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  1. Astra Moretti New Member

    I will gladely accept any guides, tips, tricks, for leveling a necromancer on Mangler.

    Any items I should try to buy?

    What spell rotation should I use?

    What areas should I solo grind?

    Best regards, Astra.
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Best bang for the buck is probably asking for the DOT revamp that every other dot class got.
  3. Machen New Member

    Yeah, because there haven't been enough players asking for it for the last three years.
  4. snailish Augur

    -Look up the necrotalk website
    -search old threads here
    -you might find something buried over at Allakhazam
    -circlet of shadow is really handy and something I always try to get
    -demi-lich skull cap line is really useful by the end imo, as are any clickie dots with the modern hotbar system letting you click from bag
    -I favor aggro-kiting (pace control ease) but undead charming is very strong, some still like fear-kiting, tap-tanking is mostly situational unless you have great gear, with buffs and gear there are times your pet can do all the work (low levels for sure)
    -I find stacking HP great for leveling any character, and with lich line this helps (unless you can easily stack hp regen) --if poor don't worry that much about gear, though if focus effects work they can be tempting to pile on
    -lifetap-dots-snare-feign death is the basic rotation for most things. Other utility as you see fit as grinding XP you don't need 5 dots necessarily. Dots come in strong at funny points (level 28? or so you get a much stronger dot than the ones prior) but you basically run a few dots in whatever order keeps the refresh going in order so you use as many ticks as possible. If you know a school gets resisted you drop that one from the rotation in that zone (necro debuff line is tricky... not overly effective or efficient on progression in my general experience... eventually you can use a clicky for it). Most of the time I find a couple of fire dots are doing most of the work for average mobs... until you get the revamped-shared-with-shaman dots (envenomed bolt is one iirc).... then you can one dot mobs if you want.
    -biggest problem I found on progression as a necro was not killing reds (generally easy) it was the regen downtime. Big mana pool helps. Also the fact that the skewing of xp bonus to groups means you can often progress faster in a group killing dark blues --remember that a necro makes a great group leader as you can pick off targets while recruiting, and don't have to ask the group if they will take a necro.

    have fun
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  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Just means it hasn't hit critical mass.
  6. Astra Moretti New Member

    Hello! And thanks alot for the tips.
    Would you mind explaining about the different kinds of tanking/kiting/fearing? How it works?
    Or any useful links to it?
    Best regards, Astra.
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  9. discordkitty Augur

    Just don't forget that the p99 necro strat guide is tuned for mobs on that server and not the TLPs. You're generally going to want to go for things that are about 3-5 levels higher than your current level if you use that guide. Otherwise the mobs will be too low. I found trying to follow the guide on a TLP didn't work well as most stuff is light blue for the level range the guide tells you to use.
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  10. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Pre-nerf CoS and pre-nerf Fungi staff

    Cast Mind Wrack. You don't get this spell for one more expansion.

    You should try to find groups in places you can charm

    When you hit 60 you should also learn how to make the DA run in VT.
  11. Astra Moretti New Member

    Im sorry but what? Full item names?
    Mind wrack? Thats a spell that gives a group mana, how would that help my dps rotation.
    Undead areas then? Unrest, lguk etc?
  12. Accipiter Old Timer

    I'm not trying to be a , but Google is pretty good these days. You can Google "pre nerf CoS" or "pre nerf fungi staff" and find what you want to know.

    The CoS requires some explanation, I suppose. The pre-nerf version is called Circlet of Shadow. It is an instant-cast invis. You can cast it on the run, for example. The nerfed version is call Circlet of Shadows. It has a 5 second cast time. The pre-nerf version is available on TLPs for a limited time, after which it no longer drops and the post-nerf version drops instead.
  13. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    Circlet of Shadow .1second gather shadows(instant click) not Circlet of shadows(nerfed version)
    Fungus Covered Great Staff not Fungi Covered great staff(nerfed version). Clicky that gives a 15 hp regen buff that snares you. Very useful for counteracting Lich effects and nice against some raid mechanics fears and one boss in Plane of Time has an Silence that is also a snare and the staff blocks the debuff from applying so you don't get silenced.

