Make instances on zek non pvp.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Reval, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Zalnima New Member

    Well now that they're mostly done with Ragefire hopefully they can help a server that's been here sense launch.....
  2. Fleeting Augur

    any updates by chance from the eq team its been over a year 1/2 since we started the campaign for non pvp instances for zek i know that alot of time is being put into the ddos attacks and new servers but maybe alittle love for zek =)
  3. Iila Augur

    Obviously, you need to act more like TLP players. Spew drama into completely unrelated forums, repost the same threads every few hours, fill the petition queue with as much useless crap as possible, and generally be as obnoxious and awful as pvpers are reputed to be.
  4. Dorigen Lorekeeper

    Soooo....any update??/ It has been awhile now with no resolve.
    Any plans to finally fix Zek Raids??
    -Because they are BROKE; and we would like them fixed.

  5. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    So basically the how-to-get-our-pseudo-religion-tax-exempt-status model?
  6. Reval Augur

    Based on that I was told that it is against the rules to bump a thread while the time stamps were still there showing that I was replying to a guy minutes after that person had posted, which honestly is an immoral way of threatening people =/ and their long lack of a response, I will assume that they just don't care about a server that has been here for years, and instead only care about their new pet projects.

    It's really a shame, you would think the people that have been with them this long would hold some value. I guess the answer is that they do not. Even if they are polite. Even if they don't make threats or overpost about issues (honestly this is the most under posted about issue in the game). Even if they have provided not only a unique culture, but a unique perspective on the game for not just the current players on the server, but also countless players on blue servers that at some point played on Zek. Nothing like that apparently will matter enough to do something for Zek that I could probably do if I had the source code to the game and proper development tools in about 2 weeks just casually playing around with it.

    I bear no shame for my words or actions, and because of theirs, things will only get worse until they lose the people that really make this server worthwhile. What a shame.
  7. Wayylon Augur

    Am I wrong in my assumption that this would be a quick easy change? Are there not already some zones on Zek that are non pvp?
  8. Reval Augur

    Plane of Knowledge, Plane of Tranquility, The Bazaar, The Nexus, Guild Lobby, original Guild Hall - all non PvP.

    All levels before level 5 (maybe it's 6 or 10) - all non PvP as a flag of some kind. It's obviously and irrefutably there. I bet a real dev that works on EQ could make this change as a workable prototype in about 10-30 minutes unless they fired the guy, but even when the guy was there, they didn't have the presence of mind or take the consideration to do this even though it was mentioned time and time again.

    They just don't care AT ALL about this entire server of people.
  9. Iila Augur

    Have you tried twitter and PMs?
  10. Reval Augur

    Others have, there's a post on their bug tracker. That's not how customer service is supposed to work. If I call a company, or if I email a company, or if they hold a board for that sort of thing and I post on the board, it's supposed to reach them. Either they want the business or they don't. I've met my responsibility here. Others have too. If they want someone else to do their job, then it's gonna involve a paycheck. If they don't want to do their job, then they'll lose some more of theirs down the road for it in the additional people that eventually leave as a direct effect of this, and the people that weren't even on Zek but realize from this example that once you aren't seen as the biggest pinata in the room or the newest deck of cards in the casino you aren't getting jack.

    We're talking about the sort of change that should have been implemented at it's latest 5 years ago if they cared, or more realistically probably should have been added in the moment they made instances if they really cared. That's a long time to wait for something so fundamental and so simple.

    Instead though, watch me get warned again about "bumping threads" for replying to you.
  11. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Probably. With a game this old even things we think are simple are quite often not. Then there's the whole lack of resources thing. It's a spiral of inaction.

    And if the last 2 expansions and the removal of CS itself have shown us anything, it's that they really don't value the longest standing folks that have been here 10, 12, 15 years.

    But TLP server(s) for the fickle, loud folks who always abandon the game around PoP or God...wew!
  12. Reval Augur

    I didn't hear about this gargantuan task when pok was made and just became non pvp in a matter of days. I didn't hear about this incredible feat when magically level 1-x became a non pvp level. I didn't hear about this monumental job of flag changing when the nexus came out and was non pvp, or when the bazaar came out and was non pvp. I didn't hear about this amazing piece of work when the guild lobby and guild hall came out and were non pvp.

    It's fun to have a curtain to be behind, and I'm sure since they'll never change this they always will. However, all signs point to that this is an easy flag change. Let me elaborate in a way that feels admittedly dickish and rhetorical on how programming works. A lot of effort has been done to allow you to not have to repeat yourself much in programming. In Languages after C like C++, you can use classes and object oriented programming to not have to repeat yourself as much, for instance you could have zone objects, and give each object a flag that says pvp enabled...

