Make instances on zek non pvp.

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  1. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Players, fight players.
    EQ, imbalanced for this.
    Why not, play on blue?

    (+1 for Haiku conversations!)
  2. Reval Augur

    I editted that.
    If you play on zek for years,
    you'd be leaving home.
  3. Fleeting Augur

    well new prog server stuff has been announced for beta etc so a lot of dev time will be wrapped up into that but the people on zek have been asking for this for over a year can we finally get a response on the subject , i started this forum on the pvp forum in the correct spot like asked by board mod's and therefore it wasn't removed so people have seen it . At this point i would accept a no we are never changing ur server ur stuck behind raid events that require aoe abilities until u can figure out how to beat it without huge abilities that can ultimately win u the raid =(
  4. Zalnima New Member

    Haha great #Rant back there. Sullon Zek had like a reverse damage shield and I think she Charmed too and it was viral stuff. It was Hell either way.

    Anyway I can't wait to see this update go live Daybreak! I'll be bumping this as much as possible, we NEED this change. Were not asking for much. It would take such minimal effort to help us out in such a big way.

  5. Fidde Lorekeeper

    It'd be cool if we could get a dev/community manager to reply that they have read this thread/idea and what their thoughts on it was.
  6. Roshen Brand Manager

    Just a quick note, it's against the forum guidelines (found here) to bump a thread. That's true, even if you do it in haiku form ^_^

    We're aware of the concerns raiders from Zek have raised about PvP being active in instances, and how AoEing during a raid is "not awesome" on Zek. We have no specific information to share at this time regarding if or when this will change, and when we do have information to share, we'll certainly do so!
  7. Jaylin Augur

    Not to derail. but i take a look at the guild recruiting section. If you think anything here is a bump, the first 15 guilds i looked at, every other post was just "bump!" lol
  8. Fleeting Augur

    thank you for responding to our post roshen and we really do appreciate someone finally answering a post we have had up for close to 2 years but this change not only would boost our progression on zek in raiding but also make the game a much better experience for all involved and i hope u guys do take serious time and change this for us its been long overdue and im sure alot of people on zek would be super grateful myself included
  9. Valox_Tz Journeyman

    Cheers Roshen, thanks for acknowledging your friends on Zek.
  10. DrinalSK New Member

    With so many classes having AoE abilities now the amount of things zek cant do on raids grows and grows. Maybe a few years back this wasn't a huge issue but every expansion / aa release it gets worse. now its to the point something needs to be done so the server can play the game as intended. ps. RiP Wudan
  11. Reviled Elder

    Thank you for responding. I really wish you'd have given more than a non-answer though. I'd prefer you say sorry, this is number 147 on our priority list, than leave us in limbo.
  12. Reviled Elder

    What happened to wudan?
  13. autofire Journeyman

    "What happened to wudan? "
    wudan raids sun-wed
  14. Navin Novellus Journeyman

    I feel that what we are asking for, that instances be made Non-PVP and / or that Group / Raid members along with all of their pets and swarms be made non-valid PVP targets, is a reasonable request.

    This is a request that has overwhelming support from the Zek population. There's a thread buried in the now defunct PVP forum section in the archives with many pages of Zek coming together to ask for this. Having rival guilds on Zek coming together to that extent, well that's a feat in and of itself.

    This results in many issues, most of which have already been mentioned. However I will repeat to reiterate the essential points:

    - Most classes have some form of AOE, with a not insignificant number having said AOE as part of their main DPS rotation. This AOE also hits your companions. This trend has been increasing in recent years, which is why this is now even more of an issue than it was in the past. Not being able to DPS at or even close to their full potential, affects many DPS, as exampled by Zerker, Mage, Rogue + others. I'm sure we all can recall occasions where Zerker's have hit their ramp and round a significant portion of the raid. What's the motivation to bring the zerking crew along at that point? Warriors can ramp and do the same, I'm sure Warriors would be added to this list if they weren't absolutely essential to the raid game. Probably even rogues if they weren't so well off in both PVP andn PVE DPS at the moment.
    - CC via AE mezzes / stuns / roots becomes problematic when you are mezzing your tanks, healers and DPS.
    - Raid events or group missions designed with AE damage in mind generally cannot be done the intended way and we are forced to find alternate means to defeat them. ie it's much more difficult.
    - Pet classes have added troubles in making sure their pets don't attack other players. GHOLD works to some extent but there are abilities which bypass GHOLD and the pet still attacks, with Enhanced Area Taunt being a prime example.
    - Swarm pets in general are problematic and end up attacking other players easily and completely clog the X-Target window.
    - Some effects in raid encounters cause you to PVP kill your fellow raiders. This is mainly an issue due to the PVP rez effect snare, but also of concern is simply the fact that you just killed your teammate and that is broadcast across the server, also possibly ending any killing streak they were on.

    How much of our spell book and battle knowledge are we supposed to toss out the window?

    Yes, we play on Zek, we may have a smaller population than Blue, but we are certainly a dedicated population. Many of us hold multiple Gold accounts with the latest expansions. We came here by choice so that we could battle other players -- WHO WE CHOOSE --, not to be a determent to our own guild and group members when we are trying to combine our efforts to defeat a raid or mission. If you group / raid / join an instance with other players, I think it's a reasonable assumption that you would not be intending to kill them. Low population hamstrings raiding on Zek enough, I don't think we need these additional roadblocks in place.
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  15. Fidde Lorekeeper

    Thank you for the response Roshen. I feel it was a long time coming.
  16. Isule Elder

    Boy, I played on Vallon Zek (and Zek) from 99 to 07, we just learned that you had to Deal with it. I returned a year ago but had no want to play on a broken pvp system (that is why I left originally to continue playing other games with friends).
  17. Kellaer Augur

    I believe this is the first time an employee has responded to a thread about this issue, so this is a great first step, despite the ambiguity of the message. I hope this happens for you Zek players pretty soon. Thanks for the reply, Roshen. The crazy people that still play on Zek deserve to be able to raid at the same level as everyone else.
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  18. Zalnima New Member

    So hows this topic going. Lets make it happen!
  19. Bronut Augur

    Please make quest/raid instances non pvp please (agree)
  20. Iila Augur

    There's no way the EQ team could devote the resources needed to do something like changing how instances work for just one server.

    oh wait...
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