Make the rare spawn boost permanent

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Lilura, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    All of you people giving the OP crap need to check yourself. The person had a legit request. While you may not agree with it, you have to acknowledge he has the right to at least ask. This thread would also benefit from some mature discussion, rather than bs "i HaZ tO dO iT tHe HaRd WaY, sO U dO 2!" crap.
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  2. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    Sure man, make the double spawn (or spawn rate boost) permanent, for all I care. It means less mindless killing over and over and over to put a checkmark next to an achievement. I'm in.

  3. Drencrom Lorekeeper

    Your post is a perfect example of internet toxicity. You invented two problems that didn't exist and then swiftly conquered them with a blade forged from unearned superiority and entitlement. I'll let you start your own slow clap now.
  4. Sindace Elder

    That named is a grotesque succulent. A monstrous succulent is from Fell Foliage mission. Which coincidentally enough is probably a lot better way to get the aug you're looking for without changing anything at all in game.
  5. Kase Elder

    No, please don't do that
  6. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Newsflash: it already has been & by a very large amount since the game launched, pretty much every 12 month expansion could be considered as a watershed moment when a lot has changed over that past year.

    1. XP rates have increased multiple times over the years, live XP is enormously faster than the XP was in original EQ for example.

    2. Autogrant AA - though you can choose to switch that off if you really want to do them all yourself.

    3. Damage that players do is much higher than it was originally thanks to changes at the current era of the game at multiple points over the years.

    4. Changes to the levels at which spells are attained were greatly altered to smooth out the gain of spell power for casters & hybrids, disciplines had some smoothing out too.

    5. Changes to spell & raid design

    6. Add onto that 21 years of balance changes to spells & abilities, mob damage, damage calculations, haste speed changes....

    Plus a bunch of other stuff, it all adds up to 21 years of constant "watering-down" in many ways, you are crying about something you are largely ignoring has been taking place continuously anyway for 21 years.

    The game evolves & grows & changes happen all the time, sticking your head in the sand & trying to claim things need to stay the same when in fact almost nothing actually has is absolutely hilarious.

    So if you want to quit over watering down of content you're already many years overdue.
  7. Duder Grand Poobah Troll

    You aggression in these replies is uncanny and unlike you. Maybe one word would have helped in the statement you are focused on. "But if all the past content became FURTHER watered down after a set period of time." I also used the word "all". I know you understand what "all" means.

    "So if you want to quit over watering down of content you're already many years overdue."

    - How have you missed that what I have said is that I want things to do? My opinion and take on the topic is as valid as yours. I understand you may be feeling passionate about your cause but could you tone back the attitude? Thanks.

    Everquest is a game of time investment, the more you take away from it the quicker what-EQ-is-and-has-been dies. The only MMO I have played in the past 21 years has been EQ because I like what EQ is and has to offer. While I embrace changes made to the game over the years and most certainly enjoy and welcome a lot of them there are other aspects that I don't want to change. I value that the RNG can make certain time sinks even greater. I love when I can spawn a name quickly or get numerous named over a short time period and get that dopamine rush associated with feeling lucky. I enjoy the grindy aspect of EQ. It still retains plenty of grindy content that keeps me playing regardless of all the additions such as the ones you mentioned. That is what keeps me playing EQ.
  8. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Wryness & mirth don't translate well to text yet somehow you came away with the sense I was aggressive, that's really not what I wanted to project so if that was how it sounded then I unreservedly apologise. What I see is a disconnect between the situation that exists & some idealised view you appear to hold of what the game really is now.

    Does making things a bit easier after a significant amount of time mean those "things to do" no longer exist?

    After some time has passed all of the creatures you would be fighting are already trivialised a few light blue at most, a handful of green cons but almost all grey cons, and that's exactly the kind of gap between current content & old content granting AA Autogrants I was talking about here, you want to one hit murder 1000 mobs instead of one-hit murdering 500? Okay man, I can't see any logic in that whatsoever myself but if that's where your head is at so be it.

    You love the grind, I can respect that, but not everyone does & surely there can be a compromise on where that grind actually takes place?

    Current era playing there's always expected to be some grind, but removing it from past content to allow anyone who is miles behind but wants to catch up isn't a bad thing at all & barely affects anyone who is playing in current eras. Once that content has become trivialised by the current max level it's an exercise in pure masochism to want past outdated content to retain the grind it had in era, so much of the game works to reduce it that upping the spawn chances of nameds in old content is all but inconsequential.

    I do the grind more than most, Tear of Alaris not during VoA I will admit but in RoF & before all the quests that had Fragments added to them. I do most stuff in era or pretty close to it though.
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  9. Duder Grand Poobah Troll

    Certainly, I don't see issue with a compromise. The suggestion of keeping the full rare spawn bonus rate just didn't settle well with me. A rate in-between for old(er) content wouldn't completely diminish it's value for a player like me, I'd still be interested in doing it.

    I don't know if I'd agree with it being an exercise in masochism but I get what you're saying. ;) I think that a proper year or expansion range to consider things non-current would provide better context. For example: I still use augs from TBL and even items on alts (the poorly equipped ones atleast). Would increasing the rate starting about 5 expansions back be too far back? What would be too close to current to increase the rate on?
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  10. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    I suggested the AA autogrant so for example on Phinigel which is my current frame of reference during EoK the RoF aa are autogranted, which puts it at 4 expansions ago.

    OTOH now some of the time in EQ level ranges are longer than 2 expansions, such as the TDS/TBM/EoK era the OoW/DoN/DoDH/PoR era and the RoK/SoV/SoL era so 5 would more easily cover those extended parts of EQ history perhaps but I think tying it to AA autogrant works better for synchronicity & the catching-up players and it also gives the early part of EQ that so much larger a population favors a much longer time being unaffected than tying it to number of expansions ago.

    And I agree with not keeping a doubled rare spawn in current content, and said so in an earlier post, bonuses as they currently are seem plenty good enough for that window of opportunity to get that done in current content.
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  11. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    There already is. The "compromise" is that you get out what you put in, and that in no way is anything/everything required.

    If it isn't worth your time, then *don't do it*. Pretty simple calculus there.

    You can level up, and gear up, get AA, and be plenty capable of functioning in this game even in the hardest content with a relatively minimal time investment.

    You want to "max" out, then expect that you have to put in that extra effort and the only reason that "max out" portion is available, is to satisfy higher play time players and keep them engaged and subscribed.

    You can do 80% of this game in X amount of time.

    The other 20% of this game takes 10X amount of time easily.

    As it should be.

    But the OP is asking for a special once a year (sometimes an increased rate happens 1-2 more times a year but for less time) thing to be permanent. Asking for christmas every day kind of takes the while point out of it, doesn't it?
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  12. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.


  13. Sindace Elder

    Hijacking a thread does not make you OP Skuz
  14. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Was I talking about a topic other than the named spawn rate the OP wanted extended for current content by disagreeing with that and suggesting an alternative?

    Maybe you could elaborate on what your personal definition of thread hijacking is?

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