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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-critcritter, Dec 18, 2007.

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    ok it's been over 4 years since i played and boy have things changed..
    i no longer have my books ect. and i can't rember how to make hot keys.
    can i get some help.. keys like group buff incomming or healing target things like this...
    any and all help will be great.
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    Open your actions window. You can do that via the EQ button, and actions, then windows, if I recall. Anyways, get that open. So now you see the buttons for Invite, Sit, Camp, Walk, those things? Well, in that window, across the top of that panel, there are 4 tabs. You can select that main panel, the first tab on the left. You can select the one where you choose an ability button and asign a task to it, the second and third tabs from the left.
    The fourth tab is for macros. You will see a panel of premade macros. You can then select a sideways pointing arrow, if memory serves, and get to a second, etc., set of macro button pages. You click on one of those blank buttons, right or left mouse button... one of them. So a window opens up. You name your macro, you add commands to the first line, or more if you are a macro fiend. Then select save or accept, something like that.
    Now, to make a button on your hotkey bar from that little macro button... you use your mouse and left click on the macro button and hold the click down for something like 3 to 5 seconds. Then a floating button pops onto your mouse curser and you can put it down where you want it. To just dump a button you just click it into general space and it goes poof off your mouse.
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    To make a hotkey.. first open your action window with your eq button .. go to action then click on the actions window choice there.
    The actions window will pop up, then you see tabs at the top go to the last one .. and click the lil arrow there ...
    right click on a button and a macro box will pop up .. Name your macro and click on the first line of the macro ..
    then you type /cast (number) number being the number of the spell you want to cast from your spell bar going top to bottom 1 thru 8.
    The second line of the macro is what channel you want to talk in .. example /g casting (spell name) ..
    the third line will be /cast (number) again .. same as top line .. this is so if you fizzle you have a second chance for the spell to cast. sooo this is what your macro would be.
    line 1-/cast 1
    line2-/g casting heal on %T (target)
    line3-/cast 1
    Once your macro is made you hit accept or done .. then you have a button and can left click it to pull it out and put on your hotkey bar.
    %T = your target
    also to make an assist key you just type /assist ... and have your MT (main tank) targeted when you push the macro.
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    Easiest/quickest way to make a hotkey is to type:
    /hotbutton NAME
    NAME being what you want to appear on the actual hotkey.
    This will make a hotkey appear on your mouse cursor, and you can then drop it into whichever slot you choose, right click to open it and insert commands.

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