Making Progression Not Required On Release Then REQUIRING It?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by HeatherPurrs, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Sissruukk Augur

    You are right, I am a nice guy. I do what I can to help. I do my best to understand the other side. But both sides are guilty of digging the trenches on this, and rehashing the same arguments in, as you say, "a used car salesman" pitch. But here's my position: I can't stand kneejerk reactions to things. You came and gave some valid arguments, which is why I only targeted the one thing you did say, and left the rest alone. It doesn't mean I agree with what you said, but you said them in a well thought out way, and I left it at that. On top of that, I have repeatedly stated that I am not taking a position on what is in Beta so far. Beta is just that, its a trial and error period, where things get smoothed out. People freaking out over what they see in there is irrational. Running here to general forums with the "sky is falling" message is irrational. Getting others caught up in this panic is irrational.

    I, and others, have repeatedly stated on here:
    1) EoK progression is not required to enjoy most of the content in RoS.
    2) Fighting Kar'Zok, in either EoK or RoS, does not require you to have Essence of the Dragon I to do. It just makes it easier.
    3) Kar'Zok are only found in significant numbers in Gorowyn, and in RoS progression missions.

    Three simple truths about RoS that apply to general gameplay in it. Yet, people are still running around acting like the sky is falling.

    Now, I will step up and apologize to anyone who feels that I have been a jerk in this discussion. I know that, because I am not as eloquent in wordsmithing as Zhaunil, I can come off a bit rough.

    Finally, as can already be seen, the devs have taken a look at some things in regards to raid requirements and have changed things as far as flagging and prerequisites are concerned. This is why I don't get worked up over things in beta, and don't feel super empathetic to people who freak out over stuff in beta and run around shouting that the world as we know it is coming to an end. Wait, be patient, see what rolls out, direct your concerns through the proper channels, and work it from there.
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  2. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Yes they did and that actually gives me hope for the "essence-question" this is about as well.
    If you need it in the scope of one expansion, it just makes far more sense to me when you are also able to acquire it somehow within the scope of that expansion, instead of having to go through the whole progression minus one task of an old one.
    (i don't think reuse of PART of the existing EoK progression were a bad thing, if it were somehow integrated into RoS similar to how drowned Katta was for "concerned citizens")

    I also think that "getting worked up" over possible side-effects and discussing those worries is what caused these changes, or at least supported/swayed them on their internal discussions.
    And i actually think that official forums ARE "the proper channels" and that "before it goes live" is a much better time than after roll-out.

    There are things in beta that are more likely to change than others too - at least in experience with betas which, granted, is from almost over a decade ago (SoD and before). Base-population in zones are not a thing i have seen change nor their abilities, except for some SI mobs added in or taken away.
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    btw, in RoS where I can buy new spells/skills ?
  4. Jumbur Augur

    I saw some spell vendors in OT, you can use "find". :)
  5. Bahdah Augur

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