Make hardcore really hardcore

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ltldogg, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Ltldogg Augur

    • Original zones for Classic, RoK and SoV
    • CRs
    • No Maps
    • Original zones (no revamped)
    • no grey cons
    • no titles over names (ie Vendor, Soul Binder, etc.)
    • boats only
    • no newb armor
  2. Lucky Charms Journeyman

    So you want to take away all the quality of life improvements, and I bet you think making people play on the old UI is "hardcore". But you know something the game play in reality will be the same exact game play as any other server, nothing hardcore about that.
  3. Trevalon Augur

    You do realize half of what you said isn't even possible much less plausible right?
  4. revivin Journeyman

    or make hardcore REALLY hardcore!!! i always wanted to play on a single life mmorpg! geeze being a tank would be so scary :p im sure everyone would be a class that can FD
    the economy would also do really well since items would be taken out of circulation :O
  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Turn down the lights so low that getting into Blackburrow is an accomplishment for Barbarians again.
  6. malaki Augur

    If your character dies they should mail you some anthrax in an Amazon box. No coddling on the hardcore server.
  7. Ltldogg Augur

    Yes, another thing is to make nights darker!
  8. HoodenShuklak Augur

    You want hardcore?

    Hardcore server only has Rogue, Paladin, Shadowknight and Druid.
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  9. Ceffener Augur

    Honestly do all those things. Everyone, game still won’t be hard for people playing their 1000th time through classic. It was “hard” because it was new, it’s not new anymore.
  10. PodofWater Journeyman

    HardCore idea 101: only melee classes, pure and knights.... there now its truly HC Enjoy!
  11. Brunlin Augur

    You can do that now, just turn of dynamic lighting and the game goes back to the way it use to be with humans being blind at night.
  12. code-zero Augur

    You know, with the increasingly goofy ideas about what's hardcore and what isn't it occurs to me that it may well be a PvP truebox server with zero GM/Guide presence. Everyone can sort it out for themselves and very few wizard murder squads
  13. Brunlin Augur

    I am with you on some of this stuff, but it really isnt plausible. No maps wouldn't be possible since they couldnt disable the map folder for just one server. Also, with /loc and maps on the internet that would just be a work around....just like in p99.

    I prefer all original zones as well, but they again wont be able to roll back some some for just one server. Boats only would be ok, since they are fixed do know they are a lot faster than what they use to be.....I have rode them instead of taking the trans locators before. As for newb armor, it isnt in game anyway during classic. Newb armor comes in when hafling rangers and gnome sks POP.

    I am also with you on CR, as a matter of fact i do believe this will be in on the hardcore server.
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