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  1. Guzzle Augur

    Magic and Melee
    A Mangler TLP Raiding Guild
    Guild Mission

    Magic and Melee is a Mangler TLP EST raiding guild. Our intention is to be spouse, box, and casual friendly. We aim to create a tight knit group of individuals who want to collect pixels.
    Guild Highlights

    • Scaling DKP System (to prevent hoarding and help newcomers catch up)
    • Companion (second main / preferred alt) loot system
    • Open Bid
    • Discord
    • Casual / Spouse friendly raid schedule
      • Monday (Static*) 8pm - 12pm EST
      • Tuesday (Static) 8pm - 12pm EST
      • Thursday (Static) 8pm - 12pm EST
    • Active FFA raiding force on non-raid nights. These nights are not DKP or Raid Attendance oriented.
    * If content is cleared in sufficient time weekly, this day is subject to be dropped for the duration of the expansion
    Guild Social Environment

    • Language is loose, content is loose, and we rag on each other.
    • We get serious when needed, but we like to have fun.
    • We will not tolerate toxic or drama-causing individuals. We have and will continue to make sure the inter-guild relationship is clean and guild-health oriented.
    • Racism, sexism, and any other negatively oriented ism is also not tolerated.
    • We are a guild with a large member base, but our goal is to not make anyone feel as though they are “just another number”. Our leadership takes a keen interest in trying to make everyone feel included.
    • We have a pretty active FFA raiding group as well, which has directly led to us amassing a ton of loot from Plane of Sky.
    Guild Raiding Objectives

    Our raid objectives are to clear current content, but we will not be actively competing for server firsts. We will be maximizing lockouts as effectively as possible (through FFA nights, etc.), but we will maintain a primarily week-day raid schedule to strive for a family / spouse friendly schedule. We do utilize splitting with boxes to achieve high loot volumes.
    Applicant Requirements

    Our requirements are:
    • Level 50
    • All gear slots filled with at least the highest craftable
    • Willingness to pay attention and not ninja-AFK frequently
    Class Needs

    Bard: Open
    Cleric: Open
    Druid: Open
    Enchanter: Open
    Magician: Open
    Monk: Open
    Necromancer: Open
    Paladin: Open
    Ranger: Open
    Rogue: Open
    Shadow Knight: Closed
    Shaman: Open
    Warrior: Open
    Wizard: Open

    How To Find Us

    We will be primarily utilizing Guild Forums / Website and Discord for communication.
    Come find us at http://magicandmelee.com/!
    Our Guild Handbook can be found at: http://www.magicandmelee.com/forums/index.php?topic=13.0 if you have any questions that are not answered in this post or in the Handbook, please post here or join our forums and post in the General Discussion!
    Once you apply, and are accepted as a recruit, you will be given a link to our Discord server and go through our brief interview process.
    Have Any Questions?

    Please reach out to the following individuals if you have any questions about Magic and Melee, or want to find out more about us.
    Recruiting Officer:
    • Tukol

    • Gakule
    • Remloch
    • Tarot
  2. Guzzle Augur

    Updated with class needs. We could definitely use a few more high RA warriors for Kunark!

    Guilds; we have plenty of extra Sky quest pieces. Please keep an eye out for an upcoming post on our public forums detailing our available items. Feel free to PM me in the mean-time if there are any quest pieces from Sky that you need to finish your items.
  3. Niknik Journeyman

    Why did your last recruitment thread get deleted?
  4. Guzzle Augur

    When the forums go unmoderated after a while and trolls run wild on a thread, instead of cleaning it up mods seem to just nuke the whole thing.

    That's my speculation, anyways.
  5. Guzzle Augur

    First post is still up-to-date with our class needs. We are excited to get Kunark rolling and finish out a ton of epics while working our way to VP.

    Apply today!
  6. PapaZaph New Member

    I'm brand new but I have previous MMO experience and looking to join a guild in Mangler.
  7. Guzzle Augur

    Bump! We still have recruitment open. More enchanters and wizards would be great additions, especially!

    We have already secured 5 Trakanon kills resulting in 42 teeth, and have completed VP. Every week we are keying at least 20 people to get into VP.

    Come and join us and play at whatever speed suits you!

    We have a casual-friendly raid schedule (3 weeknights a week), with the ability to raid as many nights a week as you would like through our FFA raiding.

    FFA raids are for no DKP, no Raid Attendance, and are 100% optional, yet they resulted in the bulk of our gear throughout the duration of Classic. Our FFA crew mangled Plane of Sky nearly every night we didn't raid throughout classic, leading to our players in official raids having more accessibility to top end loot as well.

    Our FFA crew, with the support of our more casual memberbase, has also led directly to our securing Trak kills and making it to VP in a timely manner.

    Again, no matter your playstyle, if you have an interest in raiding in any capacity, there is a place for you in Magic and Melee.

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