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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Siddar, Jun 11, 2016.

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  1. Thraine Augur

    boxing wasnt know to me when i was a noob, but i learned by playing like everyone else ... we arent talking about brain surgery here.

    Rumble, if you soo overly concerned about noobs' knowledge of the game, make your own website and educate them yourself.

    Your ideas of banning boxing one min then making it so easy the game plays its self the next min is absurd. which is it man? are you just posting to just have something to do at this point?
  2. Aghinem Augur

    There is this...

    And then there is this...

    I have never seen such split-personality answers before on a forum as visible as this. As Thraine said, which side of the track are you on because the majority of your write-ups either make no sense or are just outright hostile.
  3. Rumblerum Augur

    You should look in the mirror.

    Are people considered hostile because they don't agree with you? I sure don't. If that's how feel so be it.

    I've stated my intentions very clearly here, in this thread. However, it's not too difficult to make some suppositions and connect-the-dots. Well, maybe I'm taking that ability for granted, but nonetheless if you can't figure it out, I'm sorry.
  4. Stune Augur

    I always enjoyed EQ grouping, not until the separation from grouping to LFG for hours i decided to start boxing more. Beginning-midway 2002ish i would use multi accounts to help buff, that was basically it.

    It actually was tons of fun, not that it is easy at all. You had to relearn many things, and you still could not do what groups could very easily.

    For whatever reasons, haters will be haters and have no idea what boxing is or know how to box. Instead they advocate a ban boxers thread like it is no other agenda in the game.

    I agree when your offline botting a full raid party, then you deserve to be banned.

    Most that i have played with, over the years know that i drop from my boxing group and lend a hand or simply group up with my main. Most of the time it isn't about the boxer but the main group player. It is such a steep curve to catch-up to a raiding guild now a days.

    Today it is no sin to box a full party to just catch up durning off raiding days, because the majority of guild members are already max aa's, dont need anything group wise, and only really login when raids are going on. So what is left? 12 players all afk or doing their own boring catchup tasks.

    So please, take your midlife crisis somewhere else.
  5. Stune Augur

    OP to keep you informed, you are not looking in the correct area. Try looking at boxing software to help, auto follow, assist, switching windows much easier. Today you dont have to deal with that memory hog multi login instances of EQ.
  6. Whulfgar Augur

    They tend to do that, when a clearly obvious thread is just a troll thread.

    And you forgot.. You completely disregarded any conversation about the money I personally spend as a boxer, verses what you as a single player spends on the game.

    Which is understandable, your 110 in 6 months, vs 3500 in 6 months .. That is not a strong case for you or your agenda, thus you refused to acknowledge or even respond to it on any level. Because every business hates .. absolutely hates .. people spending money on their product.

    Especially damn dirty boxer monies ! ! ! ZOMG ! ! !

    Or as stated above .. by you for completely ignoring facts, about what companies want. That's cash, that's the entire reason they exsist at any level, to make money, yet you absolutely (yet again) refused to discuss openly the entire money aspect of boxing, or banning it there by..

    You had an agenda, You were shown a multitude of reasons for which people decide to box, rather then play with others ..

    You did not like that they actually answered you question of why box .. With every valid an logical reason for boxing, you simply either ignored their answers or attempted to portray as your opinion was the only 1 that counted even tho, you were fed VARIOUS reasons for why people do box, an called their answers "sorry"

    PBA for you my friend, If you ask a question, an you do not like the answers, perhaps its just enough to let the people you ask the question of .. answer it an then be done with it?

    Just because you do not like legit answers to your own questions, does not mean they are not answers.

    It has been sanctioned. Thus, no one gets banned for boxing multiple accounts. Perhaps you are not aware, but yes. Boxing is not a bannable offense. Your welcome.
  7. Rumblerum Augur

    Thanks whulfgar for again reinforcing my point.
  8. Whulfgar Augur

    And thanks for completely ignoring the money aspect Great job !

  9. Rumblerum Augur

    No I agree with you.

    You should read this thread in its entirety.
  10. Whulfgar Augur

    Forgot .. (yet again..) You are a master at ignoring facts my friend. Well did.
  11. Whulfgar Augur

    Please, elaborate , how you agree with me?

    Because this is the second time I've brought up money for EQ, yet you have never not once had a conversation about that aspect of boxing.
  12. Aghinem Augur

    You can't reason with those unwilling to be reasoned with. This will eventually get locked like the 2 mercenary thread because this individual just wants to incessantly argue just for the pure sake and enjoyment of it. I pointed out how he basically said 2 different things and his response was that I should look in the mirror...

    That is what you are dealing with. Best to just ignore him before he drives you up the wall.
  13. Millianna Augur

    The only thing I agree with is there is no such thing as groups outside current content and gribbles. Boxing is essentially easy if you pick the correct setup. Traditional setups such as tank and healer don't work as well without 3rd party rootkit errr I mean program. Tank + Wiz is a great setup; should be able to do Gribbles to level and get AAs post 95. Save the real grouping for progression.
  14. Thraine Augur

    yeah just click on his name in any of his posts, theres an ignore feature. do yourself a favor and use it lol

    Its very clear hes a troll and hes bored cause everytime someone comes up with a solution to get him to stop crying he ignores it or just starts crying about something else

    *edit* Whulf, he wont talk about the money part of EQ cause when you enter that factor into the equation it nulls both his arguments of banning boxing and making boxing mega automated
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  15. Whulfgar Augur

    You have pointed out something very truthful to me.

    when faced with factual data, wont accept any evidence, that does not support their own view no matter how much factual data you show them.
  16. Whulfgar Augur

    I run a Warrior / Druid combo with other toons, as well. (Of course) And it has always worked out for me with out any issues.
  17. Aghinem Augur

    Maybe for you, and maybe for your server. We don't seem to have this problem with grouping in different content on our end from FV.
  18. gotwar Augur

    I'm back in!


    I'm back out!
  19. Millianna Augur

    You argue with everyone. Everything below CotF (not tlp) is a ghost town. There are AFK bot armies, but not many real people.
  20. RadarX Augur

    This thread had a couple of chances but it's going to have to be put away.
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