    Mind Wrack is your highest DPS and most important spell. Welcome to being a supportive dps class. In Luclin your raid group will literally be the "Mind Wrack" group which will be a you possible a second necro+ a bunch of clerics, mages and wizards. Make sure to watch your song bar and don't overlap your Mind Wrack with the other necro in the group. In non-raids you should be casting it any time your other caster dps, healers or enchanters dip below 75%ish mana

    Yes, charm pets will be your best primary source of DPS.
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  14. Hadesborne Augur

    Ok, first off, disregard almost all of this nonsense. Your primary job in raids will ALWAYS be DPS. The best part about this is you can ALSO mindwrack chain with another necro in your group so everyone else gets mana and you and your fellow necro only lose time as you gain the same amt of mana that the spell costs after your friend casts his/her Mindwrack. You SHOULD (if you know what you are doing) be able to maintain this mindwrack chain in addition to your normal DoT rotation easily, especially with focus effects enabled in luclin. Understand that you need to always be working on fine tuning your DoT rotation as a primary class function. You will always be able to feed mana to other clerics/healers as needed because your lich line willl keep you well above everyone else's mana amount. NEVER, EVER feed a mage/wizard. This is terribly inefficiant as the spell costs 400 mana for 150 mana gained by said other caster. Save that stuff for the clerics if they need it. Again, ALWAYS be maintaining your DoT rotation.

    Now for grouping: IF you have 3 other casters (healer,slower,caster DPS) then by all means, mindwrack when you can. This should help your group kill things more efficiantly. Don't bother with most of the other group tap buffs as they have a high resist rate and really aren't that effective. Don't over stack dot's on mobs because they will just die fast and you will be wasting mana, stick a dot or 2 on it, snare it with darkness and mindwrack as needed. AGAIN, You are a DPS class first and foremost.

    Soloing: Understand that you are one of the few classes that can solo efficiently and with very little downtime. The problem is, DBG (in their infinite wisdom) have nerfed solo XP into oblivion. If you can get a group, do so. IF you really MUST solo, then I recommend aggro kiting. How is this performed? This should be done in an outdoor zone most times untill you master the skill. Snare the mob with your darkness line. Use whatever your highest level darkness is until you get DOOMING darkness, you will not need to use any darkness spell of higher level (waste of mana) for a looong time. Once the mob is snared, you make your pet attack the mob, then you begin to apply a couple dots, (fire line lands well on most mobs-cept skyfire). Apply a lifetap-over-time dot as needed to keep your health up. All this is being done while you run ahead of the mob (so it can't hit you) and cast spells(dots) on it, then run further ahead and rinse repeat. Reapply your darkness snare as needed, avoid letting the mob touch you. If you are doing this well, you may even be able to run ahead and sit and regen even more mana for a tick or 2 before having to get up, run away and cast another dot (again, as needed). ALL the while the pet is hitting the mob from the rear putting out excellent damage.

    There are other forms of soloing such as: root rotting, Undead charming, Fear kiting, tap tanking. but aggro kiting usually is the most efficient in most situations. (you will eventually learn which methods work best in different areas).

    The necro class is very intricate and the mechanics cannot fully be explained on a forum. You just are going to have to go out and do some experimenting.

    PS. You will not normally be able to kite until you have atleast engulfing darkness in your arsenal. Until then you can have your pet tank (by turning it's taunt on) and then share aggro by lifetapping etc. AGAIN EXPERIMENT.
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  15. Opimo Journeyman

    Any items I should try to buy?
    • Pre-nerf Circlet of Shadow and Fungi Staff, also grab an Orb of Tishan for charming. All 3 items you will use well into PoP and beyond.

    What spell rotation should I use?
    • Depends on the situation and mob your fighting. I switch spell sets depending on the raid target, and use 2 separate sets for grouping (1 for non-charm grouping, and 1 for charming).
    • For general grouping purposes, I pretty much just Ebolt and send pet. Occasionally I'll Mez if we don't have an enchanter or they're slow. Charming is by far going to provide the most DPS in a group situation, so try to find groups in dungeons with Undead (Unrest, Lower Guk, Crypt in Seb, Chardok, etc). You can also solo effectively in these dungeons, because you can heal yourself after pet breaks with your life taps (and for zero mana once you do the Demi Lich cap quest).
    • Also remember to use your utility in groups, with a Demi Lich cap you have unlimited healing capacity with Pact of Shadow line of spells. If your healer is going through mana too quickly, keep this line on the tank, or use it to heal people between pulls. Make sure to never cap your mana unless the rest of your group is full mana as well (always be finding someone to give mana to in order to maximize your biggest strength, which is your mana regen).
    • Unlike the poster above me, you shouldn't use your highest Darkness line, they're garbage and get resisted often. Use Clinging in most situations and save the mana.
    • Download GINA and make timers for all of your DoTs so that you can start casting to refresh your DoTs just as they expire.

