Mangler and The sleeper

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Nakoda, Jul 9, 2019.

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  1. Drifter New Member

    Doesn't the gnome mask go away forever once the sleeper is awakened? Other than that one item, I don't really care. I don't think there is another reliable way to do illusion gnome other than potions, but bards don't get the ability to make an illusion permanent for a while.
  2. Arhok House of Embertune

  3. Drifter New Member

  4. yerm Augur

    Hardly forever though, and you can dwarf it up in the meantime.
  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    If they just made the gnome mask and SoD no drop that would probably help Sleeper rest longer.
  6. Imperfekt New Member

    Thanks for the shout out! <3
  7. Bllack New Member

    Rapiers Ho!
  8. Fizon Elder

    Lol! We got some time if that's the case
  9. Rcbauer Augur

    Well that prediction didn't work out.

    is the AJ farming mage back from timeout yet?
  10. Sandrito Elder

    Not really. Instead of sitting in CL selling their loot, they will be sitting in ST selling loot rights festering up the OW instance of ST like puss on a sore.
  11. Dontknowmuch New Member

    Everyone knows its going to be vicious and his "bloodthrist" guild who needed to merge over 3 guilds to become a power guild (since RI was struggling) is going to awake the sleeper once he makes enough krono to support himself through online sales of SODs, monk robes and gnome masks!. to be honest I would be impressed if he doesn't make any move like he did on corinav. He had TFCouncil and some of his guildies wake the sleeper (but wasn't logged on until after) the sleeper woke up so the blame couldn't be put on him. cheers
  12. Accipiter Old Timer

    I fully expect there to be some drama on this. :)
  13. EQBloodThirst New Member

    Nope, no Drama. We have 0 intentions of waking it either. It’s up to EuroMangler and Spectral Shift to chime in to one degree or another.
  14. Botlhan New Member

    Europa Mangler will wake the sleeper first day

    nothing but RMT in Sleepers Tomb get it out the way and half the idiots leave the server
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  15. Fufinski New Member

    Dont listen to this crazy gnome Bolthan
  16. TheldranusAgnarr Lorekeeper

    Agreed, if we can do anything to help with that process in Knightmare, please let us know.
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  17. Tymeless Augur

    honestly I just want to see Sleepers 1.0. I also want to be a server that keeps sleeper asleep until as a server we could come together and kill it. I know my people won't be waking keraphym. I also know that realistically speaking it will be awoken fairly quickly either by the group that gets the first SoD or Gnome Mask or the people that are deciding they are making the server better to prevent the RMTers before most of the server gets a chance to get their keys and go in there.
  18. EQBloodThirst New Member

    If anyone truly believes that waking the Sleeper as soon as it can be done, will stop RMT'r and make ANY of them leave the server, I have some beach front property for sale. Its to die for. I'll even take paypal and mail you the deed.

    At best, you will remove a few items that are large Krono sellers. The box armies will just move out into the open world instead, and continue to sell DZ Lootrights, which they will do anyway, post awakening.

    I hope none of you are as gullible as that.
  19. Powell New Member

    I think those that played on Agnarr when it was woken in the first 24 hours would disagree with you. Will it completely stop, no, but a lot of the toxicity associated with high value tradeables goes away.

    Imagine how bad OW VP would be right now if things like the Azure Sky robe were tradeable. You would have 24-deep box crews just sitting on PD 24/7.

    That is what we have to look forward to if the sleeper is left alone.
  20. Botlhan New Member

    cool post your bank details and i will send the money

    i hated the fact FE was going to wake the sleeper and then it happened and i hated them for it but a week or so passed and the server was a much better place

    i didn't play corinav but i have herd the stories and how RI (Blood thirst) or what ever you called your self over on that server did the same old tricks and contacted all the guilds then scummed some other guild into waking it .

    The day Blood Thirst do us a favor and dont try drop trains on us is the day we might listen till then
    Good Luck in Velious ...
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