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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Shamra, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Shamra New Member

    Mangler is plagued with BoT farmers blocking people from quest mobs/named mobs and tradeskill items. My pet peeve is the Evergreen Leaf spawn point in Greater Fay. We have 2 level 1 halfling druids, Maeppendy and Ladyofleaves sitting there right now, that use hide and sit on the spawn spot for days. Maeppendy has been there almost 2 days now! These folks are using auto helpers that snatch the leaves and you might get a couple every once in a while. Yes, they are blocking all the paying players who are forced to pay their price in the Bazaar for something they pay to be able to harvest free. What about The Deep AoE power levelingand AFK power leveling. There are items in there you don't stand a chance of getting because they pull the whole zone! Beastlord Savagery spell which we got on Agnarr with a group, Fungoid Sap etc. Then we have the problem of the whole BoT group using 3rd party software to play camping quest mobs-named mobs for hours and/or days. Report this stuff and nothing happens.....they are still there and running their or whatever they use these days. Daybreak should be trying to enforce their own rules! "It is not permitted for an account to be played unattended or AFK." and "Using 3rd party software or cheat programs to gain an unfair advantage over other players"
  2. JeffHanson Elder

    I have no idea why anyone plays on these cesspools called TLP servers. We have plenty of problems with bot groups on live servers -- including quests and progressions being blocked -- but I hear it's completely out of hand on TLP. They are making Daybreak games look like fools and tools.
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  3. Clonkette New Member

    Savagery is dropped by the higher level mobs on the way to thought horror overfeind. The AoE'ers wont touch them as they cant be stunned.
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  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Lol. You mean the people selling 1,000 stacks of evergreens are botting?!

    Seriously these people would be weeded out if there was any gm presence whatsoever. It's sad to think it'll be on the new tlps as well, and that you basically have to wait out the abusers until your tlp is irrelevant.
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  5. Froger New Member

    gm are too busy fixing the real problems.
    like getting rid of people afk/merc killing old world mobs for rare ts mats in zones no one will ever visit for other reasons
  6. GNOME_POWER Augur

    There are many Evergreen Leaf ground spawn points.
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  7. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    You know OP posts like yours don't help the problem
    You can't farm Savagery because of AoE groups? You mean the spell that drops from level 62 mobs that can't be AoE at the current level cap? Really?
    You can't farm Deep named or sap even though there is 5 picks and half the mobs are constantly open and all the dropable loot is super cheap in the bazaar?
    You can't farm Evergreen leafs cause someone is camping 2 of the 10+ spawn points?
  8. HoodenShuklak Augur

    It's well known that that particular spot is the most fruitful.

    But sure, let someone run automated for days on end then sell them to players that couldn't out click a bot... nothing bad could come of this philosophy.
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  9. Shamra New Member

    I was in the deep on Mangler for a shard and they did in fact pull them.
  10. Shamra New Member

    The post can not help the problem because only Daybreak can help but they won't. Auto BoTing and 3rd party software is perfectly safe to use on the so called classic Everquest TLP servers because there are no disciplinary actions taken.....not even an account suspension.
  11. Fizon Elder

    There is zero reason to pull the yellows in fact if you don't have a tank back up pulling the yellows can easily wipe your group. Now you are just lying
  12. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    No, it doesn't help because you're making up stuff that isn't true. If they were to actually do anything you're wasting GM time with non-issues and lies.

    You cannot AOE the mobs that drop Savagery. Only the Raid trash that is level 62 too high level to AE and THO drop the spell.
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  13. Shamra New Member

    Apparently people are missing the whole point of the post. Folks should not HAVE to fight BoTs or be run over and killed. Daybreak does have rules but they are not usually enforced. They did fix the problem of people not being able to exp in AoE zones from getting killed by aggro from their trains-Velks-Sebilis-Unrest....they actually fixed the pull the whole zone then pick issue. So why not fix all the other issues that break the rules? The other point is that this is a game but people have gotten so greedy and have the "it's all about me attitude now days. They don't care who or what they run over or what they do to get what they want. There is a big lack of respect for other players. Lying no.....the AoE group across the invis bridge pulled everything so maybe they did have a back up idea but everything was don't even try to kill a mob because you get aggro from the pull train and you are dead. I just don't get it all, it's a game but people are unreal in what they will do to get what they want.
  14. code-zero Augur

    All these threads always seem to come down to complaining about 5 groups who seem to be universally deemed "botters" for no better reason than most of the complainers wouldn't know a real botter if it bit them on the nose. I asked a friend who plays on Mangler about one pair of groups and he told me that any time he zoned in to that zone and did a camp check they reply very quickly. So, either those 2 groups are highly sophisticated AI or they just have real people playing the characters.

    I've seen some of the linked video and it is pathetic. Over an hour so that every so often you can "see" some sort of "obvious" tell that is completely unconvincing.
  15. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The only videos I've seen publicly shared here (which needed to be taken down) of the accused botters involves SG and Chardok. Both of these are indeed sophisticated bot programs. And of course the fact that you know, they play 24/7 for weeks or more and only stay in 1 camp is surely not suspect...

    Are you referring to other botters or these ones?
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  16. JeffHanson Elder

    I'll bet they answer camp checks quickly! This is quite standard behavior for bot groups. It's not sophisticated AI at all: it's like one line in their script.
  17. A player New Member

    Watched an automated group in Sirens Grotto early this morning. Monk, puller, was targeting mobs he couldn't see, would run on a scripted path to the mob and would pull. The entire group was about 12 bots. The tanks would track/look at mobs similar to the way mage pets do when they are on guard. I recorded them and reported it. A GM sending a /tell to them is not enough. They will respond because I'm sure they set up a Audio Trigger to be alert. If a GM actually sat and watched these parties, which there are more than one party because there are 4 /pickzones full of them, it's obvious they are completely automated. At a certain point the puller fell in the water and sat there for about 20 minutes being attacked be a seahorse with the group shaman healing and cannibalizing. I doubt anything will be done about it.
  18. Xhartor Augur

    They probably have a scripted reply to tells. If your automating 12 character to farm an area, is it really that challenging to monitor your log for tells and send back a canned response?
  19. Clonkers Lorekeeper

    There's like 8-10 level 62 mobs that drop savagery, there is no chance an AoE XP group pulled all of them at once and killed them, it's just not something anyone would do as it's so risky compared to minimal reward. I think you didn't check the correct area.

    Furthermore you are conflating two issues that are nothing to do with each other, there are plenty of people who do AoE groups in all zones who don't bot.
  20. Beimeith Augur

    They are automated to reply to camp checks.

    When I was on selo camping for my epic I came across one group that would always instantly respond to "/ooc cc" or "/ooc camp check". Like, I could spam "/ooc cc" 20 times in a row and instantly get 20 of the exact same response. If I varied the message to something that wasn't on their auto-reply script like "/ooc caamp chheck" there would be no reply.

    My friend and I had some fun trying to figure out which combinations their reply script would respond to.

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