    Then, you could have a function called makeInstancesNonPVP() and another data member for the zone that says whether or not it is an instance (you may need another function instead called something like checkIfInstance that you call instead of a variable, but if it's a variable it will cause less processing overhead and increase zone times). Ideally, you could make the first check in makeInstancesNonPvP() whether or not the server is a pvp server (don't use just Zek because that's a bad practice as you may make more pvp servers in the future.. it is better to be more generic). Then if it is, and if the zone is an instance, you could flag the zone as non pvp. Done. The checkIfInstance function if needed could see if the zone is a dz or exp and then if so return true.

    I know it's a little harder than that because of obfuscation, but these guys OBVIOUSLY know what an instance is based on their ability to make instances out of old zones for ragefire. If the issue is figuring out whether or not the server is a pvp server, they could make a list of servers and just add Zek to it for now somewhere in the initialization. They have demonstrated the ability to turn on and off pvp in different zones already, so if it isn't made into a function in the class (or outside of a class if this is C), then they should do that. The actual legwork outside of making it a function is apparently in the game.

    If they are using C, then they won't have access to classes, but you could make a function that takes in the zone(or a part that can verify whether or not the zone is an instance/expedition, and a part that allows pvp to be turned on or off (at this point I would say they should just make two functions, one to turn pvp off in a zone, and another to see if a zone is an instance, which then passes on variables and calls the other).. this is the part that may actually be a bit difficult admittedly, but I doubt it is as hard as people want to say), and the server name (if necessary by using the chat system's abbreviated names perhaps). The function would check if the zone is an instance, and use the part that determines whether or not the zone is flagged for pvp to make the zone unflagged for pvp.

    *bows* I know amazing right?

    If being pvp or not is based on character, this is still a pretty easy fix, I won't bore you with the details at this point, but when going into a new zone, guess what would happen.... probably an isInstance() type check, and then probably if it is a makeCharNonPVP() type function... All of this legwork aside from the isInstance() check is probably already done, and that part is probably already done too..

    Trust me guys, I can also tell you when things are photoshopped or not with startling accuracy based on the pixels. I really doubt this sort of a task is a moving mountains level task based on the past. If it had never been done before, then you would be right Sheex. I would have to agree that it may be very hard, but once things are already done, reproducing them usually is not this difficult. I guess a dev would have to respond and prove me wrong, but I'm saving my rare meetings with people luck for Bill Murray.
  13. Reval Augur

    Well, here's the post in their bug tracker. Honestly it shouldn't take this much work to get a full resolution for something so simple =/ ~ "pvp"

    You'd think the forum where you can tell I'm actually paying for an account and have been for years would matter more, but whatever I guess. I'm afraid to even post in it lest I get warned not to "bump issues".

    I guess I should also call them twitter them facebook them find their parents on facebook and befriend them so that when they call home their mom goes "oh by the way have you fixed that issue on zek yet?" PM every dev that exists, get a billboard placed outside their office about this, crosspost on other forum areas, and make a popular mmo that competes with eq called fix zek instances. They've already responded to this forum though with something that sounds like a maybe but equates to a no, because they don't care about their customers. I mean look at that response. Awful.
  14. Kellaer Augur

    Fix Zek. I would hate playing on that server, but they deserve to be able to do current content raids as much as the next server.
  15. Reval Augur

    Try hooking the check for if the zone is instanced or not to the check for a DA that players get when they zone if you want also. Not the actual da though because it won't fire when they zone unless they haven't zoned for 30 seconds. Then all you have to do is make the character non pvp. Look into the code you used for pok, or the lobby, if they're zoning into an instance, make it so their toon can't pvp other people. If you don't have a function for this, then do what you did with pok, and then if they are zoning into a non instance and the check for the zone da goes off, make it so their toon is pvp flagged. That'll be 800 dollars for my consultation fee and saving you a server, and it should be 9 million dollars for putting up with this for so long, contact me in game so that we can set up a payment plan.
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  16. Duplicitious New Member

    just sittin here waiting
  17. Fleeting Augur

    so now that ur raid rotations have been solved on RF / LJ can we recieve some love here it would really revitalize the server .. or put out a TLP pvp server and work on it there we just want some help......
  18. Matthias The Man Journeyman

    For the sake of this servers population, please implement this change.

    I don't play on PVP but I have seen all end game content

    Some raids are impossible currently due to mechanics that must be used to kill the boss, also kills your friends.

    DBG I propose an alternate solution.

    Make it so when you form a raid, your PVP flag is disabled
  19. Reht The Dude abides...

    I agree with you, needs to be fixed. This is a good idea, but could cause problems with pvp outside of raiding, it would create a system where someone could drop in and out of pvp by dropping raid and/or taking a raid invite.
  20. Matthias The Man Journeyman

    Ah true I had not considered that.

    In any sense how hard would it to make DZ not PVP