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    So, i am leveling a rogue.. am at 50 and decided i would like to make my own poisons.. finding a guide made since like 2004 is impossible.. and looking at recipes it seems it will cost 5p per attempt if i buy the items?? Is this correct or is there a cheaper way to make poison? And if this is the case.. is there a reason to not just buy bite of shis from the vendor? are there much better poisons that you make? thanks much
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    Hmm thanks guys.. for some reason my search skills are broken:)
  5. Mykaylla Augur

    Hey there!

    I recently took a rogue's poison skill to 300. I went with the vendor-bought Scorpion's Agony to 170 as listed in Hahlfwit's guide. I didn't follow the rest of that guide, however.

    You know all that caladium, laburnum, larkspur, oleander, delphinium, privit, that you see dropping? Save it all. Hit vendors for it too- they're really cheap and other than the highest levels of delphinium, privit (both of which are used in the paired raid poisons), muscimol, and sometimes oleander, no one really has much use for them. Make the extracts of them- they're not expensive to make, and everything for all of that stuff stacks.
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    This is what I did when i helped a friend's rogue alt level up poison making. It's really the most cost effective (not to mention easiest) way. ^^
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    The easiest way to level poison making up is to do the following:

    1. Crescent reach freebie points to 54

    2. Right there at crescent reach next to the freebie quest guy buy about 10 stacks each of:
    • Formic Acid
    • Waterbane Powder
    • Neutral Wash
    • Solusek Nodule
    3. Go to the bazaar and buy all of the stacks of these that you see for a reasonable price:
    • Caladium
    • Delphinium
    • Laburnum
    • Larkspur
    • Muscimol
    • Oleander
    • Privit
    4. From 54-300 combine 1 of each item from #2, with any one of the plants from #3. This will make an extract. The extracts from later expansions have trivials over 300 so you can cheaply power level your poison making to the cap with this technique (baz prices dependent obviously, but I recently did it for almost free with this technique).

    5. If that doesn't get you to 300, then use extracts with the following recipes:

    Secondary Poisons: (Archer's Bane, Fighter's Bane, Messenger's Bane, Monk's Bane, Myrmidon's Sloth, Quellious' Trauma - these range from I to XVIII)
    • Tier appropriate suspension fluid (look it up on eqtraders, search for recipes that use that extract)
    • Tier appropriate _____ poison vial (look it up on eqtraders, search for recipes that use that extract)
    • Emulsifier
    • 1 extract made in step 4
    All/All Poisons: (Scorpion's Agony, Spider's Bite - these range from I to XVIII)
    • Thick suspension fluid
    • Emulsifier
    • Tier appropriate _____ poison vial (look it up on eqtraders, search for recipes that use that tier of nigriventer/gormar venom)
    • 1 tier appropriate _____ nigriventer venom OR _____ gormar venom (look it up on eqtraders).

    Hope this helps.

  8. Tinyfeet Lorekeeper

    Alternative path from 54 to 260:
    Strike of Ssraeshza XVIII - trivial 260 - total cost approx. 1.5 plat per combine
    • Distilled Grade A Choresine Sample (5g from Craftkeeper Irus Tindlefoot in Shard's Landing)
    • Stylized Sealed Poison Vial (5g from Craftkeeper Irus Tindlefoot in Shard's Landing)
    • Emulsifier (found on most poison merchants, I usually origin to Crescent Reach for mats)
    • Celestial Suspension Fluid (found on most poison merchants, I usually origin to Crescent Reach for mats)
  9. Bamp Augur

    I tried to make this with my Make Poison skill at 83, but it just says "You are too inexperienced in your craft to even consider attempting this combination". My character is only level 58 so maybe that is the problem, I don't know.

    Edit: Ahh yeah, it does say required level 100 on some of the mats ... /sigh.
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    At level 100 you get the message also. /shakes fist
  11. sojero Augur

    The combine is not about char level its about poison skill level, I don't know about that one specifically but I know many of the newer types of poisons have a min skill level needed to attempt. Some of the basic ones you have to be at the level it maxes at to even attempt it. They did this so that you could not skill up on cheap easy ones that all the components can be bought from venders.
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