Manage Your Mounts with a Mount Key Ring

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  1. Cloudia Augur

    Would think it was all SC mounts. They should all have a similar source flag on them.
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  2. Leigo You come here often?

    From the details given in the original post, yes ALL SC mounts past and future will get a "free" space since they were bought.
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  3. The Non-Newbie New Member

    That is a great improvement and conservation of inventory space.

    Can you do the same with player illusions and pet clickies? Perhaps with some improvements like the players suggest or have your own improvments.
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  4. Roxxanna Augur

    ......confused, am I still going to have to use the shard bank slot to share mounts between characters on the same account?
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  5. Nightmares Augur

    We would like some clarification on this please..
    1. When you say Mounts bought from the marketplace with Station cash, do you mean all past mounts bought will be included as well?
    2. When you add those mounts to the key ring, do you need to add the 10 reg mounts first and then the SC ones? or will the system automatically do this and not count things towards you ( as this HAS happened in the past with certain other things)?
    3. How many Additional slots will you be able to purchase? Will there be Bundles for this? Will the purchased Slots be for individual characters or for the account as a whole(like Mercenary slots and Character slots)?
    4. These slots, you will actually be putting the mount saddles, drums, whips, etc. into them, in effect removing the need to have bank slots, bag slots, housing and guild hall slots used to store them?
    5. Many like to swap mounts to other characters. From how I read it, you would lose the mount in the key ring if you did that. Would this be accurate?( you still have the mount, however only the character that physically has the mount would be able to have in their key ring?)
    6. Legends of Norrath Mounts: included as SC items? I mean they are claimed and I paid SC to buy the booster packs to get the mounts ( and I have spent HUNDREDS on them). Also, they are Hierloom, which was stated, but in a different way. Please elaborate.
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  6. Nightmares Augur

    I great point was brought up. Many have TONS of Illusion items and pet illusion items; purchased from Marketplace and found / quested in-game. Are there any plans to add a player illusion / pet illusion key ring as well?
    This is actually more important as I have 3 20 slot bags full of illusion clickies on a FEW of my characters. A key ring for that would save TONS of space for my Tradeskill item collection ( Grandmaster Tradeskiller with all 7/7 trophies for most of my toons, and includes the specialized tradeskills except tinkering) which is rather large ( about 16 bags on each toon in bank dedicated soley for them.
  7. Roshen Brand Manager

    We've been discussing the possibility of doing this with illusions and pets. We want to see how the Mount Key Ring works first.

    Yes! The slot is added to your Mount Key Ring when you add a mount purchased with Station Cash to this inventory, regardless of when you purchased that mount.

    The order won't matter. In the screenshot, you'll see that I've added 4 Marketplace mounts (increasing my maximum to 14), and still have room for 4 more mounts on my Mount Key Ring.

    There will be bundles for this. These slots are purchased for individual characters.

    Yes, you are actually putting these items into the Mount Key Ring. This is effectively creating 10 additional inventory slots on every character that has The Darkened Sea that can only be used for mounts.

    Whichever character physically has the mount in their inventory is the character that will be able to use that mount.

    Removing a mount from the Mount Key Ring will work similar to removing a mount from any other inventory space.

    While you'll be able to use these mounts in your Mount Key Ring, Legends of Norrath mounts will not create an additional slot to your Mount Key Ring.
  8. Muuadib Journeyman

    The mount ring is a great idea and I'm happy you will be doing that for the illusion's both meta and poly soon but as Nightmares said above I have more than I can carry on one toon, what can I say? I like diversity. Would you, Could you PLEASE incorporate that in the next expansion down the road. And all of those clicky's! Each month since they have been giving them away I have collected mounts and clickiees (mostly mounts) from LoN but also loads of illusions. I don't even bother claiming them anymore because my toons being tradeskillers need every available slot for gathering of TS items and extra's like clickiee poly's and meta's just don't make the cut.
    Thanks for a great game and keep the fun rolling in.
    P.S. I have soooooo many ornaments and mounts etc. from LoN that are non-tradeable/saleable is there any chance to make it so they could be sold/traded ingame? At least that way they will be used. Atm I have all the mounts I can fit stabled in 3 house yards with many more unclaimed as well as the walls of all 3 houses (including the beehive) covered in ornaments placed on pion weapons (elegant and so forth) just so I can see them to help better decided which ones I will use on main toon weapons.

    be cool,
    Everquest Rocks!
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  9. Garanle Elder

    I really wish you would learn from other games, the whole nickel and dime thing gets old quickly.
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  10. Eslake New Member

    Why shouldn't we?
    The reason people complain so much about the micro-transactions isn't that they exist, or that they are for things people want, but because they seem to use them for Everything, and offer nothing new without a cost.

    The two biggest pitfalls to avoid using the MT model are Pay-To-Win and Transaction-Saturation. They are very much into the realm of saturation.

    Success in a choice-pay model requires a good mix of both pay And Free additions and options. They used to be very good at this, to the point they would pull zones from future expansions and give them to all of us free of charge.

    I'm not saying this specific option is being handled wrong, but there is no reason we should not expect some of these things to be without charge. :)
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  11. complexication Augur

    Will Shadowknights and Paladins be able to use these with their AA horses or not? I mean, it'd be kinda dumb not to include us since we're the only classes in the game with their own mounts.

    Would not only be beneficial to utlizing a hotbar slot for something that could be more useful, but I personally would like to use my Abyssal Steed with the buffs from my skystrider.
  12. Emarra Journeyman

    At the live event when they announced this they also said it was going to be a "put it on your keyring and it is there forever." And then explained how you could then put the same mount on all of your alts key rings as long as the mount was heirloom or tradeable. If this new mount-ring works like new inventory slots, this will not be possible.
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  13. Roxxanna Augur

    This is what I had heard too, was really excited, but now very bummed out.
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  14. Wayylon Augur

    I love that screen shot of the key ring with the huge green BUY SLOTS button.
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  15. Nightmares Augur

    One more question in regards to this.
    Currently Mounts gain the speed of the fastest mount a player has on that account by summoning it first then summoning another mount to set the mount speed ( you know what I mean). Will this still work like this or will the mount ring change that, making you have to choose a raid buff mount graphic or stat in order to get that speed?
  16. ArmyWarrior New Member

    Would be nice to have this same thing for clicky's period, and be unlimited on the amount of items, i mean i prob have over 200 clicky's taking up way to much bag and bank space. With all the clickable items in this game we need something similar for all clicky items.
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  17. glitchen New Member

  18. complexication Augur

    Hey um...

    I'm very very grateful of the dev team to include knight aa mounts into the key ring...but you made the aa obsolete for those who are not buying the expansion. Not exactly happy that I now have an aa mount in my bags because I'm not shelling out the money for the expansion.
  19. teeelo New Member

    I don't own the new expansion...but my AA mounts now take up bag space to use...thanks for the thoughtless change SOE.
  20. Anhari Augur

    The chang3e to the AA mounts (the inventory Icon) was to allow them to be Keyringed. Cause and Effect.