    What areas should I solo grind?
    • For what level? There's a couple of good spots, but grouping is going to be much better. Pick an undead dungeon and solo with a charm pet, you'll drill through mobs quickly.
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  16. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    He is talking about his post right here btw. Necros do very poor DPS past SoL and even in Luclin you should be using your support abilities first. Mana drains, Short mez when needed, casting scent of darkness line when shammies are disease slowing or no malo is around. You should always pump Mages who are Coth chaining, Healers/chanters as needed and buffing classes when buffs are being done. There is even times when mobs are highly resistant to poison and have low HP that you should be pumping wizards so they can nuke more, although this last one is generally not the case.
  17. Astra Moretti New Member

    Thanks alot for the reply! I will experiment some more.
  18. Astra Moretti New Member

    Thanks alot for your reply!
    I wad thinking about all of the levels.
    Im at unrest atm and not sure how long I will stay there.
  19. Kobra Augur

    Only a complete cuck would mana dump mages/wizards.

    No competent necro would ever do that. During Luclin I topped the overall parse during VT, no wizard ever came close. Not on boss fights, not on overall trash, not ever.

    As for advice, get a CoS, but more importantly learn how to use it to pull. Learn the difference between direct aggro and indirect aggro and you can use the CoS to snipe out named mobs to pull to your group even across a bunch of kos mobs.

    As for which dots you should use. Use every single dot that will land reliably on the raid mobs, nuke for more damage once you get all your dots stacked, but keep a priority on making sure your dots are running. My rule of thumb is I like to keep my mana percent about the same as the boss HP percent so I end the fight using all my mana. In raids with lots of trash if the adds are being tanked and not mezzed dot them all up with fast acting dots.

    Don't be lazy, always be casting something. End the fight with as close to zero mana as you can otherwise you left damage on the table aka being lazy.

    As for mind wrack, I never used it on raids. If it had a shorter cast time, or if I had more spell slots maybe I would use it, but my parses showed it to be a waste of time compared to just doing more damage myself because I can't control how other people play, most of the time I see they have plenty of mana and they are probably aggro bound anyway whereas I can feign death and keep dpsing.

    As for soloing. If you aggro kite calculate or experiment with how many dots it takes to kill the mob you are kiting. Stack that many dots and then move on to the next mob as the one you dotted is already dead it just doesn't know it yet. Using this method I can often kite 4+ mobs at a time. Could kite more but they usually die before I can round more up. With good gear you can practically kite non stop. Its boring, but its effective. I rather group than do this, but if I am particularly determined to level or fill out an aa, I will do this. Some people like to root/rot I personally don't care for that method unless its in a tight space with no kiting room.

    Get the other clickies that are free damage like the demi-lich skullcap, epic 1, the lifetap shield not sure what its called sorry. Work these clickies into your damage rotation or when soloing.
  20. Jet-Li Lorekeeper


    Mind Wrack is a SUPPORT spell. It's not a DPS spell. Where did WaitingForMoreEQ get the idea it was a DPS spell?

    It's a bad idea to sacrifice your dps to mana feed a wizard or a mage. The more DPS you provide, the faster the boss dies and the more mana everyone has left over.

    Some people will abuse your ability to feed mana. You shouldn't feed mana to clerics who want mana to nuke, shammies who don't know how to canni, or bad players who seem to need mana all the time. I raid with a cleric who begs for mana when she has 90% mana left and I tell her NO.

    Mages can mod rod and Beast Lords eventually get an ability that gives mana back, so players should also be asking for help from them.

    When you're grouping it's a nice idea to use mind wrack, but do it as needed. Casting it "any time" someone dips below 75% is a bit much in my opinion.