Managed to login twice, still can't make a toon?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Patrol, Mar 16, 2019.

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  1. Patrol New Member

    I've managed to login twice on Selo's.
    I goto Create Character, and it takes a bit to open, NP.

    I fill out what I want and my name and hit enter and nothing happens..

    Am I missing something? I still get the flashing cursor likes it's not even trying to queue the name up for creation.

    Any advice would be much loved.

    Please send help :(
  2. Ouchgiver New Member

    Same thing happened to me on Mangler.
  3. carac New Member

    You’re a step ahead of me...

    I finally defeated the time out boss and made it into the character creation screen for Manglwr and it’s blank. I have no options and can’t pick a name but the “create character” button works. Maybe it’s like a mystery box...
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  4. Patrol New Member

    If I remember correctly there was a create character button, but I'm not even seeing it.... I'm so confused.

    Yeah, I don't see "Enter World". What do I do? Any advice?
  5. ThroatPunchKing New Member

    I've managed to log in several times and all I get is a pop up box. Hit create character and its says something about recruit a friend being turned off etc, I hit ok and it goes back to doing nothing.
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  6. Patrol New Member

    I got past this by just waiting.
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  7. Elemenopi Augur

    created a character, booted when logging onto server, now no character exists.
    6 hours after launch time.
  8. ThroatPunchKing New Member

    Well, if I can get in again I shall wait. Thank you kind sir
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