Make Ragebringer range slot usable

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Cheet, Jun 19, 2020.

  1. Cheet New Member

    just like it was in classic.

  2. Xenorius9 New Member

    rogues need work but this change won't help them very much at all. The timeframe that ragebringer is used you either want it in your main or offhand. Rogues can already parse top dps in velious with vulak or tunare dagger in mainhand and ragebringer in offhand. In luclin both hands are replaced and you have other haste items and the +attack starts to carry less weight.. Rogues are fine at the velious/luclin stage of TLPS. if there is any work to be done to rogues it should be pre-ragebringer. Take away direction requirement for BS, increase BS hit%, improve rogue hide/sneak, allow an ambush at low lvls etc.
  3. SnapVine Elder

  4. Angered Augur

    All melee should do as much damage as a MNK or 1-2% more or less that seems fair

    The End
  5. Dyzalot Augur

    Wish I could down vote or otherwise punish every post that uses all caps or unusually large fonts.
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  6. Reiker99 Lorekeeper

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  7. Rebelicious Elder

    Rogues need to be "slightly" ahead of monk DPS at all times for the simple tradeoff... DPS is all rogues can do... while everyone knows monks 1. self-heal, 2. fd, 3. have no positional back limitation on where they hit, and for (equal or greater damage= WTF. Rogue backstab attacks were meant to be so devastating, they were limited to only hitting mob from the back. My backstabs,,, when they land and do well, still hit for less than a charmed golem pet) and 4.offtank.

    Just getting "better" in later expacs isn't enough, when monks are still competitive and overall till live, often surpass the rogue parses.
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  8. Hinastorm86 Augur

    You made a case for more than slightly. And I agree. It needs be to 20%+.
  9. Imukai Augur

    It needs to be made range to preserve the +haste and +atk benefits after.. well.. any number of weapons can replace it as a source of damage.

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