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  1. Kyzvs Elder

    Quick bit of background -
    • I've played since UK release ('99 Kunark)
    • I have currently my little band of 3 x lvl 72's + a ranger that I'm subbing
    • I like the slow game at lower level - I have AA autogrant turned off, I was camping my 70's Rk.II spells in Direwind without buying Rk. I etc.
    Been camping Maleko the water goblin for the Jonas quest for the past week or so. Worried that I was missing him after about 100 kills and only getting him once, I dropped a merc and brought my just-dinged 65 ranger for tracking.

    He's just dinged 69. Four levels and no more Maleko spawns. I've done Quillmane, JBoots etc in the past, but this is soul-destroying. I need to get two more spawns of this guy and I haven't seen him in probably over a thousand mobs.

    I was killing at the gate / bridge 5-spawn, but have moved into the acolyte cave. Even if the acolytes can't spawn him, there's more spawns per cycle there.

    Is there any chance of tweaking his spawn rate just a little? I still have the fire guy (Lutzan) * 3 to do after this one!
  2. Sindaiann Augur

  3. Eaiana Augur

    I've done that quest for multiple characters. The two goblin named are awful, they can take so long to spawn. All I can suggest is make sure you kill all the goblins in the coral chute and under water. I think they are all PHs, or at least most of them.
  4. CatsPaws Augur

    He is a carryover from days of old where we camped stuff endlessly waiting for a spawn and ordered pizza and ate cheetos and drank root beer in the dark room. :D Just another long camp.

    I got him to spawn at the sandy portion of the bottom of the ramp - kill the three gobbys there - but it was weeks just like you. So here is the top secret way: He is always up after a server reset and we should have one upcoming.
  5. svann Augur

    Its 3% because he can spawn from any tidewater goblin.
  6. Kyzvs Elder

    Thanks for the replies :D

    I did do the research beforehand - which is why I mentioned the gate / bridge which is in the guides a lot. Bringing a good tracker up has helped me be sure he's not already spawned anywhere so it is just a matter of waiting... and waiting... and waiting.

    Or saying fuggit, pausing EQ for a bit and starting a Witcher3 playthrough instead :p

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