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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Shamra, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Accipiter Augur

    I like the "I was banned unfairly" threads. You never know what direction they will take.
  2. Calzonae New Member

    They will keep botting because the social security drawing millennials need cash under the table to buy vape cartridges and weed. It will continue to be whack a mole until daybreak requires their social security numbers as part of their login credentials.
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  3. code-zero Augur

    Cellphone number and 2 factor authentication.
  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Yes! That would actually be an interesting change to require that stuff.


    More like watch-a-mole.
  5. code-zero Augur

    You know, at first I was just thinking about the shear time involved in some of the 70+ boxers even getting logged in with a stack of phones but given basic laziness I suspect it'd make it easier to wholesale ban when they are caught cheating.

    It'd also make selling PL'd characters nearly impossible as well

    Make a TrueBox with 2FA required and a lot of things would be cleared up I think
  6. Fizon Elder

    Ok Boomer
  7. Bobbybick Augur

    I'd rather farm plat any day than click leaves/mushrooms on the ground. God bless the clickers.
  8. Numiko Augur

    I like to kill things and take their stuff, it's the main reason i play EQ!
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  9. That0neguy Augur

    At what point in the game do they make all these changes and they cross a line where EQ is no longer EQ and we all quit?
  10. Thewiz Augur

    We already did. This thread is actually a bot convo.
  11. Panikker Lorekeeper

    EQ has a "hands of approach" to deal with things. Not my quote .
    Here .. .
    They are not going to do anything about it . All we can do is /petition every time we see a bot. I'ts funny cause while playing my mage people stand by my and they keep staring like trying to figure out if I'm afk killing LOL ..they go away once I invite to group lol .. And I been reporting all afk killing persons I see on the lower areas of the game. It takes a community to help. If you all want Mangler free of these people we all need to /petition /report ..etc etc etc not just pass by and ignore. GM will respond after same people get reported by different people.
  12. Dracoko New Member

    Really don't understand the point of these posts. I've been in Chardok and SG a lot on Mangler. Plenty of picks open where the botters aren't there. Farming Mats? I've been to the deep several times and same thing. Ya they have some of the picks open but there are also groups there doing the same thing the botters are doing. Evergreen leafs? This is a huge waste of time imo, go to CS and farm Wyvern Pelts, been there a lot and never seen any auto bot stuff at all. In addition to the pelts they drop a butt ton of other stuff you can sell or use, fish right below them for the Cod. Same thing for Wakening Lands, just go get leafs and panther pelts. You can actually sell the stuff you make then. Oh ya and btw, most of the time if you go into the deep and ask if a shard/sap is rotting the bots just give it to you, done it several times before. Sometimes they will sell it to you for WAY under what other people not botting have it on the bazaar. Seems like your problem is you want to zone into main picks in Deep, Chardok and SG and run right to your favorite camp with no work done on your part at all. Seems unrealistic.

    Stop making these posts. Mangler is very healthy and a very good community of players and people working together. To say any different is just making the people shy away from it. , even Bloodthirst is getting easy to deal with, had a very cool Monk/Shaman box from their guild help me and my box get the Deep shard the other day. There are and scammers on ever server, Mangler doesn't seem to have a very big problem with either. A little healthy competition makes the server more fun anyway. How fun would it be if you just ran into every shard camp and stood in line to get your drop? DPS racing and ganking peoples mobs is part of the fun. Ya some neckbeards on the server are going to have a meltdown from time to time when this happens but the majority of us are just gonna smile and go do something else if a stronger and more prepared group gets in the way. Same thing with botters.
  13. Sikkun Augur

    People say it’s fine, then their “gank” ends in deaths botter reports it as a train and they get a 7 day vacation while the person cheating never logs off.
  14. Querris New Member

    You have to understand, people randomly afking on mobs with mage or necro pets is small time. Thats an issue but less of one then the blatant concentrated effort of large scale operations using cheat software to break the game. I want the guys with 50-70 member bot crews running macaroni to cheese the game dealt with. Small fry take a backseat to that. However they do split their teams up to farm other stuff so in that regard, yea, report everyone you see I guess.
  15. Ninita New Member

    This is the reason I never come back. Then you get the people, which are prolly bot farmers defending the people who run the game saying garbage like there arent enough of them, and they have lives or some such trash. When people run severs that dont even get paid and stop all this stuff. It is like saying you took your car to get fixed, and on the wall it said dont worry we dont let our shops cheat you, and you go out back and they are all slacking. Then going well they have lives out side this shop, its fine they dont do anything. Then getting mad at the people who report the slackers to the management.

    They dont fix any of this, because its a waste of time for them, they get the money either way, and none of you actually quit because of it, you also keep buying korno and stuff from these people. If you stopped buying and selling korno they wouldnt farm, and the people in charge would be like whoa wait a min we are losing money now, its worth trying to enforce rules.

    I have been trying to find a mmo for the last couple of days, seem to be always drawn back here, then read how they still just let bots, cheaters, and the like run wild, adding in the nonsense about Kornos. I can say if they made a TLP that there was 0 cash shop on, no Kornos allowed, and perm ban if you are botting, using 3rd party programs, and only allow 1 person per ip, no VPNS, and no streaming services, adding in a required goverment issued ID for the server. It would all end. Must be they dont care though, because you guys keep giving them piles of cash if there are bot farms, cheaters, or not.

    Wish they would just put everquest on playstation 4, and no I dont me online adventures, the same thing that is on PC. People tend not to cheat like little worthless pieces of filth when their 400 dollar console gets banned.

