Mangler is once again asking for Relaxed Truebox

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Mesozoic_mangler, Apr 7, 2023.

  1. Controlpanel New Member

    sounds good. I'm happy if you could consider this.
  2. rahzel44 Journeyman

    I'm confused what the possible downside would be at this point. Are we worried even a single person is going to unsub because people can suddenly box multiple accounts on one computer?
  3. sadistic New Member

    YES pleeeease
  4. Calzonae Journeyman

    Pretty sure this runs afoul of the anti-boxer/purist mentality of: more boxes means less potential groups or loot or something. Maybe something there is true, I don't know, but daybreak certainly knows what their bottom line looks like where it concerns server population.

    Furthermore, mangler is not an island. There are alternative servers that are not coded for truebox at present with the raids you want and many players roll there too. However, a debate could be made that there have not been any "normal" ruleset TLP servers for a minute and the expectant box crowd is blue balled waiting on mangler to relent.

    I do think that the current mangler era is far removed from anything deemed classic. At this point in the game timeline the live servers were flush with box hordes, thus there shouldn't be an nostalgia seekers trying to relive their heyday.

    More importantly, I doubt that daybreak wants to establish a precedence where they walk an established rule set back based on popular demand. It would seem disingenuous to the players who prefer it the way things are. Plus there could be some kind of conflict with whatever the merge options are in the server's future.

    Finally, it is my experience that when players are crying for a change there is a bigger problem and the proposed change is not really a solution at all, it is just the tip of the iceberg. They find their way to the door in spite of the patronage. I hear calls of "resubbing my accounts", but trying it out for a month is not really putting your money where your mouth is. Sometimes, in business, you go with the devil you know because at the end of the day you still have to eat/pay your employees/whatever.

    I think there are fair points for and against. I have no idea why the truebox exists to begin with, but they have continued to reuse that particular tool for their TLP servers. I see them testing hypothesis on what might work every single year with the weirdo rules TLP. It seems like end-days where the play is to create servers that would ordinarily be relegated to a fanboy .
  5. Breadstackz New Member

    +1 for atleast relaxed Truebox
  6. Jogath Journeyman

    As an active player on Mangler, I 100% support this.
  7. anonymous_ Lorekeeper

    I support this. Running 3 space heaters for no reason is no fun.
  8. Tenu New Member

    For the love of Rallos yes please
  9. Hype New Member

    Mangler is at a logical place to implement this feature.
  10. Kayatha New Member

    I would like to see it at the least relaxed enough the multi-bind on my Sk pc and Monk pc do not trigger a boot.
  11. Eomund New Member

    These people already box with multiple computers, so we're really talking about someone who already plays and/or raids adding additional subs to expand their boxing a little bit (instead of purchasing more hardware).

    I don't like to run multiple computers, so I wouldn't mind adding a sub to help DPS in certain situations. It probably wouldn't impact our raid outcomes, but I might participate in more optional raids to help gear the box.

    There are already quite a few in my guild who box, so "truebox" isn't a huge impediment to them. I'm guessing they could consolidate hardware which might be convenient.
  12. Xhartor Augur

    Mangler has a loyal player base and adding this feature to server would help strength it even more, and it be a huge boon to the guilds that are struggling. This would like result in a bunch of subs and heroic character upgrades.
  13. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    This is long overdue.
  14. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    It means I'm way less likely to hang up the spurs if one of my box computers bites the dust.
  15. Mesozoic_mangler Scholar

    They just did this for Coirnav based on player demand. Coirnav is only a few expansions past Mangler and is a literal ghost town. We are just asking for the new reasonable version of truebox that exists on modern TLPs for the last two years. I can't see this taking much effort to implement if it was done for Coirnav with one guild left, and they already have an idea of what it takes at this point.
  16. mynameismine New Member

    Please do this!
  17. anonymous_ Lorekeeper

    I don't think truebox is a core defining feature of the Mangler ruleset, just the norm for TLPs at the time of its launch when relaxed truebox wasn't even a thing yet. It's not like people are demanding they implement increased exp, free trade, random loot, encounter locking, or anything that would change the actual server mechanics. This is mostly just an irl quality of life improvement with no real in-game effect.
  18. Corinthus New Member

    As a long term active, boxing member of the Mangler server, just do whatever it takes so I don't get disconnected for pressing too many buttons at once when I'm actually trueboxing. I could care less about using more than one account on a single computer.
  19. mark Augur

    a lot of the posts seem similar and a lot of new players posting .
  20. Xhartor Augur

    By new players, do you mean long time Mangler players, that don't hit forums but care about this issue?
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