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  1. Korzu111 Elder

    Hi All,

    I am seeking some guidance with choosing a class for boxes. As you'll soon see, it isn't too simple.

    On Account 1, I have a 47 Druid. On Account 2, I have a 47 Mage. My brother has his own account and is leveling up a Shaman. I've enjoyed the Dru/Mage, but I think I need to create some sort of tank or CC. Sending the pet in and nuking something to death works well, but it runs out of steam. I'm 99.999% sure I won't ever get the Mage epic, so that limits what the character can do in the next few X-Pacs, too. Adding a Shaman to Druid/Mage really doesn't change much for multi-pulls.

    I am interested in Paladin, Enchanter, and possibly Monk. I was thinking I could run Monk and Paladin on Account 2, and level the Enchanter on the Druid's account. Then if my brother is on his Shaman, I could run Paladin or Monk / Enchanter. If I'm by myself, I can run Paladin / Druid or Monk / Druid. My brother and I aren't online at the same time often, so some synergy between my 2 accounts would be nice.

    Of course, the issue is leveling all of these characters. I can PL the melee with the Druid, which is nice. The enchanter on the Druid's account would be rougher -- only buff I could get would be the mage's DS, which is helpful but not like a Druid PLing a melee. There is also the downside that I couldn't do Enchanter/Druid. I'd really like to play a Paladin - I know they're underpowered, but the class does interest me. However, Pally/Shaman/Druid is missing that added dimension of split pulling in dungeons (I know they have Pacify etc., which helps, but it isn't as good) that an enchanter could bring. I like the idea of Monk, but I'm worried about their tankability later on, and that our little duo / sometimes trio wouldn't be as viable after Velious when Monk-tanking drops off. IDK!

    Thanks Everyone.
  2. Moranis Augur

    My personal rule of thumb when it comes to making duos or trios is that you need to decide what you want and what you can live without. There's almost no duo that can check every box and there are only a few trios that can...but it also really depends on the camps you're trying to contest.

    If you can live with little utility and don't mind charming, [ ENC / CLR ] is hard to beat in terms of raw power. If you want to make it a trio, you can add really any DPS for maximum power - but your brother adding a shaman would be excellent as well.

    If you want more utility but still want to dominate with a charmed pet, [ ENC / DRU ] is quite effective - however - you will definitely need a second healer, so adding your brother's shaman would make this a very effective trio.

    When you start looking at more traditional duos and trios with a tank, you need to find a pair that checks a bunch of boxes - healing / CC / tanking / DPS. Typically, if you can meet 3 of those 4, you're pretty well off - if you can meet all 4, you have it made. It's nigh impossible to meet them all with a duo, but definitely possible with a trio.

    I don't dare venture into the dynamics of how you'll go about plvling your toons, but I will say that [ PAL / SHM / DRU ] is probably an acceptable trio although your DPS has the potential to be quite lacking. The druid and shaman can provide some healthy deeps with dots, but that's assuming they're not blowing tons of mana healing or ghetto CC'ing. Add to that the lack of mana regen and it might be slow killing. Any 3-4 pull will likely drain everyone and force you to completely reset.

    In your case, you seem to want a healthy duo that can receive a SHM part-time to make a trio. In that case, I would recommend you do the [ ENC / CLR ] duo. It's an effective 2-box that would really benefit from a SHM 3rd box. You can always do a tank / SHM duo yourself, but then you'd be adding another shaman and I'm not sure how much fun that would be.
  3. Misaligned Augur

    Go with the class that interests you and adapt to what you're lacking. You'll enjoy the game more.

    Otherwise do Enc/Pal/Dru as you cover nearly every base that way.
  4. Dabrixmgp Augur

    SK, Druid, Enchanter proly most powerful Trio. Then once we get mercs u have 3 wizards. I also ran Monk, Shaman, Mage on Live for a while and had a lot of fun. That one doesnt really work until later expansions once you start amassing AAs and monk weapons start having silly ratios along with raid pet focuses to jack up the Mage.
  5. LittleBrumski Augur

    Ench dru duo kicks butt in kunark. Wife and I did this (with a bard mana battery) and destroyed Chardok with charm pets. Just filled out the group with people from LFG and mowed through it.

    Only downside was in the 40s-50s the pets started getting so many HP that the druid heals were only healing 5-10% . The cleric's CH comes in handy there. (the lvl 53 mobs in velious have about 10k hp)

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