    They spend more time and effort monitoring the fourms, and general chat for thought offenders than they do cheaters. Bet you 1000 bucks, if you start talking garbage in the general chat, you will be banned within 15 mins, cheat bet you wont get banned at all. Great proprieties guys haha, more worried about people talking garbage than cheaters.
  16. Ninita New Member

    Haha this is a load of garbage if ever I heard some.

    They are not going to do anything about it . All we can do is /petition every time we see a bot. I'ts funny cause while playing my mage people stand by my and they keep staring like trying to figure out if I'm afk killing LOL ..they go away once I invite to group lol .. And I been reporting all afk killing persons I see on the lower areas of the game. It takes a community to help. If you all want Mangler free of these people we all need to /petition /report ..etc etc etc not just pass by and ignore. GM will respond after same people get reported by different people.

    It is not a players responsibility to inform the people running the game that people are breaking the rules, thats what you get paid. Thats like walmart putting out signs that say, well we are useless cant figure out why or how people are stealing our stuff, so we want you customers to do our jobs for us for free, and find all the thieves for us. You know what happens when people do that, a bunch of people report a bunch of things that arent theft have no clue what is going on, and cause a bunch of problems.

    You the game master have all the controls to tell if some one is cheating or not, and you should be monitoring it. Hey though I understand, if I was a greedy corporation master and came up with a plan that said hey, look all these people will do our jobs for us, with no pay, Id prolly do it to.
  17. code-zero Augur

    They've been doing player reports since RF/LJ. It's so wonderful of you to finally join us and set us all straight on the way things really should be!
  18. Sheex Augur

  19. Ninita New Member

    Sounds like some garbage cheating filth would say. O its not me being jealous that some worthless trash of a human decided to use a cheat program to pollute a game, and circumvent the rules. It is anger I give you that, its the same kind of anger I get if I saw some one drive down the high way at 150 mph on the wrong side drunk, while throwing mcdonald wrappers out the window. A better one would be if I sat down with a bunch of people playing poker, and one person decided to use a computer program and cheat us all, know what happens to people like that?

    I dont like cheaters, its even worse now since money is involved into this mix with Kornos. They 100 percent ruin games, and people like you that defend cheaters, and try to make it sound like its nothing are almost as bad. Next thing you will tell me is filth that steal from walmart are fine because its so minior and its a corporation that writes it off its fine, quit whining about it.

    Then add in filth like you are prolly the ones buying from those worthless websites that try and sell plat and kronos on the internet. If you think that your mental retardation of it has little effect quit whining about it is real. How do you explain the forced labor camps where people were used to farm world of warcraft gold. Prolly everquest doesnt have such things since its so small, but I could def see people forcing other to do it, since you freaks think its fine to cheat, bot, farm, and sell virtual garbage to each other like its meaningless.

    People like you ruined MMOs completely, which is why they are all trash, every single one of them has 4000 chinese gold spammers and web sites trying to sell something. There are only a few now that arent plagued with such trash, and most of those are private emulators. The exception would be diablo 3 because you cant trade any more. You guys turned it from a fun passed time, to some sick weird drug addiction full of black market crack dealers, botters, cheaters and trash.

    I mean look at this trash, there is even a community of filth that i found on google.

    MMOBugs is an dedicated EverQuest hacking community which provides the most feature filled version of 2 pre-compiled to it's members. is the most popular multi-boxing tool for EQ which can automate any task ingame along with providing hundreds of other features.

    can do such things as displaying all mob locations on your ingame map, fully automate your characters play or teleport you anywhere within a zone. MMOBugs has the largest collection of plugins for along with the simplest updating tool for when Daybreak updates the game.

    Our members also get access to private information on the latest exploits and guides for EverQuest and a marketplace to buy and sell virtual goods.

    MMOBugs has a long history of supporting EverQuest for over 15 years. To get started please Register on the forums. Premium Membership is required to get access to more advanced plugins. Membership starts from less than $9.99 a month for a years membership. All funds go towards development and hosting fees. We all really appreciate any support given to the community.

    If you have any questions on concerns please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

    I mean it isnt even hard to find this worthless filth either, here took me 5 mins.That is the filthy moderate of that filthy den of garbage that openly hack everquest, he is in everquest right now cheating. You can even join their discord. I mean all this is linked, if i can find the filth I am sure day break game could.

    I bet you are in this discord right now.


  20. Ninita New Member

    Haha like it matters what I think it should really be, the only thing that matters apparently is you keep paying them money, and morons like this person think its fine to cheat. Cheaters are the majority of people, and it is difficult to keep the filth in check, especially if you have no tools to do so. I have ran a few servers, and I gave up doing it, because I spent more time baby sitting than i did playing the game. That is why a corporation that gets paid to do it, should be able to a better job than I did by my self. Thats not even getting into people who manage to do it on big servers like swg legends, and emus that manage to keep cheating to a min. Yet this billion dollar corporation just cant figure out how to do it.

    Which is also why it wont stop, that person below my text nails it, to them cheaters dont matter, they keep the money following for 20 years, so why as the runner of the game would they waste money doing it, its not like if they dumped 200 grand a year hiring a few people to monitor the server 24 7, more people would come and pay money. The people already here would pay them money either way, and the botters have to pay more money for each account they use and get banned.

    Now if there wasnt worthless filth like the person below me who thinks cheating is fine, and every one quit, then yep they would 100 percent do something about it.

    so much jealousy from non botters in each of these threads. Y’all be hatin! Sorry your lame deep water ink camp is taken. Sorry some 50boxer is killing and selling your guildies AoW loots. Shut upppppp. I’ve played this game for 20 years, ran into many botters and not once have I thought (other than Kukgrol, that was a personal vendetta) of spamming reports, petitions, and these forums with all this cry baby nonsense. Y’all care way to much, for how little these botters are hurting your “gaming experience”.

    Move on and shut up!"

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