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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Venomousey, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. Venomousey New Member

    Chill Mode We are a chill group of adults who enjoy killing pixels at an efficient pace without taking ourselves too seriously. We plan to clear content as we see fit and as our capabilities reach that level.

    We are a semi-casual raiding guild currently farming, Anguish, Vish, Demi.

    Raid Times: We raid Tues, Thurs, Sat at 7:30 - 11 EST. We have non-dkp raiding on Sundays

    Loot: Loot is DKP based, silent DKP bidding.We utilize Rapid Raid on the website to record DKP earned and spent.

    Communication: We use Discord for voice communication during raids and it is mandatory. You do not need a microphone, you only need to be able to hear raid instructions.

    Recruiting Needs = Currently Open to all classes.

    All other Classes are also welcome.

    Contact any chill mode member on for an invite if interested

    Additional In game contacts
  2. Krandor311 New Member

    Good evening,
    What are the class requirements for bards and AAs?
  3. Venomousey New Member

    Pretty loose :)
  4. Thewiz Augur

    Will you be recruiting returning players? I will be maining a berserker with a shaman and bard to help out. I would love to eventually raid when I'm leveled up.
  5. Venomousey New Member

    Yes, returning players are always welcome :)
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  6. sinder New Member

    Hi. What are your raid attendance requirements?
  7. Venomousey New Member

    At the moment I think the only requirement is you have to be level 65 to raid.
  8. Venomousey New Member

    Looking for at least one or two more Warriors, bards and clerics needed.
  9. Venomousey New Member

    Updated Recruiting Needs
  10. Venomousey New Member

    Recruiting Needs = Cleric (1), Wizard (1) Magician(1), Monk(1)
  11. Venomousey New Member

    Updated Recruiting Needs = Cleric (1), Wizard (1) Magician(2), Monk(1), Rogue(1)
  12. Venomousey New Member

    Updated Recruiting Needs = Bard(1), beastlord(1), Cleric (3), Wizard (1) Magician(2)
  13. Venomousey New Member

    Recruiting Needs = Bard(2), beastlord(1), Berserker(1), Cleric (2), Druid(1), Monk(1), Rogue(1), Wizard (1) Magician(2)
    we are in Anguish.

  14. Venomousey New Member

    Recruiting Needs = beastlord(2), Berserker(1), Druid(1), Monk(1), Mage(3), Rogue(3), Wizard (3) , Ranger (1)
  15. Coffee Journeyman

    Really solid group of people that doesn't judge or hate and will help you get caught up. Come join the fun.
  16. Venomousey New Member

    Recruitment is currently open to all classes.
  17. smokedog New Member

    Lots of loot going to rot in Anguish. Come get some.
  18. Tyranthraxus Grognard