raider” level. The guild is doing all the heavy lifting, organization and will clear the raid with or without the “extra people,” so it completely makes sense that they would keep the plat.

    I see nothing wrong with this idea, as they are being transparent about everything. Also, PALS (and Rippy especially) are a really classy group from my own experience, so I would trust that everything is on the up and up here.
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  8. ProgressionFreak Augur

    As Barder said.

    Also, you can bring a level 1 and zone into the DZ. If people want to come and enjoy the content, they're welcome to.
  9. Kyleigh Journeyman

    Interesting take on a pp raid. Since PALS is taking all the pp, I am assuming only non guild members and their alts can bid on items then?
  10. ProgressionFreak Augur

    Anyone can bid on the items. Say Member XML wants to buy item for 50k plat, and the second highest bidder is at 49k plat, 50k is received from Member XML and added to the pool. My Motto: Bid like you want it.
  11. peoik New Member

    This sounds like what Laxxiter does with more steps. You're basically just selling gear, not doing a plat run. Who does a plat run and doesn't distribute the plat to all those in attendance.
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  12. ProgressionFreak Augur

    Except Laxxiter is one person, we are an entire guild with people who we want to reward while doing something fun and commemorating one of our most esteemed officers' anniversary of tenure.

    You will not ruin RIPPY DAY!!!
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  13. RandomStrategy Augur

    It'll be interesting to see the results of a guild run selling raid vs an open plat raid. Post your rrsults afterward, non member to member ratio, please.
  14. ProgressionFreak Augur

    Results will be the same:

    Pals saw, Pals came
    Had fun, and gamed
    Some loot rotted, and some loot gotted
    No worries though because we all had fun bsing with rum :)
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  15. BlingBling Journeyman

    This doesn't seem like such a big deal to me. Like Barder-Mangler said, they have been open about it, and are doing every bit of the heavy lifting. If no one outside the guild shows up it will still be a success as some of them have alts that will bid on gear. And they will get a slight kickback on buying gear from their own guild (Cool incentive to bid!)

    They are opening this up to everyone, and what is awesome you really don't have to do anything if you don't want to. If you want to experience NTOV and have a decently geared/lvled char and can participate great! If you an undergeared/underlvled char and would like to buy some gear you can, but stay back, you will die! I think it's a win/win. They are just keeping the cash within the family which is understandable. And they are open about it!

    It's a really easy decision for those who have a problem with the system, don't go! It's not for you, haha.
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  16. C3lowz Augur

    Personally yes I don't see an issue with this at all. The content is no longer a "real" challenge. Gear is mediocre, only really good for a lowbie alt someone is purposely keeping a lowbie?

    Either way the players interested in this are very very specific. If they wish to spend their plat on this, let them. Let those hosting the content be rewarded for taking on those players.

    Now I'd personally say this'd be quite BS if this was for current content (Ele/Time I guess) .. Maaaaaybe VT. But trivial content catered towards certain players, imo, not an issue.

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